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Are you looking to earn money online for free by doing work which is not a part of some scam ? Never every pay money to earn money online, this is the surest sign that the job is a scam.
Different types of skills are in demand in the online world, you should pick up one or two of these and focus on improving in this area.
There are no easy get rich quick methods on the Internet, you need to work hard and have patience to earn money online. There is not one but an infinite number of ways in which you can earn money online, however we have short listed 10 genuine websites where you can earn money online below. The explosion in Internet usage has resulted in teachers tutoring kids and university students online. Another easy way to earn money online is by answering questions or converting audio files into text files. Affiliate marketing refers to the process by which you sell another persons products and earn a commission on the total sales. To become an affiliate marketeer you need sign up on their website and then generate a unique link to a product and email it your friends or post about it on your personal blog, forum or website. If you are a skilled photographer or artist then you can sell your photographs, sketches online. As a virtual assistant you will be assisting individuals on different tasks and will get jobs done for them online for a small fee. There are several online fantasy games where you can earn in virtual currency and then later exchange it for real money which is then transferred to your bank account.
These are 7 different ways and 13 websites where you can work without making any investment.
I want to use netellar or paypal for online international transaction… Is That legit… Will there be issues when I transfer money from neteller to Indian bank account ?
Is debit card is essential for money transactions or simply a bank account for receiving money through PayPal, because I don’t want to use debit card to get my money?
To verify your bank account you will need a debit card or else doing it through other means takes times.. Writing articles are the ultimate method to earn money in online, generally i recommend this idea to people who wants to earn money without investments. Many webmasters(website administrator) are ready to pay handsome money to a qualified writers for writing wonderful articles for their sites, probably maximum of the webmasters have no time to update or some of them may don’t have a writing skills. Affiliate Marketing is one of the best investment-less money making idea in online, it is a first preference for every bloggers because they have a huge level of audience so they can make huge money easily.
In the recent years blogging has gotten an ultimate growth in online as well as it becomes the most profitable money making method on internet. If you have a good education knowledge then you can make money through teach others in online.
Can i earn money through my Art & Craft skills, yes of course if you have a great craft, creative knowledge then you can turn your skills into a money in online. Among the all social media Facebook is the most user friendly site which provides the amazing features to its users and it is possible to reach a news to over millions of peoples through Fb in just few hours. In this technology world everybody have a mobile phone and maximum of them have an Android smartphone, if you are one of the person i have mentioned above then this paragraph is especially for you. These are the top 10 online money making ideas for Indians and anybody can earn money using these methods without investments. About Author   Rajkumar is an Electronic Geek, Partime Blogger & Founder of Techraju from India. In India, there are currently many scams doing the rounds that mislead students, housewives and retired professionals that making money online while working from home is easy and anybody can do it. One such pyramid scheme is Digital Money India  who have scammed thousands of gullible people by selling them obscure training material which is focused on building a website.
There are many ways to make money and we have posted about such genuine opportunities before.
While the above two posts give links to websites where you can earn money online without much training, in this post we will explore a unique opportunity that has emerged in the last one year where you can earn up to Rs 30,000 per month sitting in the comfort of your home and you are not required to make any investment.
Digital Marketing refers to all those processes and techniques used to create and maintain relationships between producers and consumers online. The Times of India in an article published in April 2014 has stated that more than 1.5 Lakh new jobs are expected to be created in the Digital Marketing space in India alone every year!

