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Short URLs redirect to a specified link while rendering a GIF preview on Facebook and Twitter. AboutSocialEarth is the leading source for news and information about social entrepreneurship. Time for Start Measuring Genuine Wealth - The Economics of HappinessANIELSKI Management Inc. A municipality, a province or state or nation could completely deplete and degrade all its natural resources and undermine the spirit of its human social capital while posting positive GDP growth.
It’s time for a new accounting of progress and a new economic paradigm based on well-being and happiness. Genuine means to live authentically, in accordance to the values that make life worth living. Measuring what matters most to the happiness and well-being of people’s lives will require not only new metrics of progress but a new economic system that focuses less on growth and more on improving well-being.
This new economy of well-being and happiness was proposed by Bhutan’s Prime Minister Jigme Y.
Genuine Wealth is the accounting system that will become the international standard for measuring and managing the real well-being of communities and nations. In Alberta, I led a team of economists in 2001 in the research and development of the Alberta Genuine Progress Index (GPI) in 2001, a new accounting system that measured the changes in economic, social and environmental well-being, using 51-indicators of well-being. This work demonstrated the capacity to show the balance between explosive economic growth due to natural resource assets and Alberta’s overall state of well-being and the general happiness.
While the first three are renewable, natural resources such as fossil fuels, soil, biodiversity, and even forests may be depleted, sometimes permanently.
The Genuine Wealth model and accounting system was formally launched on May 10, 2012 with the incorporation of Genuine Wealth Inc. Genuine Wealth accounting and analytics will help communities, businesses and countries account for their overall economic, social and environmental well-being in the form of a new and genuine balance sheet. This way the real wealth of nations can be measured in relationship with what people most value about a good life. I am an economic strategist and the author of the Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth, a book that provides a roadmap to the new economy of well-being and a life of purpose and meaning. At the core, every business function is marketing~ and every business needs to be customer centric.
In my consulting practice, I focus on employee engagement in building customer center cultures. Focus on incremental progress and “quick wins.” A large part of change management involves accumulating small successes, celebrating them, and building gradual organizational momentum toward the change required. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

114 53 0 2 12 47 0 0 0 0I read something the other day that said most people don’t understand what global warming is.
In the spirit of bringing a little awareness back to our precious planet, I thought I would write a short article about global warming and include some simple action steps we can take to help combat it.
Although it may seem like as individuals we have an itty-bitty impact, together we can really make a big difference.
To combat this change, we are going to have to start getting our energy from clean energy sources instead of from burning fossil fuels. However, as individuals, there are some things that we can do to make a difference in our daily lives. Pypus is now on the social networks, follow him and get latest free coloring pages and much more. The company has over 130 contributors in 25 countries which cover the latest trends and provide thoughtful analysis on socially and environmentally conscious news.
For over 60 years, we have been using an accounting system for measuring economic progress called the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that tracks all money being spent on goods and services in the economy. Genuine Wealth is a model for measuring and managing the overall well-being and happiness of a community or organization by explicitly accounting for the assets (human, social, natural, and manufactured or physical) of a community or organization that are linked to individual and societal values and aspirations for a good life. We showed pointed out the shortcomings of our current accounting system whereby municipal, provincial and federal governments, despite having an abundance of natural capital assets, operate without a balance sheet that tracks the state and quality of these assets that contribute to our economic well-being. The Inclusive Wealth Indicator, which is scheduled to launch later this year, captures economic growth as the aggregate of a country’s wealth including its natural resources.
Quite simply it’s  a paradigm shift from product-focused culture , to a customer-focused culture, where success is measured more by customer satisfaction rather than short-term profits from product sales. When leaders are truly committed to being more customer-centric, they will demand more voice-of-customer feedback. Leaders committed to more customer-oriented practices at a firm will do things like attending conferences and training sessions, benchmarking with customer-centric firms, and sharing best practices with other business units or affiliated companies.
Leaders who are committed to more customer-centric practices will spend the time and effort necessary to break down organizational silos.  But even when these barriers persist, committed leaders will do their best to ensure that each customer has an experience that is consistent across all products and channels. Crossing boundaries can only be effective over the long term if new metrics and reward structures are also introduced. Over time, small efforts, limited-scope projects, quick wins and even “near misses” all add to the momentum. We are dedicatedly looking through all the tips submitted and pick the things we feel will appeal to our audience. More importantly than that though, for me personally, when I start going down that road of thinking where I convince myself that I can’t make a change, at that point, I lose hope.
There is no doubt now that the change is already taking place, and if we don’t modify our behavior, we will see more of this in the future.

Did you know that by using a hair dryer, heating up food in the microwave and using a dishwasher, we are adding more greenhouse gases into the air? This might be a good accounting of cash flow but it fails to measure the actual things that makes life worth living (including our happiness and state of well-being), as Robert Kennedy noted in 1968 when critiquing the GDP. Bhutan has adopted the Gross National Happiness measure of progress as an alternative to the GDP. This demonstrated that a rising tide of GDP did not result in raising the well-being of all Alberta households. In its early findings, it found that natural capital declined 46% in Brazil and 31% in India during the last 17 years. This might mean attending focus groups and research sessions personally, or interviewing customers directly. Leaders who are committed to a customer-centric transformation will make it their business to sponsor cross-departmental initiatives aimed at eliminating inconsistencies and sharing best practices. In a customer centric culture, the primary metric for success isn’t sales volume, it’s customer satisfaction! A committed leader finds opportunities to discuss with staff members how the company should treat certain types of customers, perhaps focusing on particular lifestyles, transaction patterns, or just simple demographics. It is a quick way to help us find what people are talking about around the globe, what is about to go viral and, of course, what you think should be featured on Bit Rebels.
I mean, how can our actions (meaning the actions of a few people) make any significant difference when it comes to the earth’s climate?
If you would like a more sophisticated explanation about this topic, you might find this article on National Geographic called What Is Global Warming interesting. Bhutan is the first nation in the world to have adopted the Gross National Happiness measure of progress.
Too much of this type of gas is detrimental to the environment and causes it to get too hot. Also, here is a link to an MSNBC article from a few days ago about some new discoveries regarding wind and its effects on global warming.
Global warming is the phrase used to describe the impact on the earth that happens when people add too much of this type of gas into the air.
Below are a few fun charts that illustrate the impact of global warming and some simple action steps we all can take. The earth’s climate has changed before in history, but never this fast, never with this many negative consequences, and never before directly caused by people.

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