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Fire Monkey  year 2016 is time to take action. Monkey correlates to the Western sign Leo, the Fire sign of passion, creativity, and children. All eight limbs of Chinese medicine work together to create good health: feng shui, astrology, herbology, exercise (tai chi, chi kung), meditation, diet, massage and acupuncture, and moxibustion. Feng shui is the limb of Chinese medicine whereby health is restored and maintained in a calm, peaceful environment.
I asked my neighbor if I could enter his place to check out a drain on the roof of our building.
Monkey is an active go-getter. Home is important to Monkey to provide a secure, safe place when they come home, especially for Monkey children.
One of many styles of feng shui is to overlay a map of eight tri-grams, called ba-gua in Chinese. For both home and office, add green house plants with round leaves such as a lily (peace plant), jade, pothos, Chinese evergreen, or orchids with round leaves. If you do not have a green thumb, bring in fresh flowers on Monday to the office, or add silk flowers in lively colors. Outdoors, it is more fortunate to have plants that stay ever green and do not ever lose their leaves. Be sure that your plants stay healthy throughout the year. If not, recycle the withered plant and replace it with a fresh, healthy one. Silk flowers are superb in feng shui because they are a wonderful way to add color and life to your environment. If you bring home a lovely orchid, after the flower wilts, cut away the dead stalk and insert a good-quality silk orchid into your container.
If you do add a fish tank or fountain, be sure you can commit to the work involved in maintaining a tank or fountain.
He said, “Sure, but give me a few minutes.” Then he ran around his apartment, putting away clothes, making the bed, and tidying up. Then a peaceful home awaits you as you enter into a clean, not chaotic, environment. Especially at your place of work, it is not favorable to leave a mess over the weekend.
Some things might be out of your control in a Monkey year, but you can control how you maintain and keep clean your living space. Monkeys apply more of their ingenious wit and dynamic energy to a career that they find personally satisfying. But the most important room this year is your living room because that is the room of the element Fire, and 2016 is the year of the Fire Monkey.

Your eye goes somewhere, so direct the eye by organizing each room so that the first thing seen sets a pleasant tone.
If each room of your home has white or ivory walls, all that white is too much of the element Metal which can lead to arguing and bickering.
Paint this room in a soft, quiet, and calm color for peaceful elimination of waste and for soothing bathing or showering. Bamboo is especially lucky in feng shui because as it grows, the new growth is stronger and longer. A bouquet of fresh flowers is excellent to add beauty, fragrance, and luck, but be sure to recycle the flowers when they lose energy and begin to wilt. Then your orchid seems to be always in bloom — instead of a dead stalk tied to a stake. But this type of plant tends to get leggy as it grows, with long stringy branches weighed down by the charms. A fountain in this Fire year is not always fortunate because Water extinguishes Fire, although adding Water can help calm Fire energy if it gets too strong in yang Monkey year.
Some of us wanted to fly, some of us wanted super strength, and some of us only wanted to run, run, run! But if you experience delays, spend strengthening your health to stay balanced in Fire Monkey year. Clean your entry to welcome all the good luck that will come into your home and place of business in the new year. The more fame and recognition that Monkeys receive for their wild schemes and innovative concepts, the more inspired they are to accomplish and create.
Monkey, like Monkey’s buddies Rat and Dragon, adores fine dining and rich entertaining. Instead, use Fire Monkey ingenuity to make your own good food, bath salts, perfume, your own clothing, or create whatever luxuries you want in your life. Your living room is best in bright and lively Fire colors red, purple, and all shades of red or with bright accents to stimulate conversation and activity.
The kitchen must be kept very clean because this is where food is prepared, so white walls are best.

Now, maybe the idea of a kid with superhuman speed is your worst nightmare, and we get that. Wash, sweep, or vacuum the front steps, porch, entry hall, lobby –whatever the entry is where you live. But green accents or a plant are recommended to introduce the Wood element into this Wood room. There’s really no end to the mischief they could get into, from running into traffic or playing with power outlets. But as you make my mistakes vanish, you lose a part of yourself and get smaller and smaller each time. Looks matters to Monkey so upgrade your wardrobe. Monkey (and Dragon) knows how to manipulate images.
If you have bamboo, keep it watered and transfer it to a larger container when it outgrows the original container.
Check the entry’s lighting fixtures, make sure the doorbell works, and touch up scuff marks with a fresh coat of paint, or add a new rug. Clever Monkey can be a trickster, and leader Dragon know how to create success with smoke-and-mirrors illusions.
So if your little one is inclined to run all over but doesn’t actually have superhuman speed and reflexes, consider getting them with a Deluxe Kids Flash Costume!This costume is a red jumpsuit with the Flash lightning bolt logo, plus yellow boot covers and wrist stripes. Safety first!) A yellow belt and mask are also included to complete the transformation into Flash.
We also recommend loads of candy to provide “running fuel”, but then again, we won’t have to deal with any hyperactivity-related after-effects.

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