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The Big Leap is about taking on the habits of successful people and not self-destructing when finally achieving success. 101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising is similar to the Ad Contrarian in writing style and that’s about it. The Impact Equation is by two of the smartest minds on online marketing and personal development. Confession of a Madman is a hilarious journey through the life of George Parker, one of our fore fathers of advertising.
Tell ten people about your service or product, if they don’t tell others about you go back to the drawing board. If you want to stand out as a manager in the future you better know how to have fun with your staff. Learn to seek out moments that make you feel awkward, that get you out out of your comfort zone and achieve what you never thought possible. Any company that uses focus group testing incessantly is bound to create mediocre advertising. We have no time these days so when you do have the attention of your audience don’t waste it.
The first conversation began with a mother of one of Luke’s golfing buddies, Melanie, asking me where Luke went to school. The second time homeschooling came up was at lunch, after the tournament, with another golfing buddy’s dad. Another idea is to find some online resources to help you make the most of this opportunity even before it begins. I hope this gives you a basic idea of what’s involved in the making of a SUCCESSFUL HOMESCHOOL EXPERIENCE. So when Collins and his wife Kate made the decision to come home, he also made another decision. Kate was also a teacher so it wasn’t as daunting as if there had only been one income, he says, eager to deflect attention away from himself. So instead of spending a lifetime doing something he didn’t want to do and grumbling about it, he did something else.
Taking Clare’s footballers to an All-Ireland quarter-final might have required a similar approach.
Collins looks at the players he manages on the Clare team and wants them to enjoy what they’re doing too. Collins listens to those who talk about the draining nature of the modern game and wonders if it’s true. He thinks about those who look back wistfully to another time when the pub was the centre of an inter-county player's lifestyle and he wonders why that has to be synonymous with enjoyment. He has guided Clare’s footballers to an All-Ireland quarter-final against Kerry on Sunday, but he makes it sound so simple that it’s tempting to think anyone could have come along and achieved recognition for Gaelic football in a place known for hurling. It was, he says, merely a question of going out and getting things done, which overlooks his natural ability for going out and getting things done.

When something works, there is never just one thing that is the difference between success and failure, he says. He has got a lot from the books on his shelves too, whether it’s a sporting autobiography or something on “the whole area of getting the most out of yourself.” Legacy, James Kerr’s book on the All Blacks, was one that made him think about what you should want from a group of sportsmen. Collins watched Sonny Bill Williams hand his World Cup medal over to a young fan and saw it as the conclusion to that process and an example of better people making better players.
Teaching might not have been for him, but it doesn’t take long in his company to understand that developing young people through sport is what motivates him.
His coaching career began with underage sides in Cratloe, where they moved around the turn of the century after a couple of years in Limerick when they returned from America. Collins taught for a time at a school in Shannon under principal Brendan Vaughan, the legendary Clare GAA figure who was responsible for the appointment of Ger Loughnane as manager of the hurlers. Colm and Kate had three sons under the age of five and as they went down to the field in to play, Colm Collins became involved in coaching football in Cratloe. His sons have progressed too and managing a side with two of them on it “isn’t easy”, he says.
When his time is done with Clare, he’d like to work with underage sides again but Colm Collins being Colm Collins, he now has some new ideas.
He developed football in Cratloe and says he was always encouraged in a place which was more known for hurling. Clare’s experience has been different.  Some felt nothing should get in the way of Clare hurling, including football, but Collins has set out to prove the two can coexist, but only by getting what was necessary to make the football team work.
There are a list of people to thank for that, he says, from a sponsor to local businesses who have helped out and the arrival of a coach like Mick Bohan has been central too.
For the players and all those who have supported Clare football, Sunday will be a special day. He hopes his players will enjoy it at Croke Park on Sunday, not because he feels defeat is inevitable, but because it gives his side the best chance of victory. Collins doesn’t deny the odds, he doesn’t dispute that there is a psychological hurdle to overcome when you are Clare footballers playing in Croke Park against a county with 37 All-Irelands.
But just because he admits to the existence of the hurdle, it doesn’t mean he believes it can’t be cleared.
Talent alone is almost worthless, he says, and he has found a team who want to get the most out of themselves.
There is, he could easily have added, no point in grumbling about it later when the opportunity has gone. You’ll get a lot out of this book, I use quotes from Winning in presentations all the time.
It’s about how society is getting smarter and a different type of brain is helping us in the future. Your core strategy should be simple, if it’s not, how do you expect all your employees to understand it? When you’re thinking about intelligence IQ is only a fraction of what makes up the human mind.

In business there isn’t much else that has a more positive impact on your reputation than helping others. This is the first step on towards realizing success, understanding how much work it’s going to be.
If it tests well that means the majority will like it and effectively no one will remember your advertising. Before he had left Ireland on a career break to spend four years in Yonkers, Collins had been a schoolteacher. Teaching was fine, he says, “a fantastic job, if you like it”, but he wanted something else.
He sees the commitment his players make as something worth doing, something full of purpose, even if it is not the most important thing in life. His house in Cratloe contains the sports books he will turn to for insight, but often when he picks them up they confirm what he has learned about human behaviour in all his years thinking about coaching and management, in all his years thinking about life.
The pride he feels as their father and the responsibilities he feels as manager have to be separated. If Cratloe is hurling country, Collins comes from a different part of Clare, a part where football is what matters.
His three years as Clare manager has seen gradual improvement, but he is aware that the county’s presence at Croke Park today is seen as evidence in himself that the system needs to change. He says the All-Ireland draw last year was like “watching paint dry” and wonders why the championship couldn’t be eight groups of four with the top seeded and some interesting pairings. The reason he believes it can be done, the reason he believes in most things is because of his players.
I like his point of view because you don’t always agree with it, but he makes you think about marketing in a different way. He had settled among the Irish community in the city and he’d found Clare people there too, but those years working in construction in New York had opened his eyes to other worlds and other ideas.
There are big decisions in life, but they become easier if there is something to pursue that can bring meaning and enjoyment. They’ve found out about themselves playing every week and Collins believes the problem with the six-day turnaround is not the six days but the defeats that accompany them. The account studying for a CMA or a CA has to put in an immense amount of effort to pass all the test. The big decisions became less daunting if you take them on rather than complaining about the obstacles preventing you from doing them. Every professional field you have to put in long hours, why would entrepreneurship be any different?

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