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In this guide we will take you through step-by-step how you can manually trade to make coins. Please note: All prices quoted here are for the XBOX, but the same trading methods apply for the PS3 and PC!
As Ramsey is such a popular player that gets listed in the Transfer Market every minute, you should find it doesn’t take long to find a bargain.
Depending on the margins you would like to make, will depend upon the amount of coins you choose to use with this method. An example of the price rise can be seen in TOTW 2 where David Alaba’s regular card price increased from 18k (Wednesday 25th September at 3am UK) to 28k the same day at 9pm UK time.
Please note: Now that FUT 14 is in full swing, this method is very popular and will become harder to use. We have found that the 59th minute method works most optimally with high rated expensive players! Firstly you will notice that come 6pm UK on the Wednesday, the TOTW in-form prices are sky high. When you have more than 100k coins (preferably around 500k) you can more easily afford to tie up coins in players.
Other methods used when you have a lot of coins include monopolizing the market with certain cards.
Make sure you follow popular YouTubers as they have the ability to influence FUT 14 prices. When a large number of packs are being opened (due to a popular TOTW or Happy Hour) the market will become flooded with bargain consumables and cheap bargain gold players. Before purchasing a player make sure you change Summary to Status so you can see the player’s Contracts and Fitness. Make sure you put your players through several listing cycles to help them sell (if by the 3rd cycle they haven’t sold then drop the price).
Players that you purchase from the Transfer Market will need to play 10 games for your Club before receiving a Player Loyalty Chemistry Bonus.
For the more advanced traders concerned about the number of new FUTers becoming clued up with their FUT trading, don’t worry as there will always be new ways to make coins! Five years ago today, Electronic Arts introduced the Ultimate Team mode in its main FIFA franchise. On the eve of Ultimate Team's fifth anniversary, we spoke with two individuals from developer EA Canada who have shepherded the mode along and helped turn it into the massive success it is today: Matt Prior, the producer who first brought Ultimate Team into FIFA with FIFA 09, and Adam Shaikh, current creative director for the mode. Ultimate Team actually originated outside the FIFA series: It debuted in the Xbox 360 version of UEFA Champions League 2006-2007, which was released in March 2007. A few years later, EA was working on what would have been Champions League 2009-2010, but the publisher chose not to renew the UEFA license. According to Prior, Ultimate Team was "showing a negative profit" initially, but the calculations were based only on unit sales, not the potential revenue from microtransactions for purchases of card packs. Transitioning Ultimate Team from UEFA into FIFA was not without some significant challenges. EA decided to test the waters with Ultimate Team for FIFA 09, which had been released in October 2008.
According to an infographic released today by EA to mark Ultimate Team's fifth anniversary (see full image here), the mode's player base has grown significantly over time.
Shaikh and Prior cited a number of reasons that, in their view, have contributed to the overwhelming popularity of FIFA Ultimate Team. With such a large player base, it's been important for EA Canada to develop new features that are of interest to many different kinds of people. That's one of the most important legacies of Ultimate Team — not just for EA as a publisher, but for the gaming industry at large. Shaikh pointed out that gamers tend to see "microtransaction" as a dirty word, but Ultimate Team is a rare exception to that.

