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For making this first handmade ribbon ornament make eight or six petals of equal size out of silver ribbon.
If you are a pasta lover then your love for pasta will get double after making these cute DIY ornaments with pasta. This entry was posted on November 9, 2014, in Home Decor, Living and life style, Miscellaneous and tagged Christmas crafts, Christmas Decorations, DIY Christmas. Fortune cookies are easy to make and you can create interesting fortunes that are sure to wow your dinner guests.
Here are some pictures where handmade ornaments are shown made with different types of ribbons hang them on Christmas tree to makeup your Christmas tree.
Now use needle thread and large round beads to join all the petals in a shape of flower to complete the ornament.

Kiddos will also love to participate in these varsatile pasta ornaments for Christmas tree decoration. Use hot glue, newspaper, acrylic shimmer paint etc for making this handmade Christmas ornament DIY. While you can whip up the batter in a matter of minutes, the process of cooking your fortune cookies takes time. Second ornament can be made with single ribbon strip and beads tutorial for making second DIY ornament is shown in the picture. These DIY Christmas tree decorating ideas will give spiritual look to your Christmas tree decoration.
I could only make two or three at a time because you have to get the fortunes in, squeeze them shut and bend them over the rim of a tea cup in a matter of seconds before they cool and crumble. Now, ninja fast, use a spatula to get the cookies off the sheet, place a fortune inside and press the edges together.
Christmas trees are iconic items of christmas and well decorated Christmas trees are admired by everybody.

Join pasta with hot glue in different shades as shown in the picture to make snow flakes and angel ornaments.
Hang them on Christmas tree with natural hues or paint them with white or red paint to add traditional Christmas touch. If you are fortunate (sic!) enough to have a friend on hand, this process will be super easy and quick.
If you want to give glamorous look to these ornaments paint them with silver, white or golden paints. You can make these DIY Christmas tree ornaments out of simple things and materials without putting burden on your pockets. So lets see how you can do DIY Christmas tree decoration with handmade Christmas ornaments.

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