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Blocks are the objects that make up the Minecraft world, and were borrowed from Minecraft's original influence, Infiniminer. This weekend, however, an altogether different sub-culture was in charge, as Creepers, Zombies “Minecraft is a bona fide phenomenon on YouTube,” said Ryan Wyatt, YouTube’s global head of gaming.
His costume head for $35, you can also create a full body version with few pieces of fabric.
Excellent work with this year’s Super-Crafty Halloween Costume Contest entries a traffic cone on her head, proclaiming herself to be a Garden Gnome….making this year’s costume a no-brainer.
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Whether it has been interviewing him at companies he worked for or later at the many gatherings where we have invariably run into each other or via emails and texts, he always has strafed me with idea after idea.
I cannot recall a conversation I have ever had with him that has not been saturated with a belief in the positive, an authentic connection and respect for talent, the hope of the new and, most of all, a deep interest in the next amazing thing to come down the tech pike. Back in 2007, he and his son Kyle became involved with Carolina for Kibera, a nonprofit to help one of Nairobi’s worst slums, and he has never lost one iota of energy toward figuring out ways to raise funds and awareness. And, indeed, it was a crazy idea — by which I mean crazy wonderful and crazy generous and crazy hopeful. Like I said, heart, which he will need a whole lot of going forward, to recover from what sounds like a very bad injury. While I was nowhere close to his terrible situation, it was almost exactly a year ago that I suffered a stroke while traveling in China. When I got back, Brett was one of the first people I ran into at yet another Silicon Valley party.
Then today, in a lovely ray of hope, another post reported that Brett appeared to respond to his name being spoken, first by his wife Diana, and then by his neurologist. A small improvement, of course, but it is definitely one on the way to getting up after falling down. So, to help get him standing again, let’s all believe in Brett, and believe he will have a full recovery.
The story starts by introducing the audience to four girls who recently graduated (or is about to graduate, it’s unclear if the students are all taking internships right AFTER graduation or if they are taking internships right BEFORE graduation) from a relatively prestigious college in Shanghai.
Ruo Han is committed to doing whatever she needs to do in order to get by, and that has generally translated into using her…feminine traits, shall we say?
Zhao Xiao Chuan (Justin Chung) is clearly very smart (in the original novel, he was practically a computer genius) and knows a lot about all things digital (websites, flash animation, etc). She relies heavily on her right-hand-man, who is secretly a mole for JM, her largest competitor in the market.
General story thus far: I apologize in advance for how all over the place this will be, but I’m essentially trying to recap the first 20 episodes all into a few paragraphs, so please bear with me! At first, Zheng Sheng seems to be entirely consumed with making Song Nuan’s life miserable. Zhou Ge Ge mistakenly thought that Zhang Sheng liked her and she was goaded on by her mom, who had been planting seeds about how great it would be if Zhou Ge Ge could snatch Zhang Sheng up in marriage, so she asked him out on a date, but in the midst of her declaration of love for him, he announced that it was actually Song Nuan that he liked.
Bottom line on the romance: Zhou Ge Ge and Zhao Xiao Chuan are clearly the fated second CP. JM is going to take advantage of Feng Hua’s current economic hardships and do a forceful take-over of the company.
I am not caught up on all the episodes of Journey of Flower but I have been watching The Intern.
I agree that some of the storylines are a bit exaggerated (particularly the breaking in to make the fish thing), and the drinking until hospitalization, and so on. However, some of the situations are a bit absurd and unrealistic, that scene with trespassing the house and the silly interviews. The employment bit was a bit extreme but the overall story is quite true for new graduates. The novel was soooo slow in the romance as well — though there it was because Song Nuan kept refusing Zhang Sheng out of loyalty to Zhou Ge Ge. It was nice to see the friendship between all the character but overall, I find it dragging. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Auto news: breaking car news drive reports , Indepth coverage of the automotive industry vehicle recalls concept car releases spy shots auto show news celebrity car crashes first drive reports and more. Automotive news, Automotive news is the leading source of news about the global automotive industry.. Autoweek car news car reviews racing auto show stories, Get the latest car news car reviews auto show updates and racing news from autoweek. Saginaw michigan local news breaking news sports, Get the latest michigan local news sports news & us breaking news. The first time I created a project using instructables I was not sure if I could actually pull it off. The Clock Blog (pictured above) has a great instructional to follow to make sure you get it just right.
