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With the exclusive partnership with FC Barcelona and its Camp Nou Stadium, Konami hopes that this trend of licensing is just the beginning for PES. In the gallery below you will find several tips I have learned after completing a full calendar year of Stardew Valley.
When you aren't planting or watering crops, you will want to spend your time either in the Mines (you can read our Mines guide here), which are unlocked on the fifth day, or fishing. When you find yourself with spare time and aren't busy fishing or giving gifts to people, you will want to be gathering resources, more specifically wood and stone from your farmland. After a few days of gathering resources you should have at least 300 wood from chopping down trees.
During your second or third month you should have enough money to plant upward of 50 crops at once.
Ultimately, your goal should be to build up a large sum of money that can be used to build huge groups of crops as it is the highest rate of return source of income in the game.
One of the commonly shared goals of players in Stardew Valley is to get married and make friends.
There are several dozen villagers in Stardew Valley, and by far the most important ones are the 10 that you can romance. My personal choice for earning money was to take the Artisan skill and sell lots of mayonnaise.
Besides trying to make money to further improve your farm, you can also work to improve the village down the road. Stardew Valley feels open-ended enough where I don’t feel pressured down one particular path, but at the same time I have goals. Due to the game's mildly effective tutorials and wide array of features, many players have found themselves bewildered by the game. Fishing tends to be the best supplemental income early in the game, and with enough practice and investment can outpace your revenue from crop harvest. Both of these resources are important for numerous purchases, including crafting materials. Once you reach this milestone, visit the right side of the Beach and repair the bridge to gain access to a new area.

From this point forward you will want to invest the 2 Sap per unit required to create and plant fertilizer on every tilled crop square.
This happens at the end of every month and affects most crops, although a couple are exempt (i.e. When you get to this stage, the amount of time that watering your crops takes becomes a hurdle.
In order to accomplish this, it is required that players not only gift items to the villagers, but learn what items they love being gifted. In this guide we will go over the likes and dislikes of each of these 10 marriage-able individuals, beginning with global likes and dislikes that everyone shares an opinion of.
My chickens and ducks lay eggs, I pop the eggs into my mayonnaise machines, and I sell the resulting mayo for ??. There’s a rundown community center with mysterious creatures who get really excited when you donate various items that fix parts of the building. I treated this like I do the museum in Animal Crossing: if I find a thing I haven’t yet donated to the museum, I donate it, even if I know I could sell it for a high price. Wake up, collect eggs and milk, feed the livestock, harvest crops, put water in the cat’s bowl, talk to the spouse, refill all the kegs and preserves jars, repair fences, and then I’m free to go to town, the beach, the mines, the desert, the forest… By the time I’ve finished the morning chores on the farm, it’s early afternoon.
There are some serious and touching conversations that happen, and I genuinely like the different villagers.
That’s a problem I have that makes me grow bored with Minecraft after a while: I run out of ideas for what to do next.
If you're one of these people, or just want to learn a few things about the game, this tips guide is for you. In this guide we will go over major points regarding money making starting with the basics. During Spring you will have several choices, with Potato and Cauliflower being arguably the best starter options due to their quick harvest. This area will have coral, mussels, clams, and sea urchins for you to gather each day at no cost. In their current state animals are a heavy investment that is complicated by the game's problematic Hay mechanics.

Fertilizer will grant a significantly increased chance to grow a high quality crop which has an increased sale value.
At this point you'll want to wait until you unlock the Quality Sprinkler and craft several of them (1 Iron Bar, 1 Gold Bar, 1 Refined Quartz).
Once you’ve turned in enough items, some previously broken feature of the town will be restored, such as the broken-down minecarts located around the town. Maybe I want to go down to the beach and check my crab pots, gather shells, and fish off the dock.
In Stardew Valley, I’m aware of new buildings I haven’t built yet, upgrades for my existing buildings, quests I’ve not completed, relationships I’ve not maxed out meaning cut scenes I’ve not seen, tools I’ve not upgraded, levels of the mine I’ve not reached, recipes I’ve not made, fish I’ve not caught, sections of the community center I’ve not restored… Basically, it’s not just a big open world where everything is fine the way it is, there is noticeable room for improvement and it drives me to fix things.
I’ve gotten so much play time out of it so far, and I know I’ll be playing for many more hours.
You will make money more reliably and with less frustration by focusing on crops, fishing, the Mines, and the Beach. Due to this, it is recommended that you invest as much money as possible into crops at the beginning of each month to get the highest revenue possible from your investment.
Well placed sprinklers will save you time each day that you can spend on supplemental income. You’ll also find lost library books scattered around, often buried in the ground where you have to use your hoe to dig them up.
Maybe I want to go to the mines to get more coal and ore so I can make more preserves jars and kegs for earning more money from my produce. You get cut scenes when you reach different milestones in your relationships, and it’s pretty cool seeing a cut scene in a pixel art game instead of an ultra-realistic, graphics-intense game. There’s a character in a wheelchair, and Linus (shown in the above screenshot) is homeless.
Finding these books lets you read them at the library, where they teach you secrets such as when to catch rare fish.

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