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In the mid 90’s a technological revolution occurred in the form of the World Wide Web… from then on companies used this to their advantage and started using the web as a platform for marketing their products and services to potential customers.
In online marketing multiple connections are made between both businesses and consumers, and affiliate marketing takes these connections further by broadening their range. Mentor – when starting in the field of affiliate marketing there are many questions that need to be addressed, for example, how to make a website, which products are best to promote, and how can I draw visitors to my website, and once attracted how can I convert them?
As you can see from the video, Robert Kiyosaki also discusses what affiliate marketing is, and how you can best profit from your experience.
You have been brought to this page because you are looking to make eXtra Income from your home. I am confident in telling you…This is the last opportunity you will need to take advantage of ever again. Let’s take a look at the INCOME you can receive signing people up as an MCA Associate. ONLY 1 SALE  will double your initial investment, while ONLY 3 SALES will pay for your entire year’s membership! Stay at home Moms and Dads – You can easily generate a substantial income without ever leaving your house. People looking to add some additional income on the side or quit their job and work for themselves.
In particular, website owners started to create important content, as well as providing their visitors with special benefits, and because of this they felt they were deserving of being compensated for it…. It could be said that affiliate marketing is the relationship between a business, and publisher and the consumer.
Along with this video, and the steps in which I have provided, affiliate marketers who are starting out, should gain a better understanding of what it is needed of them to retain profit. This is because the advertiser, who is the business, is always looking for methods to advertise their products or services, and the affiliate, who is the publisher, is an individual person, or company who is willing to promote said product online, and share their traffic in return for a fee. You are probably familiar with HSN, better known as Home Shopping Network for their TV sales. This three billion dollar company has recently been making news as one of the best work at home employers.

Not only does HSN advocated shopping from the comfort of home, but now they are giving their employees the chance to work from home too. HSN employees work as part of the call center, taking customer calls and processing orders.
Your position is determined by where you live and the region you are most connected to among HSN shoppers. When you work for Home Shopping Network, you are actually an employee and not an independent contractor. You have to work weekends and holidays when asked because this is the prime time for sales among HSN consumers. The good news is that employees get two set days off per week, so you can just rearrange your weekend according to the days you are off. Employees are usually asked to work at a HSN site once per month, but it will generally be somewhere near where you live. Actual work task can vary, but generally include: • Answering customer questions • Taking orders • Upselling merchandise • Processing payments How Much Money Can I Make with HSN?
Unlike many of the work at home opportunities that offer sporadic pay at low rates, HSN pays their employees well from the beginning. Employees that work from home start out at $10-11 per hour and also receive incentive based bonuses.
If you work a minimum of 30 hours per week, you get a stack of amazing benefits including: • Health Insurance • Vision Care • Dental Insurance • Life Insurance • Disability Coverage • Employee-stock purchase plans • Retirement savings plans • Great discounts on HSN merchandise • 2 paid days to perform local community service each year • Paid time off Benefits always begin on the first day of the month following the date of your hiring.
HSN prefers to hire employees with previous job experience in customer services or a sales-related setting. You will thrive in this position is you are detail-oriented, organized, and have good communications skills.
You may also need some basic call center equipment; but that information depends on what kind of position you fill.
Look in the Careers section and you can browse the various positions they have available at any point. After you complete the application and upload your resume, there is a timed assessment that you will have to complete.

HSN suggests that you should allow 30 minutes to do the assessment and it is 45 questions long. It basically asks typical work related questions about your scheduling flexibility, work ethic, stress levels, knowledge of technology, sales experience, etc. Once you finish the assessment, HSN management will contact you for an interview by phone if you qualify. Here is the complete list of what you will need: • Windows 7, Windows XP, or Windows Vista Operating System – No Macs! Keep in mind that job openings can change from day-to-day, but HSN is currently looking for new employees to fill these positions: • Full time work at home sales • Part time work at home sales • Full time work at home customer service representatives • Customer Care Supervisor • Director of Talent Management What Are the Pros of Working at Home with HSN? Employees repeatedly raved about HSN for their amazing benefits, paid training, and great incentive bonuses. If you are expecting to sit around and wait on the phone to ring all day, this won’t be the job for you. Some employees say they field over 100 calls per day, completing orders and upselling other items.
Employees also mention that the training is very thorough and it’s not the kind of boring lectures where you want to bang your head against the wall all day. The only negative reviews seemed to come from in-office staff that worked in packing or accounting. The Bottom Line on HSN At the end of the day, Home Shopping Network is a reputable company and definitely not a scam. While their job opportunities won’t work for everyone, there is definite potential for many people to find not only a work at home job, but a home based career with HSN.

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