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Today's Paper, also known as the e-Edition, is an online replica of the printed newspaper. Miolicent Todd, an Oshawa resident, says she was scammed for thousands of dollars online by a company that said it would make her money on the stock market.
Everything started this past July when Todd, who is retired and lives by herself, was checking her email and saw a story that looked interesting. The site, based out of the Mediterranean country of Malta, appeared to be a platform to make money off the stock market. Todd says she was looking to make some extra money to help with a book she is currently working on, and that with a little training, she should be able to do just that with this site. When she was about to start her training with this online company, they said that they would need access to her credit card. So the Oshawa resident said she felt more comfortable, and says she told the company she would authorize them to take $50 for that first trade, and would check back later to see how it did.
However, when Todd went online to see how much money she had made, she instead found that money had been taken from credit card.
Then Sintiris discovered the wildly popular online service Airbnb where homeowners can rent out one or more rooms in their house, condo or apartment for a nightly, weekly or monthly fee. Sintiris will now see her windfall slashed dramatically after the Belmont Zoning Board of Appeals Monday night, Dec.
In a debate that once veered off to include the threat of sex offenders and all guests requiring CORI background checks, the board Monday essentially punted the issue off to the Planning Board, which will be asked to create, or at least, modernize the town’s antiquated lodging and boarder bylaws for the 250 residents who host Airbnb visitors in Belmont. Sintiris’ case is the first of what could be several hundred the Office of Community Development anticipates to bring before the ZBA. Since a majority of lodgers stay less than four days, Sintiris sought the special permit since those potential customers are decamping across the town line in Cambridge (with a 1,000 Airbnb listings), Boston (2,000), and other neighboring communities that have no or very limited restrictions.
Airbnb is now one of the biggest success stories coming from the new internet service industry, reporting Monday a net worth exceeding $25 billion.
Municipalities have scratched the surface of regulating these new fangled rentals; Somerville proposed a six percent tax (but had no way of implementing it) and Boston is pondering restrictions.
Sami Baghdady, the current chair of the Board of Selectmen and former chair of the Planning Board, said it is incumbent for the bylaw writing entity to fill in the gaps in taxes, zoning and licenses that new technology brings to the town. The level of paranoia on this issue is way more frightening to me than the imagined threat. The Dell Scholars Program is made available to students who are in need of extra money for college. In order to win the scholarship, you will need to demonstrate not only that you have been able to overcome obstacles, but that you have a plan for the future. In order to keep you focused on your studies, Dell has made it possible for you to win $20,000 for college.

This sweet little studio was built from 100% reclaimed wood and cost only about $200 in materials — from the wood and the windows to the hardware and the paint. Terry designed several of these cute little book nooks with some of the leftover wood and tucked them into each corner of the studio.
Zayne's gorgeous rustic desk was built with their old fencing — it has been sanded smooth and it's sturdy enough to dance on! This is one of several cactus planters in the yard that makes creative use of the grooves of old wood floorboards from a nearby home that was being refurbished. This reclaimed wood planter box was custom-built to be narrow and deep for specific plants with long roots.
Terry built this extra-large planter from old pallets and she added wheels to make it easier to move around the yard until they decided what to plant in it. Eventually, children outgrow their toys and you just don’t know what to do with them. This adorable Playskool playhouse was useful for many years for children from several families. Eventually, though, the kids outgrew it and Hen_House_Rocks was on the verge of throwing it out, when she had a brilliant idea. She always wanted to raise chickens in her backyard, but had never had the money for the building materials to make a coop. She grabbed her staple gun and began covering the windows , while her husband added a nest box that was accessible from the outside.
Using plastic roofing sheets, she added a slanted roof to the run since rain and snow are common in the area throughout the year. Finally, a few old tree branches were strung up at different heights to add extra places for the hens to roost. All in all, this Playskool Doll House might have seen better days, but it works incredibly well for the brood of hens that call it home!
Now, she owes the bank thousands of dollars on her credit card, and she says online scammers are to blame. There was a lady there, she was probably in her 30s, and she had two young children and her husband, and (the story) was showing off this brand new car they had bought and also now she was saying they were going to be buying a new house,” Todd tells The Oshawa Express. While she was able to recover some funds – approximately $3,200 – she still owes her bank more than $10,000.
Tucker 2 Comments Photo: The room that Joanne Sintiris rents for $85 a night as an Airbnb host. The location was quiet, relaxing, yet still easy to get to the best parts of Boston,” wrote a lodger who stayed in October. 7, rejected her request by a single vote for a special permit to would allow her to continue renting the room for less than seven days.

The town contends that under existing town bylaws, anyone renting for less than seven days must obtain a special permit under the town’s bylaws. The money you will earn is made possible by your ability to display to Dell that you can overcome obstacles and succeed in your own life.
You should be able to demonstrate an ability to create and meet goals you have set for yourself.
While this will not pay for everything you will need, it will take a huge load off of you so that you can pay attention to the classwork which will help you realize your dreams. Each and every reclaimed plank, board and post has a story.The framing came from a redwood play structure a father had built for his kids, who eventually grew out of it. The guy had listed the structure for free on Craigslist to anyone who was willing to come over to dismantle it and haul it away. Terry scored a big collection of these stainless steel rabbit feeders at a flea market and they hooked perfectly into the floorboards.
You will need to display how going to college will make a difference in your life and the lives of others. Participation in college readiness program approved by MSDF for at least two years is mandatory. My friend Terry lovingly built it in the backyard for her wife Zayne, who comes here to reflect, read and write. I bet you feel a poem coming on right about now, don't you?In the warmer months, the shade of the redwood tree keeps the studio cool, plus it's wired for electricity when she needs a fan. But she’s also got a job now where she’s working on the Internet, and it’s a good job and she’s making loads of money.
Terry is an avid Craigslist collector when it comes to cast-offs — her creative and practical reclaimed wood projects can be found all over their large backyard in Northern California. When it gets cold, a small space heater or a few candles burning in the antique iron stove warms the little place right up. She added metal flashing to each leg to prevent the squirrels from getting to the bird feeders. The rafters are from a 100-year-old fence torn out of a historic property in a nearby town. Terry studied bird science in college and she has identified more than a dozen different species of birds that come to this yard to dine. The wood for the floor started life as part of an appliance display at Home Depot, then became a family's puppet stage before Terry got ahold of it.

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