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So you have wondered how people get thousands of Gralats, but you can barely make any?This is definently the guide for you.
The best layout to begin farming on would be the bottem left selection because there is TONS of grass to bomb and it is great for starters. When you throw a bomb you want the bomb to land right in the middle of the grass.This table is set up right where you can get max ammount of gralats possible.
When you throw a bomb you want to make sure you get as many gralats as you can to maximize you're profit. I've tested and for me this is the best place you can throw them at to make the best profit.D) Throw the bomb and wait for the gralats to appear. Codeshops are the best way for growing gralats, as people like wearing cool shields and using cute swords.

Buy some furnitureFor codeshops, buy some plates, as they are the cheapest to buy (I think) and put codes on.
Make a maze (optional)Mazes are good for getting people to walk a direct path, and making them purposely farm for you to get to the code shop.
Put codes on your furnitureTo put codes on your furniture, simply go to the furniture options (click the red bomb) and type in your code on the message on touch. 2.When designing the lay out for your maze you can use certain pieces of furniture to conceal train tracks as a secret way to get through areas.
In this guide I will cover how to farm, the best spots, tips, tricks, and scams to look out for.1) What is farming? Players will have to go through bushes and grass which with certain furniture which have to be blown up(Hint: Vases) can produce gralats.

Get some that will make people want to come back (By adding you as a friends) so they can try out new looks. A good way to do this is by using the bomb glitch, where there is a small gap which players have to get damaged (which pushes them in a direction) to go through, usually using a bomb.
There are several ways you can do this, by; putting it in your name, saying it out loud in a populated area (outside burger area is a great area to do it, or the center of graal city when there is an event on), or putting it in your status.
I was on iEra, so naturally I thought I was gonna get hooked up with some pixelated cocaine.

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