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Gearing up for the holy month of Ramadan, Facebook has announced collaboration with the Arab characters of Freej, bringing to Messenger a sticker pack of the Emirati animation characters. While the stickers can be shared globally, the newly launched pack will be available to people in the Mea region only, using both desktop and mobile.
In a media statement, Facebook said launching the stickers in Ramadan is only the beginning, as this will be a permanent feature on the platform. Facebook recently introduced a new targeting feature in the Middle East to help businesses connect with people interested in Ramadan. As a Muslim Arabic woman myself I have come to know many women, sisters and mothers who are very talented in many areas of work. Believe it or not, it is possible to make money from the comfort of your own home and it’s possible to do so without giving up your family duties as a wife and mother or that sacred time with your children and loved ones. And we are very pleased to have had the pleasure of working with Sharjah Ladies Club, who’s founder and chairwoman of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, is Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, and even to say we currently still have them as one of our valued ongoing clients. CMS stands for a Content Management System, a website programmed for you to be able to manage your website content yourself and regularly update your latest special offers, your products or services, your prices, promotions etc. This extremely handy tool is perfect for business women offering a service as well as products. From just 150 dhs a Month you can enjoy a professional, attractive and easy to use website, saving you shop rental and billing costs on top of all the time and effort you would be wasting traveling to and from work. Every day, millions of people all over the world go onto Internet search engines such as Google and type in words or phrases that they want to find.
So we have made it so much easier for you in support & encouragement of women standing up and doing something for themselves and their children. Another misconception is that some women may think it’s too complicated and don’t feel confident enough to run their own website. And we’re offering an extra 20% discount for the first 10 sisters to respond with the following promotion code UDSISFORSIS. About Us This blog was set up by Ummah Design to cover all news and articles on Web Design, Search Optimisation(SEO), Social Media, Internet and everything related to them in UAE.
Traditionally, most financiers have always debated on the sole purpose of a business, arguing that its objective is to make money; and the more, the better. According to market research on employee benefits in South Africa, globalization has created a world of skilled professionals and the international corporations are doing everything in their power to grab the opportunity and restructure their workforce accordingly. Since it has been found out that employees are most effective at work when their strongest personal traits are engaged, the employers are cultivating environments that would support optimal performance in the workplace.
Engaged employees are not naturally bred, but need to be developed through organizational support and best practices initiated by the management of the company itself. It is clear that success of any company largely depends on the extent of its ability to foster innovation, enhance communication, encourage learning, improve work process, expedite decision making and understanding the unique needs of employees.
About UsResearch on Global Markets is a leading source for market research on various sectors globally, offering premium research content from worldwide publishers of market research reports.

With 191 million monthly active people in the Middle East and Africa (Mea) and 167 million monthly active people on mobile in the same region, and over 600 million users of Messenger globally, the launch of the Freej stickers will make the Facebook experience a memorable one for all age groups and nationalities,” he added. The stickers will include existing characters of Freej, with special characters created for the Facebook Messenger.
Combined with targeting capabilities like geography and demographics, businesses can reach people who are most engaged with Ramadan content on Facebook and ensure a more personalised experience for consumers. Weather it is designing and making their own jewelry or Abayas, buying and selling in designer accessories & clothing or offering a service such as Massage, Hair and Beauty treatment or even Teaching from home. Sisters, you can achieve this and much more by expanding your current business into an internet based business that can really increase your income substantially. If you are anything like me at first and don’t have much of a clue about this type of thing – DON’T PANIC! For sisters selling products this is a fantastic opportunity as it gives you so many advantages. Many of these people are online shoppers looking for particular services or products, fellow Muslim, Arabic women, sisters and mothers that would much rather do their shopping online than go through the headache of spending the next 4 hours gallivanting around the shops with their screaming kids running riot, not giving them a chance to stand & contemplate whether they should get this Abaya in brown to go with their shoes, or blue to go with that pretty hijaab they haven’t worn in a while. If you would like to take advantage of this service all you need to do is mention this in your first email contact giving your telephone details and a female representative will contact you on the team’s behalf. This highly capitalistic system has molded the actions of all the major corporations so far, but now this processes has been completely overhauled.
Understanding that content and motivated employees have higher probability of contributing significantly to the organization, the new-world companies are actually recognizing employee empowerment as a key to building trustful relationships at the workplace. For example, in 2013, an employee of Text100 was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer of the pancreas, a rare form of cancer in their New York office. The leaders are finding out ways to strategically align the employee engagement effort and integrate it into their business model.
Unfortunately for many of us when we get married and start our families we seem to think it all ends there! You may ask, “Ok, so how do I do this?” And the answer is very simple – Establish your web presence to reach out to millions of potential clients online by having your very own CMS or E-Commerce website and join the many other Arab women already benefiting from this luxury of working your own hours as and when suits you and your family. Having an online shop allows your clients to visit anytime of the day that suits them as there will be no closing and opening times. What if you could make money off of those millions of online shoppers every day, no time limit from anywhere around the world? Your entire business will be automated and self-promoting, resulting in more time for you to do those household chores, cooking, spending quality time with your family or teaching your children. But many are under the illusion a website will cost them a huge amount of money, money they are not sure would be an investment or end up a loss. We understand that there are many Women that have the energy, knowledge and experience but maybe just lack the money to offer upfront. This is only payable for as long as you wish the website to go on for, if for any reason you should want to opt out and cancel your plan you can do so with no minimum commitment, you just pay your monthly fee in advance for as long as you wish to continue.
But if you should need further help in getting up and going with your new site, we do offer ongoing help and support with all our services to all our clients.

Companies now aim to build enduring institutions, invest in the future, while being fully aware of the need to build a lasting relationship with its employees and society at large.
Along with offering health insurance that covered her expenses, the company also gave her complete license to work according to the available time.
To cite another instance, companies like Intel Technologies (India), and Canon offer various dental, medical, dental, and vision coverage plans that provide employees with cost-effective and flexible care. We automatically close the doors of our possible career opportunities or put an end to our existing one. We offer full explanation and training on it to all our clients as well as free 1 year online and telephone support. Your online shop stays open 24 hours a day 7 days a week including public bank holidays and weekends that an average shop would normally pay their staff double time on. Till date, institutional logic ruled that companies were instruments for generating huge amount of money; they are also fulfilling certain societal obligations by providing meaningful livelihoods for those who work for them. The idea generated by the management is to provide an environment that will be so appealing that employees would not really want to leave the campus. Others like Squeaky Wheel Media on learning of an employee’s breast cancer, started providing her with all the help that she needed. As per the bio-implants market, these include the best of coverage plans to ensure that best treatments are imparted to the value assets known as employees. But the current school of thought not only includes the short-term profits or paychecks, but also the conditions that would allow the employees to flourish over time at the workplace.
On being interviewed on the recent changes, HR Denise Young Smith said, “It’s the experience that sets it apart,” says Young Smith, who plans to roll out similar wellness centers in places like Sacramento and Shanghai, wherever Apple has significant pockets of employees. As per the market study, it has been found that engaged employees are not only passionate about their work, finding these perks make them enthusiastic about their work and come to office every day. Furthermore, with company’s initiative, other employees also started performing self-checks and signing up for health insurance if, they didn’t already have it. However, it is yet to be seen whether employee benefits such as these are enough to foster efficacy, loyalty, creativity and productivity across companies.
According to study conducted on reinsurance industry in Australia, engaged employees get connected to their work more easily and are more willing to go the extra mile.
All these actions by the company not only motivated those who were suffering but also turned negative experiences into positive ones. Consequently, today, the corporate leaders are Investing more in employee benefits than they have ever done before.

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