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It usually takes some kind of wake-up call to get us thinking about what in life really matters. The bottom line?  It is never too late to recapture that which can’t be measured in order to take hold of that which makes our lives count! The most powerful framework to make modern WordPress themes, it's 100% free and loaded with features. Create stunning menus with UberMenu lite, a custom add-on created by the mega-menu master himself, Sevenspark. We include the #1 animated layer slide show plugin, an amazing addition valued at $19, but you get it for free. Review the suggested goals list below as a primer to get you thinking and create a top ten list.

Wisdom: getting another person or group to provide encouragement and accountability around your goals would increase your success exponentially. At this time of year you need to make some tricky decisions when it comes to spending your money. Then create a #1 personal goal and a #1 professional goal to work on over the course of the year. No, we don’t mean flipping a coin to see if you can afford to put the heating on (newsflash- you can’t).
Ruin Christmas for everyone by dressing your baby in this nipple tassel t-shirt (ages 0-5). Wills and Kate are going to dress Prince George in this for his first Christmas photoshoot.

If the word “goal” intimidates you, change the wording, call them passionately hoped for outcomes! We’re actually talking about something even more stressful: choosing what to buy the kids for Christmas.

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