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In NYCa€™s cut-throat world of art, appearances can be deceiving a€”especially when newcomer Alice becomes a murder suspect. Fans of the Rich Dad series and readers who want to explore ways in which they can realize their dream of retiring early will find this book to be informative and engaging guide.
The following is the story of how my wife, Kim, my best friend, Larry, and I began our journey from broke, to rich, to retired in less than ten years. In December of 1984, Kim, my best friend, Larry Clark, and I were skiing in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Whistler Mountain. As I sat there listening to Larry sell me on the benefits of setting such a goal, I could hear the little voice inside of me telling me why setting a goal to be financially free and retiring early was unrealistic. Suddenly, in my silence, I began to hear my rich dad saying, "The biggest challenge you have is to challenge your own self-doubt and your laziness. As I tuned back into Larry talking about freedom I realized that he was not really talking about freedom.
There are many books written on each of these paths, and if I did the same, this would be just another how to book. Imagine being able to make so much money at an early age that you could decide when to retire, knowing full well that you have enough money stashed away to ensure a life not burdened by financial restraints.
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Kiyosaki points out in this iconoclastic book, have a retirement plan that's predicated on the notion that their income will inevitably decline once they stop working. I tell this story to encourage any of you who may be doubtful or in need of some self-confidence to begin the journey to retiring young. The snow was very deep, the runs were long, and the skiing was excellent, although very cold.
At that moment, I came to realize that taking on my self-doubt and my laziness was the most important thing I could do.
But what I think is more important than how to, is the why we did it, and the why is because I wanted to challenge my own self-doubts, my laziness, and my past. I used to tell them until I realized that even after I told them how I did something, they often did not do it.
In this book, financial guru Robert Kiyosaki provides practical insight on how to put together a financial plan which promises not only to make you prosperous but to allow you to map out the freedom to choose your own retirement age. Nearly 54% of the retirees in an HSBC survey said this was the best financial advice they had ever got.

When Kim and I started, we were nearly out of money, low on confidence, and filled with doubt. At night, the three of us sat in a little cabin that was snuggled in between tall pines, barely visible because the snow was up to the roof.
Kim and I were on our last few dollars and Larry was in the process of building another business. Built upon Kiyosaki's own personal experiences - he retired at the age of 49 - he shows how you can take advantage of smart investments in real estate and in the stock market to help you control your own financial destiny.
Not all of us are so lucky, and most Indians get serious about retirement savings only in their 40s. Instead of discussing just our goals for the year, he wanted us to set goals that changed our lives by changing our realities.
After it had crashed in 1979, I had spent the next five years rebuilding it and then walked away from it. He did not seem to care if Kim or I were listening so I tuned him out as I began to think about what he had said. It is the why that gives you the power to do the how to." He also said, "The reason most people do not do what they can do is because they do not have a strong enough why. Now just a month after my talk with rich dad, I found myself sitting on this tall snow-covered mountain, feeling weak, vulnerable, and insecure, listening to my best friend telling me the same things. We listened to educational audiotapes we had brought along and then discussed the lessons on those tapes in depth. Larry retired in 1998 at the age of forty-six after selling his company and took a year off. Instead of looking inside of themselves to find their own why they want to become rich, most people look for the easy road to wealth, and the problem with the easy road is that the easy road usually ends in a dead end". In order to compete with increasing competition, we had moved our factories to China, Taiwan, and Korea. Maybe you made the wrong investment choices or suffered a financial setback, which ended up wiping out all your savings. I left the business because I could no longer stand the idea of using sweatshop child labor to make me rich. I could let my self-doubt and laziness win or I could go on and change my perceptions about myself. Our cover story this week is for investors who should have saved more when they were younger, but couldn't. You can make up for the lost time and put your retirement back on track if you follow the strategies explained in the following pages.

Of course, this will require you to invest in a disciplined manner, make certain lifestyle sacrifices and even tweak your retirement schedule. I just could not continue to work in a business that violated my spirit and with partners I could not talk to.
If you are ready to do all this, you have a fairly good chance of retiring the way you have always dreamt about it.
Although I walked away with very little money, I did walk away with priceless education and experience. Your choice of the investment option should be guided by your ability to save the required amount and the risk you are willing to take. Insurance policies are low-risk but offer low returns and, therefore, require a very heavy investment. Instead of concentrating your investments in 1-2 of these options, you should ideally have your retirement savings spread across all these options. When you are in your 40s, haven't saved too much, and have only 12-15 years to go for retirement, your focus should not be returns, but the quantum of your savings. Just tighten your belt and start saving aggressively, even if it means cutting down on your lifestyle.
Any windfall, tax refund or other gain coming your way should be promptly salted away for your retirement. Advisers say you should put away at least 10-15% of your income into retirement savings every month. One effective way of ensuring this is by opting for a higher deduction in the Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF). If you are covered under the Employees' Provident Fund, you can ask your employer to deduct more than the mandatory 12% of your basic income that flows into your PF account every month. Delhi-based school teacher Rajini Singh (see picture) is contributing Rs 5,000 to the VPF every month over and above the mandatory contribution to the PF. S & Y BUSINESS STREET LLP is incorporated pursuant to section 12(1) of the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008.

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