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Whether you can sew a handbag, make a picture frame, or just have an eye for vintage style, there’s a niche for you on Etsy, the eBay of handmade and vintage goods. Have you ever knitted a scarf, made jewelry, or sewn clothes for your kids? Can you build a bench, take intriguing photos, or make a picture frame from scrap wood?
Tori started her Etsy shop when her second child was a baby, and says the flexibility it affords is a key requirement at this point in her life.
According to a 2013 survey (.pdf file) of 94,000 Etsy sellers, 81% said they opened their shops as a creative outlet, while 68% cited supplemental income as a motivating factor. But make no mistake — selling handmade items on Etsy is a business, and a big one at that. Successful sellers learn to balance the creative side of the process with bookkeeping, buying supplies, customer service, and marketing.
However, even if you’re not the next Martha Stewart, you can still build a successful shop if you have a large social network. Signing up as a seller is free, but it costs 20 cents to list an item for four months or until it sells, whichever comes first. When you’re ready to list an item for sale, it’s a fairly straightforward process, and Etsy offers a step-by-step listing guide. When creating a title for your item, consider what keywords a buyer would search for when looking for your product or something like it. Remember to tag items with keywords, as well as alternative search terms used in other parts of the country or world. It’s important to realize that there’s more work to selling a craft piece than simply creating it, as time-consuming as that essential process may be. Finally, add a degree of retail markup — your desired profit plus a bit of wiggle room for seasonal sales or promotions. Made by Katrina shop owner Katrina Rodabaugh sells and displays her work in a number of venues besides Etsy. When you display your work at a fair or show, concentrate just as hard on branding yourself.
Tori James currently sells exclusively on Etsy, but she’d like to get her independent website back up and running in 2015.
The average Etsy seller, if there is such a person, earns about $3,400 a year from the site. This means earnings can vary drastically — from nothing at all to a respectable full-time salary.
A long-running Etsy discussion thread provides a look at the variety of income levels sellers achieve.
Jessi VanGundy echoes that sentiment, though she hopes to earn enough to be a full-time potter before long.
We also share all of our best blogging tips and tricks each week – you can find them all HERE. Do you feel like you have something to offer to other bloggers, your readers, or anyone who happens to stumble on your site? The easiest way to do it is to publish it as a PDF file and sell it for a couple of dollars. Coming up with an idea, then a game plan to finish the eBook, then a marketing strategy, and all the millions of details in-between can be SO overwhelming. Pink blossoms will soon appear on trees, and the National Cherry Blossom Festival starts on March 20.
I cut this piece of poster board in half lengthwise because I want it to look more like an art panel than a poster. The bottom of 2-liter soda bottle has five points like the five petals of a cherry blossom. Rachel Meeks is the voice behind the popular blog Small Notebook, a resource for simplifying and organizing your home.
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Do you think this would work on a stretched canvas because the pressure you have to put on the bottle to make the flowers?
I think it would definitely work on canvas if you use enough paint because you don’t have to apply pressure at all.
My concern about painting it directly on a wall is that it can drip, and later if you decide to paint over it you might still see the raised pattern from the flowers.

