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You may have read many urdu guides on how to earn money on YouTube uploading videos, channel, subscribers, per view, ads, views, google adsense etc but today I will tell you step by step method to actually start making money in Pakistan with this video sharing website.
Jab Apply hoo rha hoo adsense k liay yani k application submit hoo rhi hoo toh real details daalni hain ya fake. Yes Musa Google Adsense main aap ne real details dalney hain with your Nadra ID card name and Pakistan address. Sir, Kindly tell that can we upload clips or scenes of movies or there is any issue of copyright? Brother Adsense and youtube mje keh rhe he k mje apni videos se paise kamane k liye pehle 1000 subscriber bnane hoge tb meri video paid content bane gi or me tb paise kamane lguga apni videos se plz help me…??? Mohsin bahi, i want to start with Etoro (Forex), kindly tell me the procedure, how i can start with that side. There are two legal ways of YouTube monetization: participating in a Partner Program and paid product placements. If your country is on the list, your next step is to get monetization approval from YouTube. Even if your country is on the approved list but after pressing Apply you are still told that the Monetization feature is inaccessible, go instead to the YouTube Product forum. Also, keep in mind that you have to own all the rights for the videos you’re publishing online.
Main advantage of this method: Participation in the Partner Program won’t require any real work from you, the channel’s owner. Main disadvantage: As with the majority of other partner programs, YouTube’s program has a minimum threshold for withdrawing funds - 100 USD. If you are unsure about trusting the Partner Program with your money you can always control the advertising process yourself. You should remember, though, that YouTube’s Terms and Conditions state that you are not allowed to advertise through their website unless you have a preliminary approval from YouTube administrators.
It can be hazardous to work with sponsors without YouTube representatives’ approval: breaking the regulations can lead to sanctions against you, even including your account being blocked.
So, now that you know about both ways of monetizing on YouTube, you may be asking yourself whether it’s possible to combine the two.
Broadening your channel’s audience is its own complex and time-consuming task that demands expert knowledge. To be frank this post has two topics “how to monetize your YouTube videos” and “How to get instant adsense approval using YouTube”. There are many people who have some homemade pet videos uploaded to YouTube that gets millions of hits and which in turn generates huge cash. Login to your YouTube account and drop down near thumbnail image at the top right corner and you will see YouTube settings in there you check “Allow advertisements to be displayed alongside my videos” and beneath to that you will see “Additional features” view additional features and you will be taken to your channel settings. You will see Monetization features in order to enable monetization you need to verify your account and you can see “verify” link in account status, once verified your monetization feature will be enabled and you will be seeing advertisement displaying in your videos.
You might think that why I made this topic on “how to get instant adsense approval using YouTube” and the reason is still many web owners and bloggers are tired of getting an adsense account which is one great source to monetize their sites. In Monetization you will see “how will I be paid?” click and you will see a link “associate an adsense account” proceed with that link and follow the steps to create a adsense account.
Hope you learned how to monetize your YouTube videos and how to get instant adsense approval using YouTube.
How to submit your URL to Google, Bing and Yahoo – Add your website Every site needs to get ranked in search engines, but before that a website must first get indexed in search results.
How to embed Facebook videos in your website – WordPress and Blogger We have shared the importance of both article marketing as well as video marketing. Join over 27.4k SubscribersSubscribe to our blog feeds and receive high quality resources daily.

