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In Charlotte NN's Cecilia -- what's been going on -- -- a lot of start watching and I got it back and normally meets Italy here -- prisoners here and I -- back on the island this week. Proud -- out firing me I just don't know how that -- I -- to James Taylor Mary save lives of have a pond.
Although there was some talk about that -- ever been picking up too much room on the stage actually that -- -- yet. Fighters you know actors you know like -- as a co chair of the president's reelection campaign yes she is doing a five minute address tomorrow we've got some videos and other folks that -- yeah -- -- -- from sign I believe we're gonna sound. Here's the most important question why is not against -- dance sequel I don't write eating eating at the question is more this time talking about education -- he's got equipment but he's not but he academic long.

We -- get somewhere of the entourage of the of the week so far on the bench that even those bodes well ice tomorrow I read reportedly Scarlett Johansson Natalie department Kerry Washington -- I'll be on stage again that's pretty serious to write these people are actually reaching a demographic that the Democrats really -- tap -- young voters when it matters especially so. Innovative and see what happens thick stars package but some some critics than not it's happening. Everett well -- they enter our as important elements in the Emmy Awards -- you -- -- on Thursday again I don't know anything about. But all of I was very impressed by -- died yesterday -- -- really came as she brought it Richard ship as well these are these are obviously famous faces but they come with substantial.
It is also in the atmosphere throughout the -- -- does -- -- -- what's not -- that with the -- this is different now.

Different -- -- make it look at if any at attention to this convention may not -- attention -- Atlantic and attention. I think it's very clear it out there are also it's not just here on stage but these experiments on parties they'll -- -- IN money up for the -- out.

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