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A passenger on an Air Canada flight suffered a head injury and was rushed to the hospital when a propeller came lose and cut through the cabin, ABC News reported on Sunday. Christina Kurylo was flying from Calgary to Grande Prairie when a tire exploded during take off, causing the plane to crash land in Edmonton on Thursday. The plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Edmonton International Airport, Canada, as the winds were too strong for the plane to turn back to Calgary.
Ms Kurylo was one of four people taken to hospital after the plane skidded on the tarmac during the emergency landing, causing one of its propellers to slam into the fuselage as the aircraft tipped over onto one side.
One passenger described how the whole inside of the plane blew out causing fiberglass to be embedded into Ms Kurylo’s skin, before a huge purple lump appeared on her head after she was hit by the propellor. Jazz Aviation said the remaining passengers and crew were evaluated by medical responders on the scene and released. A longtime Toronto resident who recently moved to Guelph, Boustead has published a guide on how to forage for food in Canadaa€™s largest city. Entitled A Wild Year, Bousteada€™s guide shows what sorts of wild edibles are in season every month, from white pine needles in January to mulberries in August. Bousteada€™s A Wild Year highlights foods that can be easily foraged in Toronto every month. While potential entrees like wild leeks and fiddleheads can be found in Toronto parks, Boustead said most of what she forages for is a€?supplemental.a€? For example, she likes making teas with pine needles or adding local berries to her baking.
Walsh noted a pre-sentence report described Oland as a well-educated, 47-year-old man with no previous criminal record. Richard Oland's body was found face down in a pool of blood in his Saint John office on July 7, 2011. Later, outside of the court, Oland friend Larry Cain said the crowd of about 200 wanted to show their support for Oland and his family.
After his conviction, Oland's mother Connie said in statement the family was shocked by the outcome.
After a break, defence lawyers withdrew seven of the letters, and redacted three more to remove opinions about the verdict. Oland was dressed in the same brown suit and blue shirt he wore through much of the trial, and he smiled at family and supporters as he entered the courtroom. A bail hearing will be held Friday in Fredericton as Oland's lawyers seek his release pending an appeal of his conviction. The Olands are an establishment family in the history of the Maritimes, having founded Moosehead Breweries, although Richard Oland left the family business in 1981.
During the trial, the Crown focused on possible motives, including Dennis Oland's financial difficulties and the knowledge his father was having an affair.
The key piece of evidence for the Crown was a brown jacket worn by Dennis Oland that had a number of small blood stains and also DNA that matched the profile of Richard Oland. Landscaping your front yard is one of the final finishing touches for every new home owner. Before you start planning your front yard landscaping be sure to check what the architectural guidelines require you do. There's a few different ways to start your lawn but the most common ways are to plant grass seed or to lay sod. Talk with staff at the nursery and ask them what recommendations they might have for your front yard landscaping project. Having a beautifully landscaped front yard can set your home apart from all the others around you.
MPs from all federal parties watched as the flag was raised for the first time on the Hill. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had the honour of raising the distinctive rainbow banner on the Hill for the first time at a celebration attended by MPs from all federal parties, as well as dozens of onlookers.
The fact that MPs from across the political spectrum attended sends a significant message, he added. Trudeau said there is still more work to do, pointing to a bill introduced by his government last month to strengthen transgender rights following several attempts by private members to do so under past governments.
Trudeau will make more history this month when he becomes the first sitting prime minister to attend Pride parades. Over the weekend, the federal Conservatives took their own step forward on LGBT issues by dropping language from their policy handbook opposing same-sex marriage.
Trudeau mocked their conversation, noting it was coming more than a decade after the Liberal government had made same-sex marriage legal.
Only three flags are allowed to fly from the Peace Tower itself a€” the Maple Leaf and the two banners belonging to the governor general and the Queen. There is a courtesy pole that's used to fly the flags for visiting dignitaries, but a special one was set up for the Pride event.

