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Deliver is a word which shows your passion and intelligence, we need not need line paragraphs or tons words.A single page is sufficient for showing out your skill where you can write simple magical lines which deliver all your thoughts and feels.
Today the most companies are using the HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap combination to make their website templates more attractive and creative.
When John Resig developed the jQuery library back in 2006, he can't have imagined that it would become the most popular JavaScript library on the web, or that it would have tens of thousands of plugins written for it. Sign up below to get the latest from Creative Bloq, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox!
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It is also possible to find WordPress themes with parallax scrolling effects directly implemented and this makes it easy and convenient ot set up a unique and interactive website.With competing websites often counted in millions it is critical to stand out and give visitors an outstanding experience.
Creative templates brought you the peak category of single page or one page website templates which are free.
But it's true to say that jQuery, above all other libraries out there, has been embraced by the web design community.It is a fantastic library for designing and developing user interactions quickly. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Bootstrap is a CSS3 plugin which is known for high resolution new templates and single page website templates 2015 .
These are the premium one page templates or single page templates around the web world which you can download free. Whether it's an image gallery or form, content-revealing CSS animation or an explosion effect, the library provides the core building-blocks to allow you rapid prototyping and to deliver a unique user interface with the minimum of code and effort.This presents an interesting question, however.
These days blogging traffic are increasing vast because today people are more interested in knowing stories and experiences of place, car, animals, personal life and lifestyle. Just because you can roll your own solution to any given problem, does that mean you should? The parallax technique creates a simple but effective animated illusion of depth and makes web pages and sliders very dynamic and interactive for the users.
The basic idea behind this is that difference in distance influence how we observe objects during movement. Flash.In this article, I share a collection of high quality HTML5 themes to provide inspiration and insights about HTML5 based web design. There's absolutely no need to reinvent the wheel every time you want to create a bit of common functionality; use plugins to instantly add a behaviour. Slinky A menu design that won't go out of style?Slinky is an elegant, timeless menu design that's useful for any scenario in which you've got a lot of sub-menus.

Typical effects used are elements that fly in or move across the page as users scroll or background images that move with lower speed than the content in front of it.
I recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing any product or service. If you want to experience parallax effects in web design, this is a great source of inspiration if you check the demo links. In addition, I created a collection of some of the best parallax scrolling websites that I recommend you check out.Below I have collected some of the best parallax scrolling WordPress themes to help you get started building parallax scrolling websites. TwentyTwenty ZURB's plugin helps you compare imagesInstead of placing two images side-by-side to show the differences between them, you can use this plugin which places one on top of the other. Users drag a slider so that the bottom image shows through, enabling them to see what has changed in a before-and-after situation.03.
It is very easy to use and it has responsive layout and BG parallax and Retina Display optimization. Material design hierarchical display Animations can help to guide users' attentionHierarchical display animation effects can be used to guide users' attention and lead them from one point to the next in a process. This animation can be customised to suite your design, and has great documentation to get you going.04. Tabslet Minimalist tab designAs the name suggests, Tabslet is a lightweight plugin for making tabs. Readable Set your text just rightReadable helps to make sure your text blocks stay within the optimum parameters for readability; too narrow or too wide makes your paragraphs harder to scan.
Its animated intro will make sure your visitors will follow through the slideshow curtain animations. Tooltipster Tooltipster is a modern take on the classic tool-tip, allowing you to present fully HTML-enabled tooltips in semantic markup with CSS used to control the display. There are a wide range of configuration options, making it customisable for any scenario.08. Magnific Popup This is a lightbox plugin for jQuery that focuses on being as lightweight and compatible as possible. The developer has concentrated on performance and user experience, so it doesn't have all the features of alternative lightbox plugins, but it is super-fast and works perfectly across a huge range of devices, including High-DPI (Retina) devices such as the MacBook Pro.09. You may use it as a one page or multiple page so if you like to have a beautiful portfolio showcase, this template can be your ideal option.MY FOLIO – Responsive Photography Retina-Rdy HTML5 – MORE INFOIf you like an online portfolio that will look stunning, you can check out this template.
Slides can contain HTML, be configured with CSS and there's built-in keyboard-control support too.10. Avgrund Modal This beautiful modal-window popup adds a bit of wow to your pop-up content by blurring the page content and pushing it back in Z space, before bringing up the modal dialog.

Originally made for creating really cool websites, Increase provides ultra-flexibility for color editing.
This is an excellent example of how you can tailor your content to suit new paradigms, and is worth a look for the technical approach if nothing else.12. Scroll Path Scroll Path is a lightweight plugin that allows you to define custom scroll paths for your content. Canvas is used to generate paths, and in compliant browsers it also allows you to rotate content in-situ for pleasing user interactions.14.
It contains 59 HTML pates and is fully responsive as well.Cartel HTML5 Responsive Studio Template – MORE INFOThis HTML5 studio template is fully responsive. It also plays nicely with FitText, giving you desktop-style control over your typography while remaining responsive.15. FitText This handy plugin allows you to fill your container's width with your type but automatically scaling the text size up or down to suit. It is also so easy to customize.RT-Theme 17 Premium HTML5 Template – MORE INFOThis HTML5 business template includes a product showcase.
Its page template set can provide you the ability to showcase your brand and work professionally and elegantly.Agora HTML5 Template – MORE INFOThis nice HTML5 template is a good choice for showcasing studios, creative and fashion.
It has a solid, flexible and responsive layout, which can be scaled from 1170 to 320 pixels.Vega HTML5 Responsive Template – MORE INFOThis template is creative, stylish and dynamic. It is full of jQuery plugins and HTML shortcodes such as tabs, sliders and accordion.Lab HTML5 Template – MORE INFOThis a HTMl5 template that is W3C valid and user friendly. Its features include 7 page layouts, jQuery functionality and 3 different skins.LEFT HTML5 Theme (free) – MORE INFOLeft was created with HTML5 and provides more than six page layouts.
He is into WordPress topics, Web design, Web-development and also interested in SEO and Online Marketing. Templates like Smashing -Responsive,Lab and vivid greatly reduces its development cost along with its maintenance.
A friend referred this site to me as I wanted to create a portfolio website (inspired by google sites).

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