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Gen Con, one of the largest gaming conventions in the country, threatened to pull out of Indiana over a controversial bill.
Updated on 4-6-2015 by Christian Brazil Bautista: Added news that Governor Mike Pence and the Indiana House introduced an amendment that explicitly prohibits businesses from refusing service to anyone based on sexual orientation. However, the passage of the RFRA produced a backlash from companies, politicians and sports figures, something that took Indiana Governor Mike Pence by surprise. To appease critics of the law, Pence and the Republican-led Indiana House have introduced an amendment that explicitly prohibits businesses from refusing service to anyone on the basis of sexual orientation.
The reaction to the amendment has mostly been positive, and many businesses are working hard to rehabilitate the state’s image.
In a statement released to the Gen Con community following the bill’s passage, CEO Adrian Swartout, reassured attendees of his intention to ensure a safe and inclusive environment.
Swartout encourages attendees to keep voicing their opinions through social media, and especially to reach out if they have either positive or negative experiences with local businesses. One multiplayer mission Titan Steel has you and your friends stealing a plane and landing it on your own airstrip. Deathmatch and race editors will be available at launch for creating your own missions, and more will follow later. There’s a “Make It Rain” button that you can use to impress your friends when visiting a strip club together.

Something black with a yellow stripe down its center caught drivers' attentions in Johnstown, Pa., and it wasn't the road. The three-vehicle paint train, consisting of a paint truck, paint supply truck and a foreman to pace traffic, was operating in what Henry described as a heavily traveled area. McAfee said he took 45 photos of the raccoon from a variety of angles, then posted them on Facebook. The photo was such a hit, McAfee has decided to sell 8x10 prints for $15 on Etsy, a website vendors use to sell handmade or vintage items, arts and crafts.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. We know not everyone can afford a $60+ game on a regular basis, which means buying them used or during sales is the only way most of you get to play the latest and greatest games. The event, which had a record attendance of 56,614 people last year, opposed Senate Bill 101, which critics say would have allowed businesses to refuse service to same-sex couples for religious reasons. The bill was initially passed by the state’s House of Representatives, which is controlled by Republicans. I am grateful for the effort of legislators, business, and other community leaders who came together to forge this clarifying language in the law,” Pence wrote in a statement.
Some have even issued statements on the issue, touting their record of being open and inclusive to all patrons. Freedom Indiana, a religious liberty group, praised legislators for the amendment but called for more legal protections for gays and lesbians.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Gen Con has a contract to hold the event in the state until 2020.
Prior to the 2015 convention, they will create a email feedback form in order to have a clear picture of how things went to assess afterwards. The article features ton of new details and information about GTA Online, and guess what we have below for you along with eleven new screenshots. An unlucky raccoon had not only become road kill, but its corpse briefly turned into a palette for a road crew's paintbrush last week. The crew couldn't turn around and pick up the coon, leaving time for McAfee's camera to swoop in and document the paint's prey. His coworkers convinced him to submit a copy to the local paper, the Tribune Democrat, and the vermin went viral. Planning and bidding for a convention space begins five years prior to each event, so discussions about whether or not to leave Indianapolis for 2021 are currently underway.
Pence, who was once seen as a possible Republican presidential candidate, has now become a cautionary tale.

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