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The Platts will be faced with a fresh crisis next week when Sarah is taken hostage by Billy's heroin-addicted brother Lee. With her mental health in a state of turmoil, it seems that the future is bleak for Sarah - but can doctors help her make a recovery?
Why does she barricaded herself in?She barricades herself into her house because of what this guy’s told her. And visit our dedicated Coronation Street page for all the latest news, interviews and spoilers. After undergoing an ordeal with sinister echoes of what happened to her at the hands of Callum Logan, Sarah will end up suffering a breakdown and being hospitalised. And will the secret the Platts have been harbouring about Callum's murder come out in the wake of Sarah's latest drama?

She keeps talking about Callum and he realises that if he can keep her there then he‘s more likely to get what he wants.
She feels she needs to make the house as secure as possible so that if he does come looking for her he can’t get in. Lee has been on the scene for a little while, just hanging around, and he's aware that Billy and Sarah are close. And so he takes her back to his bedsit and almost straight away realises she’s got a lot of issues and she keeps talking about Callum.

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