ICFs are concrete forms made of styrofoam that you set up, pour concrete into, and leave in place to act as insulation. The advantages of ICFs include decent insulation value, ease of learning for the do-it-yourselfer, and ease of setup (foam is a lot lighter than plywood). The foundation walls for the MCNZH will be insulated to about R 49 - actually R 49, no caveats or stars beside that term.
This foundation will provide very high energy-saving performance, and it was fairly economical. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes.
One other thing I noticed that is unusual is that you have foundation waterproofing on both the outside and inside of the foundation wall. I'm probably not as knowledgeable as you about building details, but I don't understand why an airspace between the foam and the concrete would help - foam is waterproof. If some of the insulation was on the outside of the wall wouldn't you benefit from the thermal mass of the concrete in the foundation? With all your insulation on the inside isn't your foundation effectively "outside" and therefore not relevant to thermal mass calculations? Thermal mass is only useful if the house has more than 7% of south facing windows, as a percentage of floor area. If there is extra thermal mass, it absorbs the extra heat, so the house doesn't heat up as much. Could you please identify the 2.5 inch foam insulation used on the inside of the basement walls? Was the foam glued to the foundation walls expanded or extruded polystyrene or some other type?
Plus, insulating on the inside of the foundation walls instead of the outside eliminates most of the thermal mass of all that concrete. UMN has done research on foundation design, temperature modeling, and optimum insulation levels.
I ran a line of Pex under the strip footing so I can pump hot water from my solar collector under the slab when my domestic hot water tank needs no more heat. Drake Landing uses the ground as a thermal store; AGS (annualized geo-storage) puts the storage under the house which is cheaper than a borehole field. But I don't buy the concept that without extra solar heat the ground would stop accepting more heat.
According to my research and measurements, the average ground temperature under a full basement slab approaches 17-18C after ~5yrs. One thing I learned about energy efficiency when I built my house is that standards and "best practices" are often mistaken or over-simplified. I would have kept the insulation outside the foundation walls - to keep them warmer and have the thermal mass as cooling in the summer (but where I live we have hot muggy summers).
Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.Lines and paragraphs break automatically. The three other injured people were released from the University of Alberta Hospital with minor injuries on Friday morning. He said the case doesn't require more than the minimum of 10 years before parole eligibility.
He also said Oland told a parole officer that he can't feel remorse because he is innocent. But Crown lawyer Patrick Wilbur said the brutal nature of the elder Oland's death called for a sentence of between 12 and 15 years in jail before parole eligibility. He had suffered 45 blunt and sharp force blows to his head, neck and hands, although no weapon was ever found. Outside court, Wallace said he's a friend of the Oland family and wanted to show his support and respect for them.
Not only can it help make your home more inviting and increase the curb appeal, it can also provide function like privacy, shade, and erosion control.
Every home builder will collect a landscape deposit which is only returned once your landscaping has been approved. While seeds offer a wide range of grass types and is generally cheaper, most people lay sod because it is very fast and creates an instant high quality, weed-free new lawn. Simply multiply the width of the area times the length of the area to get your total square footage. At the same time, you can use low bushy shrubs such as potentilla and spirea to blend nicely into the front or flower garden. Just follow these landscaping tips and make sure to check your architectural guidelines before you get started.

Trudeau will make history when he becomes the first sitting prime minister to attend Pride parades. The argument goes that the mass inside of the concrete walls acts as heat storage, thereby buffering heat as it goes in and out of the building.
We had the walls poured conventionally - with plywood forms - in August (see picture at the top), and before we poured the basement slab Peter Amerongen's crew glued 5 inches of ozone-friendly foam against the inside of the foundation walls. The foam is glued directly to the concrete (only 2.5 inches here, we ran out of foam, but we'll add more later), and the frost wall is framed out 7 inches away from the foam. I thought it was important to have an airspace between the foam and the concrete foundation wall, but you don't have that (to allow condensation to drip down the wall, if there is any). You used sand under the basement foundation slab rather than raked gravel (which is all I ever see here under foundation slabs in Toronto, Ontario).
So, if a house has 1000 square feet of floor space, and more than 70 square feet of south facing windows, thermal mass becomes useful.
We will be adding mass to the house by pouring concrete floors on the main and second floors. Our basement is already over-massed with just the slabe, given the small amount of solar energy that reaches it. It would suck heat from your house every single year, because it transfers heat, and it's definitely colder than room temperature.
They concluded that the most effective placement for insulation value and utilization of the heat storage potential and temperature modulating effects of the thermal mass was to place all the insulation on the exterior.
Did you install some poly at the bottom of the cavity to reduce the possibility of moisture wicking into the cellulose from the slab? Properly planning your front yard landscaping can help you save time, money and effort while creating a space you love. The last thing you want to have to do is to rip out all the landscaping you've put in and redo it so it meets the guidelines.
Also be sure to check with your architectural guidelines as most require the front yard to be sod, not seed. If your lawn has an irregular shape, you may want to consider adding an additional 5% to your total measurement, just to be safe! Rounded and larger shrubs can be combined into clusters to create privacy and define space. Taking some time to properly plan your project will save you time, effort and energy and help you create a landscape you're proud of. The counter-argument is quite complex, but suffice to say that I've heard very knowledgeable people say that ICFs performing like an R 50 wall is complete bunk.
Because this overheating would make the difference in temperature between the inside and outside more extreme, the house would lose a lot of that heat (a house that is 30 degrees will lose heat faster to the outside than one that is 20 degrees). If you can't do some form of AGS then sub-slab insulation at the center may be desirable for comfort. Oland will be back in court Thursday as lawyers make arguments for sentencing on his conviction of second-degree murder in the death of his father.
Deciduous trees (trees that lose their leaves) are commonly used in landscaping and include birch, ash, and chestnuts.
No matter what landscape effect you are trying to obtain, there is always a shrub that will fit the bill perfectly.
More compact cultivars that grow four feet high can be used around the house without pruning. Then, we had interior walls (called frost walls) framed along the foundation walls, 7 inches away from the foam. The house loses heat more slowly to the outside, because the differential between the inside and outside temperatures is less. When it's minus 20 outside, the relatively small amount of thermal energy stored in a concrete wall will have little effect.
Not too shabby, considering that conventional builders will insulate to R 12, with a full thermal break at each stud.
Heat that would have overheated the house had the mass not been there is stored, and released when it is needed later in the evening.

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