I’m doing this with my high school students for the 7 highly effective habits of successful people.
This Is A Clever Gift For The First Day Back To School And She Has A Clever Message For Each Thing She Puts In It!
When I Think Of Unicorns I Think Of Magical And To Make One You Don’t Have To Sew It! OK, so I look at a lot of DIY ideas… I look at thousands a month and these are officially some of the most genius and lovely creations I have seen.
Write words and draw patterns before you paint to personalize the message on a DIY gift and make your vases and home decor extra creative. May 12, 2016 By Kelli 11 Comments This post may contain affiliate links or sponsored content, read our Disclosure Policy. Instead of rushing to the drugstore for pricey, often times chemical laden chapsticks and lip balms, give this DIY lip gloss a try.
Since it’s made from ingredients you can actually pronounce, I even feel safe using a non-tinted version of this DIY lip gloss on my little one. Bonus, since this homemade recipe for beauty will make more than enough for one, you can use this DIY lip gloss as a Christmas gift. If you want shiny glossy hair to go with your glossy lips, give this DIY coconut oil hair mask a try!
Plus, with this order, you automatically become a wholesale member, which means you will save 24% off all of your orders!
To ensure you never run out of your oils, you can enroll in the optional Essential Rewards program at this time. Add any additional products and fill in your information.A AA couple of additions you may want to consider are Lemongrass VitalityA which is great for pain relief and a Thieves Household Cleaner. Want to learn more about Young Living essential oils and why they are my preferred essential oil provider?
I would recommend no more than 3 months, but if you add a couple of drops of vitamin E oil you can extend it well past that. Hey so if I just want lip balm with no color is it going to be ok if I leave out the lipstick? The site hosts hundreds of thousands of shops, and Etsy claims those sellers collectively made $850 million in sales in 2013. And to be truthful, you may have a hard time standing out if you’re selling the same thing as everyone else. If you have a tasteful eye for trends and enjoy spending weekends at flea markets, yard sales, and thrift shops, you could consider buying underpriced retro items and reselling them on Etsy or elsewhere.
Your banner is the virtual front door of your shop, so you want it to look inviting and provide a visual cue to what’s inside. Etsy shoppers are on the site because they want to buy something unique from an individual person — not a generic plastic gizmo from Amazon or Wal-Mart.
Etsy’s blog offers plenty of guidance about how to set shop policies and craft a compelling profile page. You’ll choose the product’s category and type, add images, and create a title and description. Many successful crafters establish their own visual style that permeates everything from their listing photography to their logo, banners, and the products themselves. Once it sells, you’ll need to package and ship it, not to mention track your income for tax purposes.
When trying to set a price for an item, consider the cost of all the materials you need to make it.
Some sellers set up booths at craft shows, farmers markets, concerts, and holiday fairs to sell their goods and bring their brand to a new audience. But approximately one in five Etsy shops is a full-time business, while 58% of sellers hold down other jobs and operate their Etsy shop as a side gig. It’s an electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or handheld device designed specifically for this purpose.
We took our most popular posts and expanded the topic – for example, one of our most popular posts is How To Make 8 Freezer Meals in 1 Hour.
When we sold our first eBook, we set up a PayPal account and would manually email the PDF file to each person who purchased it. But I just want to do it on a small piece of poster board and just put it up high where my cats can’t jump and tear it in half or something!

Here you'll find plenty of craft projects for your kids sorted by type and by age group, you can even find projects that adults can make for their little ones. She's a creative mom with a passion for crafts and is always out searching for more to share with you! I love my trusty glue gun but I had no idea you could make all these incredibly creative things with it.
On top of the cold weather, the season has brought (for many of us) a case of severely chapped lips.
This homemade recipe for beauty products that would cost several dollars at the store is a fun, frugal, and more natural way to kick those chapped lips to the curb.
Place the coconut oil and beeswax in a small pan and heat in 20 second increments, stirring in-between, until fully melted. Transfer the mixture to a glass measuring cup with a spout and pour gently into pots filling about A? of the way full.
I love the ability to make products to use in my home that are all natural and safe which is why I am a big fan of essential oils. This is a monthly auto-ship program where if you commit to spending 50 PV (usually $50) for eleven out of the twelve months of the year, you can earn FREE product credits and reduced shipping! I like the Thieves Household Cleaner because not only is it cheaper than most any cleaner you can buy in stores, but it is non-toxic too. What about that fun embroidered hat you made that everyone raves about, or the stylish-but-practical coin purse you gave your friend? If you’re handy enough to restore a vintage piece to its former glory, all the better. They’ll be happy to learn they know an actual artisan and may enjoy buying your work as gifts.
You can start with something simple, but if you have a graphic designer friend, now may be the time to call in a small favor. Include other expenses, too, like shipping supplies, equipment, even the electricity to run the space heater in your garage workshop.
An eBook is such a great way to establish credibility and expertise in your niche (plus a great way to generate some extra income!).
I used some leftover wall paint from when we painted my daughter’s bedroom which made it nice and thick. Use the category menu at the top or the search function, or just browse the thumbnails on the homepage. After all, glue sticks are really just plastic, and hot melted plastic is a perfect sculpting and crafting material. Trust me, this DIY lip gloss is just as effective as anything you can purchase at the store. Young Living essential oils are my favorite oils because they are some of the best essential oils on the market. So he bought all different types of fruit and we made our own large fruit cups for a lot less money! That patronage may not be sustainable, but it can give your shop a valuable kickstart and some helpful positive feedback. Be careful not to burn yourself when you make these, which I know you are going to want to do after you see all these brilliant craft projects made with hot glue and a lot of ingenuity. These fun DIYs mimic enamel ones that cost a ton of money, but these are super cheap and look amazing. I also appreciate that Young Living guarantees no pesticides or herbicides were used in the growing of their oils, and that they are the only company that has their own farms, so they can ensure the quality of their oils. From seasonal and inexpensive home decor ideas to the most clever itty bitty DIY gift ideas, ever, we have lots of projects and crafts to try this weekend.
For a small fee each month (usually $5-$10 bucks), they take care of the distribution of each product sold (meaning you can’t have to email each one out yourself) and collect the money via PayPal.
You can even use them to set up an affiliate program and let other people sell your eBook, which is a great way to sell even more.

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