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Today we are releasing the hotly anticipated Settlements revamp for PC and Mac to the main branch of Steam.
So, a core group of us went away and brainstormed a few solutions to this dilemma and in the process, we rediscovered some of our original ideas and are now working very hard to bring them to fruition. Today, we’re presenting the gameplay details for how the new Settlements work in full and better yet, you’ll be able to play with them first-hand not long after you’ve finished reading this article. Please be aware that some of the images below are mock-ups from our design doc – we know you like to see our thought processes, which is why we’ve reproduced them below, however they really do look a lot nicer in-game.
Once your followers have reached the Bronze Age and are about to establish farming via the Farming card, you will be introduced to the Settlements menu.
Selecting the “Farming Village” card will create a ring in the game indicating where you would like to place a farming settlement. Once squished together, they act just like a single abode, inspiring your followers to become workers and even generating belief as well.
When your followers reach the Iron Age and you have unlocked the Mining card, you will find your mining settlements will function in the same way.
When placing a new settlement, you’ll be able to physically squish all your abodes together either through dragging with the cursor (or by pinching your thumb and forefinger together on mobile).
We hope this new tactility not just gives the game a bit more visual flair, but also makes you feel more powerful and god-like too.
If there is an obstacle restricting the spread of a settlement across the land, such as a field, then affected abodes are placed on top of the squished structure. The new settlements have been designed to be built over different layers of land, so you can place a settlement on terrain made up of different heights. If the centre of your settlement sits on a higher layer of land than an outlying abode, then provided there is enough space the abode will be pulled up onto a higher layer, sitting closer to the larger clump of settlements.
If there isn’t enough room on a higher layer of land for an abode to be pulled closer, then it will be placed on top of the larger, central clump of abodes. The new design also improves the way you find out about your settlements and assign work to your followers.
Farms and mines now work the same way as builder settlements – if there’s an empty plot of land nearby, an icon will appear over the clump of abodes. You no longer have to manually assign roles within a settlement – for example, once you’ve placed a farming settlement and its population has grown to a sufficient size, all the new workers will be farmers from birth. We’ve replaced the buffer class of follower with the god-like ability to boost farmers and miners directly by selecting them, just like builders. Over the course of the development of this update, it quickly became apparent that it was no longer possible to appropriately balance the game on PC with simple files changes. Gems will allow you to manually tweak how quickly you progress through the game, allowing you to redeem them for extra belief, resources (wheat and ore) or stickers. We understand that some gods are impatient to progress, and so the pit of doom allows you to earn gems at the cost of great suffering by your followers.
The pit of doom is not the only way to earn gems, however – completing Voyages will give you the same reward (between 10 and 30 gems), and each map along the way will give you between one and three gems. Gems have quite the history in our community, and we recognise it isn’t an entirely rosy one. Of course, you may believe that us re-introducing gems is only a stepping stone to bringing back the gems for sale. As a final bonus exclusively for our PC players, you will also have the ability to listen to Peter and Jack’s commentary as you play through the latest version of Godus. Our very own community rock star (and part-time Tony Stark lookalike) Matthew Allen will be conducting a marathon six-hour livestream of all the juicy new gameplay we’ve brought to Godus this Monday, August 11th, over on our official Twitch channel, starting at 5pm UK time. We also recently partnered with Gamepedia on what is now the official, definitive Godus wiki.
We’ve been sprinting hard as a team to get this new functionality into your hands as quickly as we could. We’re eager to hear your thoughts, so please share your impressions in either our official forum, our Steam Early Access forum or the 22cans Facebook page. Like many other games, Godus is also susceptible to speeding up time artificially in order to complete goals quicker. Chests contain all kinds of goodies in Godus and you'll want to make sure you're finding and opening as many as you can. You'll need stickers to advance in Godus and one of the easiest ways to do it is by going on voyages frequently. If you don't want to play harder voyages and would prefer sticking with what you know, you can easily start the cycle over again by hopping into your iPhone or iPad's Settings app and turning time forward 24 hours. After a while you'll probably want to remove older abodes that are smaller and produce less in favor of larger ones.
If you've been building your own world inside Godus, what are some interesting tips, hints, and cheats you've used to create settlements even faster?
I used to love this game but it kept crashing and once I would get to the authorize page or whatever it would freeze there and never continue so I just deleted it for good. Since releasing Godus v2.1 last Friday we’ve had a lot of really useful comments from the community (as well as more than few support requests, too). The update, released on Steam today, includes a bunch of exciting new cards, new gifts and some important bug fixes.