Reproducing content and other materials without explicit permission is strictly prohibited. OK, let’s start by drawing an analogy with some offline businesses – Do you think a coffee shop can survive without anyone coming to the shop? When it comes to indirect advertising, AdSense by Google is perhaps the first name that comes to my mind. Personally, I’m running AdSense on my blogs since 2009 and have made quite good amount with the program since then.
Another way to monetize your blog is by referring products and services of a company to your readers.
My blog is not a review centric blog – Only a detailed and cogent review that’s bold on the rhetorics is able to compel its visitors to buy the recommendations! If you’ve already established yourself as an expert and authority in your niche, you can easily diversify your blogging income by becoming a paid consultant. Abhishek RajEditor-in-Chief at Budding GeekAbhishek Raj is the Chief Editor at Budding Geek.
For United States IP address you can use any free Virtual Private Network service like CyberGhost premium VPN or ZenMate for this purpose. I would really like to ask something from the experienced person like you my bro, then which type of videos we can upload, i just want you to let it clear for that whether i should make my own videos or can just download or upload the videos of others!
SIR IT IS VERY HELPFUL TO ALL OF IF YOU MAKE A VEDIO OF ACCOUNT MAKING PROCEDURE AND SEND US THE VEDIO LINK OF ACCOUNT PROCEDURE. All you have to do is to enter the USA bank account info in your Adsense account and money will be transferred into your Payoneer Mastercard.
Click your profile icon in the top-right corner of the page, and select the Creator Studio icon. YouTube’s regulations prohibit using advertisements in a copy of someone else’s video even if you have express consent of the owner to earn money from their creation.
It means that the system won’t let you withdraw money until you have at least 100 USD in your account. You’ll need to find a sponsor who will be interested in buying promotional airtime in your video and negotiate the ad format yourself: it might be a detailed video review of their goods and services, or a subtle product placement in the form of an object with the sponsor’s logo somewhere in the frame. So it’s a good idea to reach out to YouTube representatives and find out if they are OK with your plans before you actually start looking for sponsors. You’re the only one who decides how much promotional airtime in your videos will cost, and when and how it’s going to be paid for. Even though it doesn’t go against the website’s regulations, we would not recommend using both of these methods simultaneously.
Our Movavi software always contains an option to upload video directly from the program interface. As I told we are covering two things in this post “how to monetize YouTube videos” and How to get instant adsense approval using YouTube”. To do that you need to verify your website and if adsense team found your site to be useful then you will get approval for your website. This weblog is dedicated for designers, developers, bloggers, internet marketers, web and computer enthusiasts. They are mostly contextual – that is, random ads are shown on your web page related to the content on your page. You earn a commission only when your referral ends up buying products on the company’s website. He is an inveterate blogger carrying almost 6 years of experience in the online media industry.
After getting the USA IP you also need to put fake US address which you need to get from this site.

You will be able to choose the ads’ subject matter and also to specify which videos are going to show the ads. Do the notes under Account status say that you have good standing with Community guidelines and Copyright? If your channel has already gained a certain degree of popularity and your videos are viewed by hundreds of thousands people a day, then earning such a sum will be no problem.
If its system identifies as much as a theme from another copyrighted source, you instantly get a strike against your channel.
Just download the software, read the instructions on how to make a home movie and soon you’ll be able to edit like a pro. All you need to do is to familiarize yourself with Movavi Screen Capture Studio - an immensely useful program for capturing video from a PC screen. With this easy-to-use software, you can record gameplay from Skyrim, Sims, and other game hits in no time. Even if you want to use a video that wasn’t created using Movavi software, you can always use Movavi Video Converter to save your video in a format suitable for YouTube and, in just a couple of clicks, upload it to your channel.
Videos to upload – No need to worry if you don’t have any videos to upload there are many free softwares you can afford online that help you to create and edit videos easily. Do you think colleges and universities can make any money without students enrolling in their courses?
They’ll review your application and if your site matches their quality standards, you can join their ad network as a publisher.
So, if your referrals are not generating any sales for the company, you’re not earning anything!
Yes, this is similar to advertising, but it’s a different kind of, where you are required to publish a post containing a link back to their promotional page and in return they pay you money. But that requires you to build a huge and loyal readership first – readers who listen to you, who value your advice and most importantly, readers who love you! From this point on everything is fairly simple: the more people click the ad weblink, the more money you get. You will earn much more if you choose one of them and then develop your YouTube marketing strategy to gain as many subscribers as you can. A good way to avoid such hassles is to have a source of licensed stock footage like VideoBlocks which you can use in any way and profit from to your heart’s content.
Our tutorial on how to create a video guide will help to fill your channel with quality video lessons, with minimum time and effort. Have some 100s of videos which has millions of views then you can make real money on YouTube. Today’s post is an attempt to acquaint all my fellow newbie bloggers to the concept of monetizing their content online.
Google AdSense is a very reputable program because it actually pays and it is backed by the brand name – Google. If your application is approved, you’ll receive all the instructions in an email from YouTube support, and the Monetization settings section will become accessible in your account. So if a deadline is nearing and the amount in your account is not even close to this minimum, you should probably consider a different way to monetize your videos.
But unfortunately, getting into their ad network is certainly not a cakewalk because their review team goes by very strict quality guidelines.
Secondly, you’re at the risk of loosing your readership, should you overdo publishing these advertorials.

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