In this Minecraft-themed video – that’s right, it’s not in Minecraft, it’s just themed like Minecraft – the last two human survivors fight for freedom in a town that’s been overrun by zombies.

Brett is someone who has always had a truly pure love of innovation, and of the special kind of gumption that is takes to be an entrepreneur. While I was one of those who teased him about that seat when he first told me about his latest adventure, I could not help but smile again, because the effort was classic Brett.
Not Brett, whether it has been about one of the companies he invested in, like Flickr, or his many charitable efforts, or, most of all, in talking about his wife and two terrific children. While most people were loath to ask me anything, instead tending to delicately pat me and tell me to slow down, Brett immediately wanted to know all about what happened and how I felt and what I was going to do to recover fully. Because, after 15 years of knowing this remarkable man, I am certain that is exactly what he’s doing right now.
The first time we see her, she admits that she just underwent a ton of plastic surgery, and we later learn that she tends to date people in order to get them to do things for her. We learn about it slowly as the series develops, but as a spoiler, she has a mom who suffers from some type of mental illness, likely bipolar or something like that, so she has episodes of madness where she needs to be physically restrained to avoid hurting people.
He is Zhang Sheng’s side-kick and his main storyline is that he is in love with Zhou Ge Ge and keeps trying to win her over. Chen Ai Lan is extremely committed to one goal and one goal only: getting Ge Ge married to a rich man.
Not sure if he was a recent traitor or what his back-story is, but I assume we’ll find out shortly.
He recently got divorced, mainly because he was working too much and couldn’t be around for his wife. Chen, did the interviews of all the interns, and is now the direct supervisor of Song Nuan, Ruo Han, and Zhang Sheng, who are all in the CEO’s Affairs department. He tricks her into wearing a super suggestive outfit to work (pretended to send a text from Wang si Yuan to Song Nuan requesting it), blackmails her into being his little peon, and so on. Zhou Ge Ge became extremely upset with Song Nuan for this and called her all sorts of names (Green Tea Bitch) and threatened to end their friendship. Right now, Zhou wants to be friends, Zhao is probably still in love, but is refusing to really be friends with Zhou even. Its a bit of a meandering plotline but I think it does gives good flavour to what the young people in China are facing. I was looking for jobs highs and lows just a year ago and no place would even issue out an interview.
I also read in that blog that although this drama is nowhere a hit like TJOF, it has become quite influential among the youngsters. It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources.
With two old dramas re-airing on local channels, two current dramas on air, and one variety show, Up Idol, premiering today, we’ll be seeing her face all seven days of the week.
Ge Ge is headstrong, has a bit of a princess complex in that she thinks she is fantastic in every way, and she is also quite selfish as a result. She is also not from Shanghai proper, so she very much needs to get a real job in order to be able to stay in the city. For much of the drama beginning episodes, the focus was on Zhang Sheng, the son of the current CEO of Feng Hua. He disapproves of Zhang Sheng as being too different from Song Nuan’s background to date her. At first, JM had proclaimed that they would not take any interns this year, but during a speech at his alma mater, Song Nuan and Ge Ge challenged him on what he was preaching about success and trying hard. He was very irritated when he heard that JM had to take interns and he often feels like his work for the company is not valued enough.
Huang comes up with the horrid idea that they should simply make the interns drink bai jiu (a rice liquor) until they can’t take it anymore to see who would be more suited for sales. After a while, he realizes he likes her, and now he’s trying to get on her good side. They think that JM is actually offering to do a joint venture or some capital investment to help Feng Hua get over the current troubles. When Ge Ge asked Song Nuan to come along and always look out for her well-being, it was sweet. Its a hell lot more competitive than other markets but with the amount of people in that country, not surprising!
Many young people (new graduates?) are looking for internship, and they credit Best Get Going as their inspiration! She has probably been influenced in that sense by her mom, who is also quite a character (we’ll get to her shortly). She is pretty shameless in trying to get what she wants, so when she is chasing after a new male prospect, she is not afraid of repeated rejection. She hopes that be able to find a job in order to get her mom treated at an expensive psychiatric hospital. He was in the same graduating class as Song Nuan and Ge Ge, his character summary is below.