As a general guideline we will show which methods are most optimal for the amount of coins you have. It is likely that a message saying ‘No matching results found’ will appear, Click OK then click search again until one appears. As of writing this guide we purchased Aaron Ramsey for 500 coins in the 58th minute and then instantly sold him for 800 coins (bagging 260 coins profit).
You will be able to make even more coins on the player if a popular Chemistry Style is assigned to that player.
Fortunately we purchased Alaba at 3am UK time for 18k and sold him fairly near that value for around 29k, bagging us 10,550 coins profit. This is because it can be very time consuming and requires patience searching near the 59th minute for potential bargains. There are two methods you can use when trading with in-forms (one where you have between 50k-100k and the other when you have more coins to spare). You should wait for prices to stabilize and then search for bargains using the Buy Now Max price below their values, or alternatively attempt to find them cheap on Live Auctions. Remember this is easier to do with certain consumables as you now have an UNLIMITED consumables pile!
With the significant increase in FUT 14 players compared to FUT 13, you will always be able to find bargains! Remember there are plenty more methods which we will cover in the coming weeks, but these should help get you underway. The mode offered a new, engrossing way to play the beloved soccer game, but it ended up being much more than that.
At that point, with the team being in the middle of the FIFA development cycle in 2008 and looking to come up with something new, Prior suggested revisiting the old Ultimate Team concept and bringing it into the FIFA franchise, but doing so digitally. It was Wilson who realized what Ultimate Team could become, and it was he who greenlit the mode. For one thing, FIFA's collection of real-world athletes is many times larger than that of the UEFA Champions League alone, and Prior believed it was important to get everyone — including no-name players from smaller leagues around the world — into the mode. The publisher launched the mode five months later, on March 19, 2009, as a $10 add-on for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. About 1 million players bought the Ultimate Team add-on for FIFA 09, and that number increased by 30 percent for FIFA 10.
For one thing, it changed up an online experience that had always calcified around the world's best teams. Shaikh noted that in one year, the developers focused on the users who just love to play the Ultimate Team market by revamping the transfer system to be less like eBay and more like a "back-and-forth negotiation war." And since other people really enjoy the competitive element of pitting their club against others online, EA Canada added the Online Seasons mode to Ultimate Team in FIFA 13. But according to Prior, the mode had larger ramifications for the development of games at EA Sports. Ultimate Team debuted in FIFA, but by the end of 2013, the mode had been integrated into every single one of EA's team sports games (Madden NFL, NBA Live, NCAA Football and NHL). For the publisher's 2013 fiscal year, which ended in March 2013, the company tallied more than $200 million of digital revenue from FIFA 13's first six months on the market — a figure consisting largely of sales of Ultimate Team card packs. The key to that was allowing people to — the whole 'sweat versus cash equity,' as we called it, and that was giving people the ability to play the game as much as they wanted and never need to have to spend a penny on it," said Prior. This is because many FUTers will be more inclined to wait until your auction finishes if there is a big enough gap between these prices. Buy it instantly (be careful it isn’t another player with the same club and nationality with the position changed). Please remember that you will have to find your own player you can consistently make coins on using this method. As of 11pm the following day after TOTW 2 was released, he is currently 38,750 cheapest Buy Now (his value will likely drop from this in the coming days). The way we went about using this method was to firstly note down the general cheapest prices of 15 of the highest rated BPL players and some in-form values.

You will then have to spend a few minutes scrolling to around the 200th page (it may be more or less depending on how busy the market is) and then scroll back and forth between pages to refresh the page and get the newest listings on the hour. We’ve found that the best time to find cheap in-forms after the prices have stabilized on Live Auctions is during the morning (UK time) when the majority of users are at school, college, university and work etc.
We wanted to use IF Reus and IF Aubameyang in one of our squads so we found this was the perfect excuse!
We will cover these other trading methods in more depth soon, including methods relating to different events such as tournaments throughout the coming weeks! If you follow these methods you will soon become an expert trader as you will understand the values of most items in the market along with knowledge of what events impact the FUT 14 market. FIFA Ultimate Team catapulted the series into new levels of global popularity, and heralded a new paradigm in game development just as the industry was shifting into a digital future. Users put together clubs with virtual trading cards for players, staff, stadiums and more, and attempt to maximize their team's attributes by maintaining team chemistry based on players' nationality, formation and position. Wilson became the head of the EA Sports division in 2011, and was named CEO of EA last September. He added that because Ultimate Team was inspired by a connection to the athletes on real-life trading cards, he wanted to put all the real athletes' photos on the in-game cards.
Instead of always going up against FC Barcelona, Real Madrid or Manchester United, you could take your eclectic Ultimate Team online and play another person's carefully crafted club. Now we have advised FUTers to do this with Ramsey it will become harder to snap up bargains!
This is due to the fact that they are overly hyped and other FUTers must use them in their teams but cannot afford their in-forms!
Once we memorized these values we knew instantly whether we saw a bargain (it’s easier when there are two of you as you can quickly confirm before purchasing)!
We’ve had great success using this method, picking up frequently listed players such as Rooney for 50k and selling for 60k +. Now these players have vanished in packs there will be less on the market, which will see their prices rise significantly. They play games against the CPU or online, with "contract" cards enforcing a finite number of matches an athlete could partake in, to earn in-game currency to spend on packs of additional cards (or pay real money for those packs, if they want to accelerate the process). In FIFA 13, 11.2 million people played Ultimate Team, and according to EA, usage in FIFA 14 is on track to surpass that figure. If you use this method with more expensive players you will need to search for a Buy Now price 10-25% cheaper than their value. Please remember that this is assuming the player does not get another in-form for a couple of weeks and is popular with FUTers. And they trade unwanted cards with other players online in an effort to fill out their virtual collection. Timing your purchase right is VITAL when making coins (read our investing in player performances guide).
You will find that with the EU release of FIFA 14 tomorrow (September 27th 2013) many new players will not know the value of high rated players and this method could prove very successful for you!
If you feel the player will get another in-form in a popular position, then make sure you sell the in-form prior to this! We also advise selling expensive players before the January 2014 market crash (when the TOTY is released).

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