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It says it's inspecting produce in stores and contacting suppliers to make sure their products are safe. Donks are usually outrageously retarded and run bigger than 4's with lift kits on their cars.As long as they are good looking wheels.

I chose 22's cause the ride was better then with 24's at least i noticed, i also like having a nice buffer between concrete and wheel incase i or someone else driving my truck hits any curb while parking or anything really.
Tires come in low profile radials, all-terrain passenger tires, sport or off-road tires and even swampers or mud boggers. This means we can make just what you want, so you are not paying for something that is not quite right for your application.

I'd run a nice set of 24's all day long but I prefer my stock 20's 99% of the time over most 24's unless they are billet and even then that almost too much money to justify.With all that being said though, to each their own.

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