New Card: Statue of Belief Collection – This new shrine periodically collects Belief within a given area and deposits it in your Belief reserves.
Destination button in Voyages now only appears if there is at least one event to pick from. During leashing tutorial leashes, will only be accepted if they end on the layer of the Temple itself or the one under it.
Probably the most frequently requested changes we make to the game by the Steam Early Access community and our Kickstarter backers is that we reduce the wait timers for Godus on PC and Mac.
In the spirit of collaboration with the community, we will be implementing a major change to the way we set our balance files for all aspects of Godus. In the near future, we will be providing you with the ability to manually set many of the values within the balance files for yourself. You’ll then be able to update your game or, if you want to start again from scratch, restore them to their default settings.
However, what we really, really want you to do is share your edited balance files with us and let us know how and why you think your changes make the game more enjoyable. We’re hoping there’s consistency in your replies, but we’re also aware that people will want to play according to their own preferred play style. It’s here that your feedback will be vital to help us understand why you’ve made particular changes.
We want Godus to be a game that you keep coming back to, so what better way of doing that than by engaging our core players?
As always, we keep a close eye on all of the feedback from our community, so please continue to share your thoughts in either our official forum, our Steam Early Access forum or the 22cans Facebook page.
Diamonds are extremely important in Godus because they are used to speed up constructions, get Stickers packs and let you place the Gifts for God on your land.
If you found this method useful (and I do believe it is), don’t forget to share it with your friends, so everybody can take advantage of it while it works! Ia€™m worried about tedium: if Godus is to be believed, crafting civilizations out of whole cloth involves so much clicking ita€™s a wonder more gods havena€™t thrown up their hands in despair and gone off to do something else, leaving their minions to idle away on the beach wondering what ita€™s all for. God games are few and far between, so ita€™s only fitting that Populous creator Peter Molyneux take another swing at the genre he arguably defined.
Godus is a relatively hands-off affair at the start: youa€™re limited to clearing rocks and trees, earning pink bubbles of beliefa€”the gamea€™s primary resource.
As you build houses and increase your nascent civilizationa€™s population, youa€™ll increasing your sphere of influence, spreading your light throughout the monochrome world and giving you more terrain to work with. Combat follows the same command principles as the rest of the game, which makes for a cerebral sort of competition.
Godus is part of Steam's Early Access program, and as such it's only a beta version that offers just a glimpse of whata€™s to come, giving us a feel for molding the landscape and getting villagers to accomplish simple tasks. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. It’s worth mentioning up-front that this will require you to restart your game, however the upside of that is that you’ll get to play our rather charming new intro sequence, first described here: What are we working on right now?
Once placed, all abodes within this ring will draw in to each other and be squished together. You can continue to build up a squished settlement by placing additional settlement rings nearby and dragging the selected abodes into the larger clump.
We really hope that this will lead to players having much more distinctive and beautiful looking Homeworlds. Selecting the clump will then send out a farmer to turn it into a field for producing wheat.
Fields now display context sensitive information when selected, allowing you to see how many farmers are working on it, whether there are any spare slots for additional workers and the time until the next crop is produced. We’ve made it much easier to understand that your followers need wheat to build abodes once you’ve unlocked the card that speeds up how fast they can build.
We think this is a much a clearer, more cohesive and all-round more fun way to play with settlements. While we’ve reduced the time it takes for fields to generate crops and reinforcements times on Voyages, we also chose to create a brilliantly bonkers new feature. It enables you to sacrifice the lives of your unwitting followers in exchange for gems by leashing them to this gruesome monument. We hope this delights everyone who has been clamouring for the ability to inflict cruelty onto their devoted tribe. You’ll also be able to find gems hidden in chests as well as mine for them once you’ve progressed further into the game. Simply head to the Settings menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen and you’ll find an option allowing to hear exactly what their thought processes were and from where they drew their inspiration, as well as more than a few helpful hints and tips for the game. We’re hoping that some of our more committed community members will help to bring this resource up to date following the release of today’s new build and in exchange, we’ll be rewarding the best contributors with limited edition swag. We hope that the new settlement designs not only address some of your concerns, but also lead to a more enjoyable and empowering Godus experience. An easy way to know where to locate a chest is to follow the butterflies and then start sculpting the land in order to uncover it.
