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Fashion in the 1920'sMena€™s fashion changed in the 1920a€™s with the introduction of a three piece suit- a jacket, a vest and trousers were worn as opposed to the long- tailed coats and more formal suits. If you want to raise funds and don’t have a lot of money, here are several lists of ideas for free fundraisers to get you started.
The lists are grouped into event ideas, party themes, raffles, and fundraising product sales.

Each of these free fundraiser ideas has worked well for other groups.  Choose one based on how many people are participating and how many potential supporters you can reach. Suits were made of lighter and brighter materials giving men a more relaxed look, like women had discovered.
These free fundraising ideas are easy to do, don’t require a lot of volunteers, and produce quick results.

All of them are effective ways to raise money, so select one that fits your style and get started.

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