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Summer means lots of things to different people: school’s out, pools are open, vacations are planned. It’s easy to hang onto things for a long time without ever using them or hardly using them, but it feels so good to get rid of things that may be better suited to another home. As the day winds down, if you have items leftover and can’t bear to take them back inside, start lowering the prices or give the items away for free. The great thing about deciding to declutter is that once you get started, it’s easy to get on a roll.
It hasn't always been this way, though- while I've always dreamt of being a wife and mom, I wasn't quite prepared.
From cooking & cleaning to diapers & plastic sword fights, I'm trying to figure it all out to the best of my ability- without losing too much of my sanity in the process!{Read more about me!
If we can do it with four small kids under the age of five and in a house with 1200 square feet, you can do it too.
Do this often enough and when people will picture your home, those pictures will come to mind.
This is my house not long after we had someone over, and honestly, I thought it was pretty darn clean.
Please don’t ever let my pictures that I post fool you.  When things are clean, I quick *snap* a picture!
I take pride in my home, we’ve worked hard to remodel and finish projects and you better believe that I want to enjoy it that way!
But I think a perfect home, especially mid-day on a weekday with kids that just want to play, is sometimes impossible. If you don’t have to spend all of your time cleaning, decluttering, organizing, and catching up, you can enjoy your life more fully. The worst thing I found was that paper craps up everything, even tho it is my bread and butter.
Wiping down a counter in preparation for processing groceries (cutting, chopping, bagging, rewrapping, etc.) for storage.
And so I will be giving my house several presents: a trash can and a recycle can for each room, so that wherever I am, I can process the paper in my hand wherever I am. We post a wide range of entertainment posts from funny jokes to funny memes and pictures including the odd inspirational and awesome post.
And if you’re working so hard with your summer cleaning, why not get organized and make a few bucks from it? Depending on how much of each item you have, you can price them individually or collectively to give people a bargain. Craigslist is a great way to get the posting online and give people an idea of what kinds of items you have. Offering refreshments to your potential customers can make everyone happier and more likely to stay longer. Anything that remains you can take to your local Goodwill donation center so that someone might still find good use for it.

You can be prepped for a successful yard sale with just a little bit of organization and lot of positive energy! I think it is important to raise our children to clean up after themselves, organize, and learn the importance of decluttering. It is easy to let laundry or dishes pile up (guilty), and sometimes it happens (guilty again), but try to avoid it and you won’t be so stressed. Live this post I have 3 boys (and another baby due in the fall) and watch 3 extras and clean up each day only takes 10 minutes. What a relief that your house doesn’t always look like the picture perfect perfection! We have books and mags everywhere, which is great because my son is an awesome reader and loves to read and so do I! But when I looked at the paper deluge, the clothes that are washed but never get put away, the dishes piling up, it was a source of despair and overwhelming-ness. Especially when I can look around after the papers have been gathered and realize I have a floor there! I’m just sitting here at my computer this morning, sipping a cup of piping-hot chai tea, and I found your blog, quite by accident.
Since I teach piano in my home, I need to keep it clean enough not to be embarrassed by it, but over the years, I’ve swung back and forth between being overly perfectionistic and just throwing up my hands and letting the dirt and clutter pile up.
I’m in the midst of enjoying what we have more, by getting rid of the junk filling every corner of our small home! Every season it’s good to go through your household things and see if and how you can clear out the clutter. Being a yard sale goer can be a good time, but actually having your own yard sale can be a lot of work.
If you don’t think you have enough to have a full sale, call on your family or friends to donate some items to the sale. For example, if you’ve had a baby but no longer need your stroller, baby clothes or cribs, but they’re still in great condition, it may be able to go to someone who can use it.
Post lawn signs directing people to the address and also put a sign in your own yard that says the hours of the sale.
Put your best items front and center and smaller or less popular items on shelves or in bins under the tables.
We have 4 under 5 also (what fun, haha!) and use a lot of these tips already, but it is so helpful to see them put in written form! I have to remember to take more pics of when the room is clean-but also ‘before’ pics so I can see the progress! A few years ago a reader mentioned that Walmart sold a similar one, but I since haven’t been able to find it. I’ve found that decorating is much more enjoyable when you’ve done some decluttering!
The more you have the better it can be for people to browse through and find something they like.

If you have access to a clothing rack, use that to display the clothes and any other accessories you have for sale.
It is a slow, ongoing process, but I am so tired of having my home take up so much of my time, energy and thoughts. I appreciate this as much as when Oprah showed us what it takes to get her ready for the cover of her magazine! And the title on this post snagged me immediately, because we have two boys — A TODDLER AND A TEENAGER, and that is why I always need salon appointments to cover my gray hairs! Anyway this blog inspired me to live more fully where we are, to enjoy our indoor and outdoor spaces by simply clearing out the crap;)! I do know that Pottery Barn Kids still have theirs, but there might be more available online now. A bad mess is laundry that I let pile up, or clothes that I won’t get rid of even though I know I need to. It should be a place for making memories and not be a place filled with crap we don’t use or love! I appreciate your 40 Bags Challenge, and for being able to share with others my own experiences.
My Type A, firstborn, OCD-ish personality genuinely WANTS a clean house, every second of every day, but goodness! Even though they are items you’re considering castaways, you don’t want to give away pure junk at least not for a price point. We have plywood floors, holes in the ceiling where we took down soffits, but I don’t concentrate on that. My blog has had more traffic because of being able to share my experience decluttering, and stories that offer hope. Our toddler is SO DADGUM BUSY, that he can empty a toybox and fourteen kitchen cabinets in the time it takes me to sneeze. And I look at the trim that I have finished painting white as I conquer all that fruitwood stained poplar in my 1990 home.
If I was in the market for a house outside of Chicago, I would come buy yours, and insist that you sell the rug in your living room with the house, because LOVE IT! I am looking forward to the next 24 years with future son in laws and grandbabies and lots of Good Messes. I was extremely successful last year with my basement, and I intend to use that mentality when it’s time to move things back where they belong.

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