The same quests cycle themselves every 24 hours as well so after a while, you'll learn how to avoid obstacles and make it through voyages at lightning speed.

While you can always condense them into a farming settlement to do this, you can also use the Finger of God once you've obtained that particular power in order to destroy old abodes.
We will then collate your feedback with the intention of making global adjustments to Godus on PC and Mac based on your collective contributions.
The Godus Diamonds are also pretty difficult to get for free… well, not unless you are a Touch Tap Play reader and find out our perfect method for getting diamonds for free and easily (and also make happiness a problem of the past). This is easier than it might sound at first: you just need to keep expanding your population until you unlock the Swamp card in your God Powers. But then the gameA plays its next handa€”a massive ruin sits on a plateau just out of reach, or confetti-esque particles tease the location of some bauble buried under the sand. With space cleared your villagers will automatically sketch out plans for a home to start a family in, from which theya€™ll pump out belief at regular intervals. Youa€™ll also be rewarded with a collectible playing card (stored in a sort of Godly scrapbook) thata€™ll detail your civilizations advancement and unlock new technologies and powers, like larger houses or the ability to summon villagers to a particular spot with a mesmerizing column of light. Youa€™ll sculpt these layers of terrain like clay, pushing and pulling to expand the tiny island you start on. Therea€™s also a combat component wherein youa€™ll attempt to wipe out another god or players' civilization by getting your followers to massacre all of theirs.
Thata€™s quite a bit for what at the moment is largely a click-fest with some interesting ideas bubbling under the surface.
Moreover, our commitment to making Godus a truly great PC game for PC gamers remains undiminished and we will be commencing our PC-focused sprint later on this year. You never know what you're going to get but if you can get at a chest, by all means, do it. If you don't keep your happiness up, your followers will abandon you for the Astari, so be sure you keep an eye on them. You aren't going to gain enough to sculpt an entire mountain side but you'll get enough to dole out a few orders and keep going. While sculpting the land spooks them, try drowning them or putting water around settlements where possible in order to ward them off easier when you need to.
That costs 4,000 belief (so you will need a lot of that too!) but you can place Swamps on the Astari settlement and simply wipe them out from the face of earth. Since there are no Astari to worry about, you don’t have to worry about happiness either, and instead you can produce Diamonds without the risk of losing people.
And then ita€™s off to work I go, stretching sandy beaches into land bridges and carving steppes out hillsides, expanding villages to keep my congregation growing. After a successful Kickstarter run followed up by the whimsical, kind of-an-advertisement Curiosity Cube, Godus has launched on Steam in beta form. All of this worship fuels your God-powers, largely limited at the start to sculpting the land, parting the seas and expanding the habitable terrain to make room for more housing. It feels a bit out of place at the moment, but will undoubtedly make more sense once a multiplayer community starts to flesh itself out, and the gamea€™s world comes into its own.
But Ia€™m not ashamed to admit Ia€™m a bit of a Peter Molyneux fan, and his unorthodox visions have always put a smile on my face. As you get further, you'll need to use your God powers in order to obtain the belief of your followers. At that point you'll need to trade in gems in order to wake them up, or you'll have to wait.
Just look what paths they use the most during their festivals and place a couple of swamps there. You can get hundreds of free Diamonds this way and boost up your civilization to maximum heights! Oh gods, you will click: to clear terrain and hostile wolves, or create new chunks of land, or summon villagers from their homes or collect individual belief bubbles hovering over individual homes. If you have fond memories of Populous (and to some extent, Black and White), head on over to Godusa€™ Steam page to learn a bit more, and perhaps even show some support. Given that we’re going for feel of gods playing with the world like it’s a table-top game, those kinds of gems make a lot of sense to us. Instead, just be sure to boost everyone regularly to make sure your followers are happy and stay at maximum productivity at all times. Given how strongly the PC community feels about this, we wanted to make sure you didn’t have to worry about that kind of gem-monetisation mechanic returning. Belief isn't free and you'll have to use yours wisely, or you'll end up having to spend real money in order to get things done. It gets better with time: advanced houses generate more belief, so youa€™ll get more bang for your buck as you make progress, and stronger sculpting powers allow you to carve more terrain at a time. I really see no conflict between my people and the Astari converts, they even join in worship together when sacred Forrest’s are planted!
Thanks for your feedback :) We really appreciate everything at this early stage of Early Access! Thanks :) 6 months ago We’ve posted an announcement regarding the Godus Wars premium content.

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