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Although it’s great to have flashing light toys and other things you can buy, but we believe that when you make your gift it holds a little more meaning and wonder.
How To Sew Bean Bags: Bean bags can be a great precursor to developing gross motor skills and practicing balance skills.
DIY Crayon Wallet: For a kid who is always on the go, or might need a wee bit of distraction between errands or on the next road trip! DIY I-Spy Bag – I-Spy bags are a great thing to bring with you for a small distraction. I'm mom to Miss O, a very opinionated 4 year old and Little J, the ever climbing 2 year old. Whether it's just a little extra money to buy fabric or perhaps the beginning of a full time home business, we thought we'd put together a few ideas to get you started!
Even if you haven't mastered all the more advanced techniques you can start by sewing up simple purses, bags, pin cushions or little soft toys. Once you have taught a few people, some good friends perhaps, your confidence will grow and you can start planning and marketing your sewing workshops. Not perhaps the most exciting of jobs, but it will certainly keep you busy as there are so many people who just don't fit clothes off the peg, or find a perfect dress that just needs a little tweak to make it perfect. In terms of marketing your services, setting up a Facebook Page and asking friends and family to spread the word is a great start. You need to keep it local with advertising, office buildings, a local dry cleaners or hairdressers may be able to put up an advert for you.
There are loads of tutorials for drafting patterns online and you can also find software to help you create patterns which you can sell as downloads. Let us know if you make money through sewing, we'd love to hear from you on our Facebook page .

SuitAbility sells sewing patterns for horse riding apparel and horse clothing and equipment. Sewing is the craft of fastening or attaching objects using stitches made with a needle and thread. In sewing and fashion design, a pattern is the template from which the parts of a garment are traced onto fabric before being cut out and assembled. If you haven’t, perhaps you should.  Even if your talent is not quite ready for the New York runway scene, you are about to learn ten sure-fire ways to showcase your passion and craft and earn money doing it. These are not get-rich-quick schemes but serious enterprises where you can offer your wisdom, craft and experience for a profit.  You may not retire to a tropical island on your earnings, though some sewers do, but in these days of tight money, any boost to the budget is welcome.  Am I right?
Even if you don’t know advanced tailoring techniques, thanks to the internet, the opportunities for entrepreneurs of all stripes abound.  You can turn your particular talent for making home decor sewing, creating holiday sewing projects, offering one day alterations or teaching a class such as Sewing Made Simple. Develop a posse of supporters who will cheer you on as you head for your first sale or commission, and pick you up when the going gets rough and discouragement raises its ugly head.
So how can you turn your sewing machine into your personal ATM?  Here are the ten best ideas. A more frugal approach to your craft is valuable training for keeping tabs on your business’s bottom line, but can also give the household accounts a boost as well. Want use your talents to make your gift a little bit more instead of buying it from a store? With children especially, it’s great to give them more basic and imaginative toys around the holidays when they are so blessed with the abundance of things. If you have a little circus fan on your fan, some basic juggling can also be really impressive. I'm obsessed with technology, love being crafty, saving money and helping you make your home look awesome from suburbia outside of Toronto!

Once you have the sewing bug it's hard to not want to spend every spare hour at your machine. Luxury pet coats, eco hoodies for kids, dresses from vintage fabrics or novelty duvet covers, people are often happy to pay far more than high street prices for somehing personalised, unique and handmade. Community Halls are often very cheap to hire for a few hours for you to teach and you get the benefit of advertising to all the hall users. Put up prices in a list for basic alterations, it's easy to do a little research to find out the going rate in your area. Whether you are designing dress patterns or just patterns for accessories and soft toys it's important that you have your patterns tested to ensure they work. A while back, Lora left an interesting comment about her fear of having her sewing projects look home-made, and not the good kind of homemade. Now some of you may be thinking that in the scheme of things that really isn’t that old. Add your own special accessories on the right hand side like stickers, erasers or self-inking stamps.
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