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Hi, in this we are introducing a small concept of HTML5 but very important to make a webpage based on HTML5 .
In HTML5 we  have well defined and specific tags for specific purpose with HTML5, the trend shifts a bit from removing restrictions to adding structure to HTML elements that are related to content layout.lets have a look on the image will explain more clear. We can see that a basic webpage have some essential elements which we require for our page in this article we will discuss the HTML5 tags  like header, nav, section, article, aside and footer. Next we divide the page into two sections the left section and the right section as shown in the above image we have the left section shown in brown color and the right section in orange color.

Last we have the footer of our webpage where we gives all the details of our webpage and links of the documents on our website.
So here is our basic page structure completely follows the standards of HTML5 which is very trendy you can see the example of HTML5 page structure is the our website which has all the tags header, nav, section.
But without the CSS the webpage is only look like content on a white browser page so we need to apply styling to the elements for this CSS concepts are in CSS section click here. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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