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In older post we seen the tutorials about a€?Automatically Increase Facebook Fans Using JavaScript a€? through installing the script, i hope you all enjoyed that post. So now manually poking back to many person’s might be a big problem so we have simple solution to this thing by making this process automatic.
Well Poke All for Chrome extension gives you the possibility to poke all your friends back all together with one click. So now after installation just visit Facebook and click on this hand icon in your status bar now you c will see all your pokes you can select Auto Poke or just click on the Poke All option.

Well there is even a simple userscript that can be installed in Chrome, Firefox and Opera browser, so Facebook Autopoke userscript does the same job but its totally automatic.
So that’s it now you can every Poke you receive will be reverted back automatically, if you find any problem do comment. Well yes it even has that automatic feature which you can select and every poke will be reverted back automatically.
So you will need Greasemonkey installed in your Firefox browser to get this script working.

The one is by using the chrome extension that will work only in chrome and the other one is Userscript that will work in both Chrome and Firefox.

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