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However, as the year progressed some awesome stuff started happening and other people took notice too. Since I have concentrated on doing the stuff that I am excel at at and blocking out what other people think I have almost doubled my income! If you were expecting a step by step guide to making more money in 2015 maybe we can get to that another day. I settled on this amount because I believe it’s totally achievable within three to six months if you’re constantly producing, as my numbers will show. I earned almost $2,000 within the first couple of months that I started writing romance regularly.
With this type of output (I didn’t say it was gonna be easy, just very possible), if you’re writing good stories in a popular genre, I’d say you can duplicate my success. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Today is my 29th Birthday so I want to share with you my 29 favourite posts I have written on ways to make and save money, my journey the past few years and next week I will be sharing 29 ways I have made money.
Current status – single mum with 2 daughters living in Canberra, I have someone in my life but I will never share who or any pictures of him.
6.) 6 saving plans you can do from $1 a day to 10% of your income, there is an option for everyone.

16.) 10 Steps for success with goals is guaranteed to help you set, stick to and achieve goals. 28.) Financial help for domestic violence victims and survivors, another personal, potentially triggering post.
I’ve always known that I was smart but saying that to other people was just too hard for me.
Here at Everybody Loves Your Money we believe that you should spend less money than you earn, invest as much as you can as early as you can, and avoid the materialism mindset.
And the reason I know this is that I’ve read at least 20 or 30 stories on the web of new romance writers who’ve done the same thing – most earning much more than I have.
Which is why what I will say is that I think earning $2,000 to $3,000 per month writing romance is very possible within six months – if you constantly put out new titles (eg, one a week; minimally two to three per month) and follow some of the marketing advice discussed within – which is very minimal.
And in case you want to help with my birthday wish, I am aiming to raise $2,000 for the CEO Sleepout this June.
In the past few years I have gone from living in Canberra then Sydney then back to Canberra. I have a lot of mess in my personal life ongoing from events in 2012 and 2013, but it will work out. Being platinum blonde, in love with make up and beauty, I realised I would cost over $12,000 a year if I didn’t DIY beauty.

I have been homeless and done a lot of work with homeless charities plus interviewed people who have been or are homeless. I share the mistakes I made last year with divorce, moving and things plus how much it cost me.
Factory workers who do hard manual labor don’t make much more and as far as the bigger jobs that require a degree, unfortunately, most of those are government jobs that max out around $50k a year. I published six short novels between March and April of this year (2014), which is one reason my income exploded so quickly, in my opinion. Once you’ve got that nailed down and can fully accept what you’re worth you’ll be able to surpass your goals.
I discovered that I had the capability to earn more all along, I just had to convince myself. Depending on when the article was dated my life has changed a lot in the past few years and I don’t expect anyone to keep track.

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