He quit his university job because a student of his convinced him to take a vice-president job at a big Shanghai corporation, so he moved the family to Shanghai instead. This ends up sending Zhou Ge Ge, Zhao Xiao Chuan, and Song Nuan to the ER for alcohol poisoning.

He used to take his job at JM as a joke (constantly trying to get himself fired), but after he realized that he likes Song Nuan, he’s trying really hard now to be a good intern. Because Zhang Sheng refused Ge Ge, Zhao Xiao Chuan got upset at Zhang Sheng for making his crush upset — not really sure how that storyline works.
It will all come to a showdown on August 1st, when the two companies are planning on announcing the deal. I actually thought that the parts at the army camp was quite good – gave some context as to how the OTP came about. She is from Shanghai proper, so has additional airs because of that — she is very confident.
In order to make money, she works as a sparring partner at a local boxing studio (which essentially means she works as a human punching bag). But after they took out the loan to get a really nice apartment, on his first day of work, he found out that the company was closing its entire Shanghai office, so he became unemployed. She forced Zhang Sheng to take the JM internship because she wants him to get some training and some perspective in how to work hard. For the first few weeks, the only job she gave Song Nuan was to go stand in line at a super popular lunch spot across town to buy lunch for everyone in the office. Chen Ai Lian comes up the idea to threaten to make a huge fuss about what happened unless JM agrees to take the three kids for interns. The one thing I like about this drama is that it explores how the OTP falls in love and not bicker-one-day-head-over-heels-the-next! Since I’m covering The Journey of Flowers, Zlidia offered to write summaries for Best Get Going (The Interns). He is a very successful business person and you can tell he has a slight soft spot for Song Nuan because he likes her moxie but thankfully we don’t seem to have any real romantic shadows going on there, which would take the storyline into a much more unbelievable path.
But in classic drama style, Zhao loves Zhou SO MUCH that he’s actually upset at Zhang for refusing her.
His mom refused, because she is planning on making her own announcement about the deal on that day. And (spoiler alert), no excessive fairy tale (unlike t-workplace drama) and the obvious fall-in-love-with-boss trope. I was surprised that Zhang Zheng didn’t sue them for poisoning him and for trespassing. Spin the Coin WheelYou get to spin the coin wheel once a day.Go to a chat room and play the games on the floor and click on the starcoins. She is manipulative to an extreme and is not afraid to say or do anything to get to her goals. When Song Nuan was first starting out at as intern at JM, the CEO ran into her from time and time and encouraged her to seek out real work, instead of only being the lunch order delivery girl.
He has been keeping his unemployment a secret from his wife, but he’s only got a few more months left before his savings will run out. He encouraged her to make herself useful and to look more, listen more, learn more, speak less. Chen is a regular at her boxing studio, so she essentially traded some free practice sessions for some advanced scoop on when interviews would happen. Then Gao Wen breaks it to Zhao Xiao Chuan that Ge Ge is super shallow and only likes Zhang because he is rich.
She had been dodging work for years, always taking sick leave and staying home to play mah-jong instead.
Zhao can’t accept this and blows up at Zhou, asking her if she even likes Zhang or just likes his background. She was given her layoff notice by Ning Ba La, who felt really guilty about it, but eventually, once Chen Ai Lian learned about Ning Ba La’s family situation, she forgave her. For example, when you get used to playing quiz, the questions will get easier the next time around since you’re already familiar with it.
Make Art BooksYou can receive more coins when you create looks, art books, and all those stuff.E.
Rate Your Own ProductsCreate new accounts and use it to rate your movies, looks, room and artbooks.F. Those at level 25+ usually have many pets so you can love them  and you get 1-3 star coins  for it.G. Watch ShortmoviesYou will receive 10 starcoins for each when you watch Shortmovies and give a 5-star rating.H. Or you can try a few of these suggestions:Make a bunch of short movies with your friends then spread the word around MSP to get people to watch them. You’ll earn more experience points if more people watch your film.Play games to earn more fame points. You may want to leave a comment below and share your cheats, glitch and trick codes to help your fellow Movie Star Planet players. She worked for a large game production company before and after quitting it in 2003, became a freelance writer.

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