India is a fast growing economy and under the leadership of the prime minister Shri Narendra Modi, the economy is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.
Before you start your job as a digital marketeer you will need to complete a few free courses online that will teach you the fundamentals of this new profession. This course will teach how to build a brand on social media and acquire a following on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
This unique program is offered by google for free and teaches you how to build your own website and make money by using Adsense to display advertisements.
The Inbound Course Certification from Hubspot is considered one of the best free resources online and covers the fundamentals of Inbound Marketing. Once you have completed at-least one of the three courses listed above you can start working online immediately. You have then reached the right place for we are going to list seven ways in which you can begin earning money from today.
Your earnings might be very low in the starting but you should persist and will be rewarded in the long run. If you are an expert in a particular domain or have sufficient knowledge of a topic, you too can start tutoring online immediately.
You can still apply even if you are not well-qualified, it is the knowledge that counts not the degrees ! This job is for those who are information junkies and have knowledge and expertise in different domains. For Example online e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart both offer commissions ranging from 2 to 12% of the sales volume to affiliate marketeers who sign up on their websites and sell products using the affiliate referral system. When a sale takes place through that link, a fixed commission on the sales generated will be credited your account. Artists and photographers can earn up to 60% as commission on the sale price of their products. The work hours have expanded through out the globe and a large number of white collared workers find a paucity of time to complete their most menial tasks. For example if you can get 30,000 gold units through farming in the online fantasy game World of Warcraft, then you can exchange it for US$ 20. These websites are verified genuine web portals and are not involved in defrauding their clients or workers.
You need an international digital wallet which will help you receive money online, once your work is completed.
He is passionate about microfinance, financial inclusion and social entrepreneurship in India.
There are huge demand for the content writers all around the world especially on internet, if you have a quality writing skill then you can change yourself as an article writer. First you should join an Affiliate Program which is suitable for you, for example lots of popular online shopping sites, web-hosting sites are offering these programs, so join on certain programs.
Compared with the other Online money making jobs, you can’t earn lump sum of money in the data entry jobs in a short period of time, but as a beginner it is a helpful job for you.
Through this method you are able to make handsome amount of money as well as you can improve your knowledge. One of the friend of mine have a good craft making skills and also she is a talented drawing artist, at very first she made some cute paper quilling jewelries, one day she was shared the photos of her jewelries on the Facebook and it got huge response among their friends, after a few days some of the friends wants the jewelries like hers and they were willing to pay money. If you feel this article helpful then share it with someone in online through the following social networking buttons. We feel like we need everything but in reality most of them are just what we want and not what we need. For every one such genuine website that presents a money making opportunity there are thousands of fake websites.
Having reviewed the material, I came to the firm conclusion that there is no need to pay any money for this outdated information as you can access it all for free online!
It is aimed at facilitating an exchange of ideas and information about products and services that fulfill the objectives of different interacting groups. Every day companies are coming online and opening their business accounts on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and other Social Media channels looking to promote their products and services. Click on the links below to enroll in these courses which last from a few hours to several days.
The important lessons you will learn in this course will help you in your first online job.

This course has been organized by google to teach you methodically the different modules that come under digital marketing such as advertising, social media and mobile. In this course you will learn how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works , how to create landing pages, how to measure your performance using digital analytics and how to run an email marketing campaign. Many of these jobs require little time and anybody with an internet connection can do these jobs online from the comforts of their home.
Different people from different parts of the world have varied ideas about earning money online, it always helps to adhere to a few rules when you start working online.
Always update you skills and keep learning new things about the Internet and working online.
Keeping them satisfied will ensure additional publicity and bring you more work in the future. Such individuals are now resorting to hiring virtual assistants online who will perform their tasks for a suitable fee. Once you receive money into your digital wallet you can then transfer it to your bank account. Fast & accurate typing skills, basic computer skills and English skills are the investments for these jobs. So my friend was started to sell their hand made craft items through online, now she is a professional craft maker. As a digital marketeer you will need to take care of these accounts for which they will pay you a fixed amount of money every month.
You will also receive a certificate of completion when you finish these courses which can be added to your resume. Social Media Marketing is a small part of digital marketing and the most visible part, once you complete this short course you can enroll for the below courses. If you do not have a computer at home you can also this type of work from the nearest cyber cafe. For transcribing audio files into text files you will earn more and it your earnings are proportional to the length of the audio file. This work might involve checking a person’s email, shopping online or making phone calls to clients.
Not only for our future, savings can help to deal the unexpected expenses, so that’s only i say, saving is necessary for everyone. This will vary from Rs 5000 per month for freshers to Rs 50,000 per month for experienced digital marketing professionals. Do try this during your spare time and let me know how much money you earned in the comments section. When it comes to the savings we needs to earn some extra money or we should reduce our expenses.
Using blogger blog you are not able to reach a top growth, but you can learn basic about blogging through blogger, after you have learned blogging then you can start a WordPress blog for making money.
YouTube is a largest video sharing site in online and here you can make money by uploading videos. We think on the spur of the moment, not about the future and we often repent for spending too much.
As a Youtuber you need a digital camera(even a smartphone camera can do a magic) and if you have a video editing skills(additional requirement) then it is awesome, that’s it no any other investments are required. First you should create a new Facebook account, then create multiple Facebook Fan pages for different purpose. Then try to update all the pages frequently with some interesting information and wait for sometimes. Spending wise and saving money is a habit that you need to cultivate and does not come by default.Here are some tips to teach kids to save money. There are lots of money making methods are available in online but here i have listed 7 best ways which helps you to earn money with any investments.
Once one of your page will reached huge, you can start your earning by rent it to the advertisers.

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