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Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon (C) with Justice Ministry director-general Emi Palmor (L) and General Manager of the Finance Ministry, Shai Babad during a press conference regarding legalized gambling in Israel at the Finance Ministry office in Jerusalem on August 3, 2016. Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon on Wednesday lashed out at the legal gambling industry and vowed that so long as he controlled the treasury, no casino would be built in Israel. The finance minister spoke at a press conference as he accepted a special committee report on the government-supervised gambling industry, which recommended a ban on betting machines and gambling on horse races.
Kahlon also dismissed outright the idea of building a casino in Israel to attract tourists. Legalized gambling in Israel is run by two bodies — Toto, responsible for sports gambling, and Mifal HaPayis, which oversees lotteries, scratch cards and gambling machines. According to the Ynet website, the industry earned NIS 10 billion ($2 billion, 500 million) in 2015. The committee was tasked with investigating ways to increase the efficiency of the legalized gambling industry and to find ways to reduce the negative impact of gambling.
In its final report, it recommended a ban on video poker, video slots, and other similar machines, along with horse race gambling — all deemed to be addictive.
Kahlon suggested that money spent on gambling was a tax on the poor, noting that these machines are generally set up in poor areas. Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, during a press conference about the gambling industry in Israel at the Finance Ministry office in Jerusalem on August 3, 2016. According to Ynet, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked promised to work with the attorney-general to translate these recommendations into law. In May, Mifal HaPayis claimed that of the 500 gambling machines they operated, 75% were stationed in more affluent areas, a claim that was disputed by Channel 2 at the time. The committee also recommended the state earmark NIS 20 million ($5 million) to fight illegal gambling. You hereby accept The Times of Israel Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and you agree to receive the latest news & offers from The Times of Israel and its partners or ad sponsors. In a previous article about online addictions I talked about how young people could potentially be the highest risk for the growing problem of online gambling addiction. Whilst it is estimated that less than 1% of the population actually suffer from a gambling addiction, online gambling is a lot more difficult to monitor and to quantify. The amount of time that young people now spend online make them the ideal market for gambling websites.

Although you do need to register with most official gambling sites in order to bet, there is some concern that free gambling via online games is a gateway for young people into problem gambling.
There has also been concern that the fruit machine style of some of the 'Freemium' games may be a gateway into Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOTB) found in betting shops. This has however been disputed by recent Gambling Commission statistics which suggests that the younger generation is actually more likely to be composed of cautious, sensible gamblers than older generations are.The commission's statistics show that, as of March 2016, 18-to-24 year olds were more than twice as likely to be "low risk" gamblers than any other age group.
Gambling support organisation, GamCare, received 29% of its calls from the 18-25 age range and 35% from gamblers aged 26 to 35 in 2014-2015,but only 1% of its calls from 16-17 year olds, suggesting that although the seed may be sown at a younger age, gambling doesn't usually become a problem until they have reached a legal age. Another report by the Gambling Commission back in 2008 showed that early exposure to gambling increased the risk of the child developing a gambling problem in later life. Despite options for parental restrictions on websites and mobile devices, it cannot be doubted that underage young people are still managing to access gambling sites.
Although the statistics for young people with gambling problems remain low, it could be that unrestricted and seemingly fun, harmless apps on smart phones, and tablets are contributing towards addictions later in life. The relative newness of this type of 'gateway' into gambling means that it is difficult to prove any link at this stage.
It is possible to enumerate the top 10 gambling nations on the basis of different data.  One can rank them by the number of registered players, the amount of losses incurred or there can be many more categories to create. 3.  Due to the chaotic legal regulation of casinos and online casino industry, Ireland is awarded with the bronze medal. In addition, the committee urged a cap on growth in the gambling industry to 3 percent a year. The ease with which young people can now access online gambling platforms makes it an area of legitimate concern, but do the statistics support this? If you have ever tried to stream video without your pop-up blocker on, you will know how many less scrupulous betting websites use this platform to advertise. The average onset for problem gambling was around 10-11, showing the huge significance early exposure can have. With more games and apps being produced by the minute,it is clear that awareness from the gambling industry will be key to regulation, and therefore protection of young people in the future.
This article focuses on the top ten gambling nations taking money, more precisely the amount of losses in consideration. Although the country is known to be in a difficult economic situation, Greek people make Greece to occupy the 9th place in the list.

If you think of the best poker players of the world, you might realize that many of them come from Norway. Since the world’s biggest gambling centre Macau is just round the corner, Hong Kong is the 7th among the gambling nations. Forty-one per cent of Finnish adults have confessed to gamble every day, acquiring the 5th position in this list. Approximately $600 is the average gambling loss among adults.  Ireland planned to build a sports and leisure complex in Tipperary in Las Vegas-style. Singaporeans are rather wild when it comes to gambling, their average gaming loss per adults is $1,174 and they also own the third largest gaming centre after Macau and Las Vegas.
It does not come as a surprise that Australia with its $1,288 gambling losses occupies the first place in this list.
Figures posted by Ynet show that, from 2008 to 2015, gambling revenue increased by 10% annually. Technologically savvy children and teens use these sites daily to watch their favourite films or TV shows. The average gambling loss is about $418 per adult but Spanish people tend to get in touch with online gambling more frequently nowadays so Spain might progress in the list. No wonder, since the government has legalized online cash games 24 hours a day, their online poker room ranks the 4th largest one in the world. It is Canada where 75 percent of grown ups got in connection with gambling in the last year, getting the 4th place for their country in the Top 10 gambling nations list.
The committee suggested the loss of revenue would be made up by reducing the overhead in the bodies responsible for gambling. These northern people seem to be talented at online gambling, even if many of them lose big amounts of money.

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