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If you came into this year all cash and just bought the $SPX, you're up about 10%.  An excellent year, considering your return on anything else was dirt. My bet is on the bulls because they cant seem to knock this tape down, even a small island the size of Green Bay Wisconsin couldn't really shake things up last week. 2- It closed above it's 50 day moving average for the first time since the Age of Pericles and.. The financials continue to hang around constructively and came within pennies of a successful test of its 20 day moving average. Joe takes a swing trading approach to the market and his holding period can be anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on market internals. With so many market indicators pointing downwards and Europe in a major upheaval why are US stock markets at a record high? Adrian Adonis from the band Papa Cherry, a very popular local rock band, joins us today to talk about what they have on their schedule. 28 novels and counting for Barbara Taylor Bradford and she joins us today to talk about her newest book, Secrets. And so many more things to talk about today with Evan and Deb in the afternoon on Health, Wealth & Wisdom.
About Senior Voice AmericaSenior Voice America unites seniors age 55+ with resources and activities in their communities. In February, 2011, the company expanded into radio and now, in addition to printing a monthly newspaper, Senior Voice America is connecting with seniors on a five day a week basis on 1250 AM WHNZ Radio. It is certain that Blockchain has the potential to transform centuries-old mechanisms for transferring money. In practice, nine banks, including Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland, recently announced that they may adopt the Blockchain system, due to the fact that "it is hard to fool, making fraud more difficult, could speed up trading systems and make deals more transparent".
Blockchain is the technology that enables cryptocurrencies and is built on the principles drawn from cryptography, game theory and peer-to-peer networking. However, the method, through which consensus is reached for making changes to the distributed ledger, differs from one cryptocurrency protocol to another.
Blockchain offers the promise of addressing some of the key challenges and pain points experienced over many years by the financial sector.

It also provides the opportunity for more accurate tracking of customer repayment histories, across borders and banks, reducing the risk of defaulters.
In the short term, it is essential that any financial services business works to develop specific use cases to understand how the technology could support their organization. There are several challenges Blockchain will have to overcome before it becomes mainstream. However, what has not been covered in detail is that some of the thefts did not originate through the network but were initiated by individual customers. However, if a fraudster wants to make any change to the distributed ledger, it cannot be done unless the fraudster also controls 51 percent or more of the participants on the network, which is next to impossible in the case of any large network. Nevertheless, regulators in a number of countries are increasingly taking steps to understand, contextualize and regulate digital currencies.
As innovations in technology change the way that money moves around the world, businesses need to keep a close eye on Blockchain and be prepared to adapt and transform their services accordingly.
Thing is, not many did that, so they are not up 10% over these past ninety days.  The great migration from bonds to stocks is still up for debate, but there aren't any sellers in the house and if things edge higher, more buyers will appear as buying always begets more buying, same for the sell side. I ask this from an institutional perspective (mutual funds, pension funds, etc.), because retail still isn't in this market.  The quarter ends on Friday, so do you book gains and go home, just stay invested because you think the tape still goes higher (choppy tape then next week), or do you go on a buying frenzy because you missed the move and need to show that you're long? I hear the EU will be running the NCAA bracket next year and I have Cyprus, Italy, Spain and Greece in the Final Four as my early picks. He is a senior contributor and investor in Stocktwits and has been seen on CNN Money and quoted in Marketwatch, Forbes, Reuters, NY Times and Wall Street Journal. Since 1980, Senior Voice America, a monthly publication, has been distributed throughout Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties.
Our latest research, which surveyed over 300 banking executives on the current payments landscape across Europe, found that cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies are now seen as real drivers for change. This allows any unique monetary data exchange to get past the problem of double spend by making the ledger (the book of record) available to all participants in the network and by creating a process by which a consensus can be reached in changes to the ledger. Bitcoin, for example, makes use of the "proof of work" method, which depends on miners providing proof of computing resources expanded in verifying transactions before being allowed to make changes to the distributed ledger, essentially adding transaction records to the ledger of past transactions. Beyond the security implications and increased transparency of transactions for all parties, whether institutions or customers, it can have a beneficial impact on pricing and costs in the market.

For example, Everledger, a permanent ledger for diamond certification, has adopted the use of Bitcoin as a mark of authenticity providing transparency for all parties involved, a clear attempt to prevent diamond fraud.
These include scalability, the time taken to verify the transactions, the cost of transactions and, of course, security. For example, a software wallet, which is basically the Bitcoin equivalent of a bank account, is installed on customers’ own computer or device and controlled completely by the customer. In addition, regulation is still not very clear for settlement protocols involving cryptocurrency protocols.
Recent indications from central agencies in the US and UK indicate that regulators are in fact taking a very pragmatic approach to Blockchain technology and the news from the major banks has added further evidence to this pragmatic approach. Still the third inning over there, but our market doesn't care, as the "good house in a bad neighborhood" theory has kicked in.
Wilson Newman Professor of Governance, will join us today to discuss what is fueling the markets. Pamela Yellen, author of Bank on Yourself: the Life Changing Secret to Growing and Protecting Your Financial Future, joins us today to talk money and how to grow your nest egg.
Pioneering Psychotherapist, Niki Barr, author of Emotional Wellness, The Other Half of Treating Cancer will be here today to enlighten us on what to do after hearing the diagnosis.
One example is ANZ, which is looking at experimenting with Ripple to understand the benefits along the whole customer value chain.
A lot of attention recently has focused on incidents of hacking at Bitcoin-based companies and start-ups. These wallets are stored without encryption and have been attacked through the hacking of someone’s personal computer.
While it is not yet clear how Blockchain will ultimately be adopted in the financial services industry, it is certain that the future will look very different.

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