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If you’re short on cash (or rather, bottle caps) in Fallout 4, here’s an easy way to make more. Bethesda’s new open-world role-playing game, out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, is kind of riddled with bugs, and one of them provides players with an easy, virtually unlimited source of in-game currency, reports Eurogamer. Fallout 4 isn’t particularly an easy game, especially when it comes to managing your equipment and gaining weapons that really deal good damage to all the dangerous inhabitants of the wasteland. For a post-apocalyptic wasteland of desolation and despair, the world of Fallout 4 can be an expensive place to pitch your tent. Fallout 4's new resource system gives the miscellaneous garbage of the gameworld more purpose than its predecessors. GameSkinny is part of the Launch Media Network, the creators of GamerLaunch and other great tools for gamers! Hey guys, this time I have a super effective “get rich quick” scheme for those of you running low on caps or just wanting a ton of caps. We are the best technology blogs out their noted that users were left confused between all these various different models, makes and sizes of phones. Once you’ve gathered all the resources required for construction, start building as many couples of generators and purifiers the resources allow. Keep in mind that leaving your character idle won’t spawn purified water, as the game requires an in-game activity to be performed in order for it to progress. Once you’ve spent the required time, a copious amount of purified water will be available at your workbench within your settlement. Now that your workflow is all set up, simply check the workbench every few hours in order to fetch fresh units and sell them to the merchants.
It likely won’t last long as Bethesda will want to stop players from cheating the system, but it’s currently a good way of getting your hands on some decent gear, particularly early in the game. With ammo to buy, resources to procure, and Legendary weapons like the Big Boy to purchase, you're gonna need a whole lot of caps to get the most out of your experience in the Commonwealth.
However, things like Pre-War Money and Cigarette Cartons are probably best traded for caps.

Once you've discovered Sanctuary, gathered a plethora of resources, and leveled up your Science perk, you will be able to create an Industrial Water Purifier through the settlement workshop. I am using this method (great method by the way) at the castle settlement, and waiting 48 hours (the only number I've tried) yields 170ish purified water on PS4.
No doubt the hits on YouTube reviews for these phones must have also doubled at least from the trend experienced previously on such videos.
If the setup is properly established, you can manage to generate more than 3,000 caps in a day of gameplay.
Before you start, ensure that you have an ample supply of the basic building resources required for your construction project.
The settlement you wish to create this project in needs to have a proper water supply divided into different channels.
For this reason, every purifier will need to be complemented with a medium-sized generator.
Now, your money-making machines will start operating and you’ll be able to reap the benefits in just 30 minutes. This has been implemented so that users actually play the game to get the benefits rather than leaving the game running for hours at a time in order to generate resources.
Running at maximum capacity, you’ll be able to produce 154 units of purified water in half an hour. This base stat will help you get better deals at vendors when both buying and selling all items.
Translating to normal gaming hours, you’ll be able to generate 150 bottle caps within 30 minutes. To construct a generator, you’ll need ceramic, rubber, screws, gears, steel, rubber and copper. Progress the game or perform a side-quest in the meanwhile, and then collect the purified water from the purifiers and sell it to any local merchant in exchange for money or bottle caps. Also, make sure to dump points into the Cap Collector and Fortune Finder (Luck) perks as you level up.

Set up three or more of these purifiers, then a medium generator for each, and voila - you have yourself a Water-Purifier Plant! The key to gaining these desperately wanted items is to create a large amount of industrial water purifiers with whatever resources you have available at the time and then coupling them with medium power generators in order to ensure that you can produce an unlimited supply of purified water. To sell the purified water, you should travel to the Diamond City Market, which is loaded with merchants willing to take the purified water off your hands. Most of the time, you will still have some ammo that can be sold infinitely – at least until the merchant runs out of cash. With these stats in place at the start of your adventure, you'll be in the most optimal position for gathering endless bottlecaps throughout your endeavors. Every half hour or so, you can check back at your workbench to see how much Purified Water your plant has accumulated, grab the lot, and sell it all for 7+ caps apiece. One Pipe Pistol may not be worth much, but ten pipe pistols, ten Raider chest pieces, and twenty road leathers add up to some significant dough for you to turn into ammo. Waiting in a chair or Sleeping does not help pass the time, though, so while you wait, get back out there and keep looting! Just make sure to save your game before this glitch, as this is certainly not intended by Bethesda.
Later, when you're swimming in caps, you can start using those guns for resources with the Scrapper perk.
Purified water can be sold in-game for a large amount of money or bottle caps, and with an unlimited supply of purified water, you’ll ensure that you never go penniless in the game again.

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