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Hier ein ganz einfaches Tutorial wie ihr euch 1 Milliarde Credits und mehr bei GT5 erhacken konnt !
Whether you’ve dreamed about a certain luxury automobile since childhood, or only became interested when your next door neighbor brought one home, just about every guy has a fantasy about driving up in the most luxurious and expensive car that money can buy.
This car was created for the PlayStation Gran Turismo video game, but it finally came to life at the 66th International Motor Show, where the rich and their international companions meet to talk automotive shop.
This newly unveiled dream car was revealed to auto aficionados at the 2015 SEMA show in Las Vegas. One of the most recently released Lotus models, the Lotus Evora 400 is super fast and super sexy. Only recently revealed globally at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show, this automobile is a true representation of the best of the best of the Lamborghini brand.
The car is a kind of special way to wrap up the Bugatti Veyron series and is a preview of what’s to come in the way of Bugatti’s new designs and branding efforts. Their most to-die-for model, the Venom GT, is now being released with the most power and speed to date, even more so than last year’s model, which was shown to be able to reach speeds of over 270 miles per hour. At least, I hope it’s very much so in your price range, if you expect to be able to win over any of the VIP girls in London.

With a name that’s known world-over as being a sign of luxury, you know that you can’t go wrong with a car like this.
Given the looks of the car, fans can definitely see that there’s plenty more to look forward to if it is indeed a harbinger of what’s to come.
The executives at Hennessey are stressing the importance to the brand to be the fastest and best in the business, putting all of the other hypercars owned by the rich and famous in their place. The new c-class coupes released by Mercedes-Benz are both sporty yet classy, speaking of a refined elegance with all the testosterone that you need.
With a top speed of almost 200 miles per hour and an incredibly smooth ride, you won’t know how fast you’re going until you get there.
The car even comes in a convertible version for the snazziest of all summer drives through the country. They’re only going to be releasing a few of them, though, so make sure your name’s on the waitlist as soon as possible. With a low suspension, free-standing mirrors and a diamond grill, you’ll find that this car definitely can hold its own when it comes to driving amongst your normal workday commute. The cockpit has been completely redone and you’ll find that the seats, trim and dash are incredibly luxurious.

The top speed of the Huracan LP 610-4 Spyder is 201 miles per hour in a little bit over 3 seconds. The horseshoe on the font grill is surrounded by eight separate headlights which were designed specially for this car. If you’re just breaking out onto the luxury car scene, or maybe are looking for something that’s both affordable and makes a statement, this may be the car for you. Extras include heated seats, black carpet, extreme speakers, a reverse camera, rear parking sensor, and push-to-start engine button and a seat design that will hug your body.  You can order the Lotus Evora 400 to your own specifications to get the look you want – paint options include solid red, metallic yellow, metallic silver, signature silver, racing green, metallic grey, metallic orange, metallic white, metallic black and metallic blue.
The interior of the vehicle is just as sexy as the exterior, with a two-tone finish and convex displays. Leather and suede drapes the cockpit, using high quality, extremely luxurious materials to ensure the most ultimate of all driving experiences. So, while you’ll probably never have enough money to purchase this one-of-a-kind dream car creation, it’s definitely amazing enough to make your heart race.

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