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As a group, it’s difficult to determine exactly how much money an individual member of One Direction makes per year. People have conservatively estimated that One Direction, as a whole, makes near $1.5 million per concert or appearance. Niall came from very humble beginnings, and his father always taught him to live frugally and modestly. While a lot of young male stars usually opt for speedy sports cars, Niall’s primary choice of transport is a black Land Range Rover, valued at a little under $200,000.
As I’ve mentioned, Niall has never really been one to spend his hard-earned money in an extravagant way. The 2016 Rio Olympics will officially begin tomorrow with the opening ceremony and hundreds of athletes are expected to be there. As a teenager, he liked music (especially swing music), but he didn’t become a real musician until he taught himself how to play guitar by watching YouTube tutorials. It’s hard to account for how the boys split up income, as well as how much money the people behind-the-scenes take.

Just this year, he joined forces with English golfer Justin Rose to create the Horan and Rose Gala, a charity event intended to raise money for Cancer Research UK Kids and Teens. They’re also one of the most commercially successful musical groups in the world, and the boys have made a pretty penny off of their work.
When Niall was 16 years old, he nailed an audition for the reality competition program The X Factor. All models that appear in our videos were over the age of eighteen (18) at the time these videos were created.
He was able to pass through auditions, but in boot camp, the judges decided that he wasn’t good enough to go through the competition as a solo artist.
Niall has been known for being the most down-to-earth member of the band, and I think that his less flashy choice of home supports that public image. In April of 2016, Niall also announced that he was going to be a part of the Soccer Aid 2016 UNICEF fundraiser.
However, at the suggestion of a guest judge, Niall joined forces with some other young male solo artists to band together and continue to compete as a group.

They have held several international tours, released multiple albums, and amassed a large loyal following. Niall has served as a key member of the group, performing vocals and guitar as well as writing a lot of the music.
In 2016, the band announced that they were going on a break for a while, allowing each individual member to pursue their own personal projects and to take a break from their rigorous recording and touring schedule.
All Depictions of sexual conduct presented in these videos are of a fictional, theatrical and simulated nature.

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