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Subscribe for free email updates from Money Saving Mom® and get my Guide to Freezer Cooking for free! Subscribe to the free Money Saving Mom® email newsletter and get the Guide to Freezer Cooking for free! Still unsure that being called ‘A tall Drink o’ Water’ on the plane was a good thing or not I make my way to the taxi stand, ready to experience New Orleans in all it’s Jazzy charm. Spend days wandering the charming streets of the French Quarter, marvelling at the street performers, musicians, psychics, French style balconies and giggle at the drunken idiots stumbling over the uneven curbs.
The notorious Bourbon street’s reputation is infamous as a place of excess, music and booze. The garden District offers some of the best options for accommodation, with beautiful old style southern houses dominating the street, and with a quick stroll down St Charles Ave you’ll come face to face with Tulane University, the Audubon Zoo and some of the most haunted looking houses I have ever seen! Food in New Orleans, while still good, was hyped up to a gastronomically fuelled crescendo, comparable to Jamie Oliver’s wet dream.
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Smoke a cigar, eat a few local delights and if it’s parade season, buy a mask, a silly costume and dance like no one’s watching. It basically reminded me of the red light districts in Thailand with less Thai people, a bit more Jazz and an equal number of tools wandering around from bar to bar unsuccessfully chasing their dignity. Restaurants dot the street, squatting between the many music venues, bars and haunts of artists and poets who frequent the area. Ann Rice’s acclaimed vampire novels found their beginnings in New Orleans with the excellent first novel: ‘Interview with a Vampire’.
While I did eat some great meals there, sadly nothing blew me away in the same way that food in New York did. One of the most charming, magical and interesting places I have been my travels throughout the US. There are no bus stops in New Orleans, if you want a bus, wait at any street corner and simply hail one down. A far more authentic New Orleans experience can be found on Frenchmen St, located just outside the famous French Quarter.

I’d recommend ‘The Spotted Cat Jazz Club’ to absorb some of the best local artists from around the area and if you’re feeling particularly adventurous (or drunk) there are a few tattoo parlours that accept walkins..
These fantastic tales of course have nothing to do with those soul crushing excuses for a vampire stories known as the Twilight series (creepy tales of a 1000 year old ‘pedo’ trying to get it on with a school girl.. Saying that, I would highly recommend visiting: the Domilise Sandwich Shop for a Po-boy (Southern Sub-style sandwiches) and Cafe Du Monde for their famous beignet donuts, which have so much icing you feel like Scarface.
Music, sex, superstition and voodoo hang in the air as thick as smog mingling with the cries, shouts and laughter of drunken tourists and locals alike, as festivities permeate the French Quarter from The Mississippi all the way up to Rampart Street. My advice is to do it like the locals do, avoid Bourbon street at all costs, boogie on down to the jazz on Frenchmen Street, prance along in the parades (there are more parades here than North Korea), if you want a really unforgettable experience get a tattoo or 3 if you dare, unlike your memories it’ll be there in the morning.

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