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By way of background, I recently had a tough run with fundraising—like most founders today. Over the course of a few months, I added 1,000+ followers to my company’s and personal AngelList’s profiles. Based on my recent experience, here are my recommendations along with some things I’d have done differently. The “Product” text area is your chance to quickly inform an investor exactly what your company does. Here’s something you don’t see much on AngelList profiles: big high-quality photos of the team behind the company.
Just as with the team photo, here’s where you can further illustrate the people behind the company and company culture or feature marquee customers who are using your product. Like most social networks, AngelList offers follow buttons that can be embedded on a website or blog. Another great location to place your AngelList profile link is in the signature of your e-mail.
The team at AngelList works extremely hard to feature and help the start-ups on its platform. While there are no silver bullets to achieving success on AngelList, or for fundraising in general, I hope these tips help. Jess loves technology, equality and people, which is why she’s 500’s Director of Diversity. Every week the 500 Distribution Team highlights actionable resources for marketing your startup. It is potentially ahead of its time, but lucky for us, “Oh, these times they are a-changing.” The big gears at the SEC are turning, and as a result, pointing to a pending shift in how start-ups and investors can raise money. You read a great deal about companies receiving huge amounts of cash on crazy terms, but the truth is that most companies don’t have this experience. We received 90 introductions from investors and actually managed to raise some decent cash purely via those introductions. Ensure every key member of your team has a good photo and bio that establishes why they all are kick ass.
Capture all important press events here and show that you’re able to create small news cycles that extend beyond your launch.

This is OK in most cases, unless your website is incredibly unsexy and not terribly compelling. Show the damn numbers, ring the freaking cash register, or do something to demonstrate your hard work—preferably in graph format that is going up and to the right. I realize the team members’ profile photos also appear further down the page, but the team is extremely important to investors. I understand you’re quite proud of some of the little buttons and other UI tricks in your app.
Make it look relatable and as though their money can help you gain more customers and users just like them. If your brand is more consumer focused, you can also set up a separate e-mail signature that is more investor themed.
If your start-up is generating enough interest from investors, the AngelList staff actually actively reach out.
Above all, your focus should be on finding the right investors for your start-up and getting the ones with a high degree of authority engaged with your profile. In fact, having a great presentation and some semblance of a brand is actually the price of entry for start-ups today. This is also a good  chance to add a link to additional information or to reviews of your company.
Stop hiding this critical material deep within your presentation materials and AngelList profile. It doesn’t have to be “hockey sticking,” but I hope you’re able to show some degree of month-over-month growth. As such, you might want to consider a pseudo-professional group shot or something that reinforces authority in your vertical. But here are some general techniques I have used or seen other founders take great advantage of. Some good examples of where you might include them is on your “About Us” page and author byline or even in the footer of your website. In this case, strip out all the extra junk and simply include a single link to your AngelList profile with a call to action to follow you. In my case, I set up Angel5, a simple blog that sorts and ranks investors by region, market, and other factors. In the case of AngelList, you probably want to time this for the beginning of your fundraising efforts or at a point when you need that extra push.

In other words, call in a few favors and ask your existing investors to do the same with their own networks. A professional surfer of the web, she’s finally ready to settle back at home after seven years abroad and become an amateur surfer of the West Coast waves.
The same goes for AngelList, so make sure your profile is complete, well thought out, and presents your company in the best possible light.
If your app works across multiple screens, you’ll also want to show all those form factors in one shot. So even if you’re not hiring today, this is great way to start narrowing down candidates or to begin getting to know who’s on the market. You can also reach out anytime, and you’re likely to find they are ready and willing to point you in the right direction or assist in other ways.
Heck, I even turned to craigslist to sell extra equipment for cash—but that’s a whole other story.
If you’re shipping a physical product, here’s the best place to show your highest-quality product photo. Furthermore, companies that are hiring get featured on the AngelList homepage and elsewhere more often. Within MailChimp or most ESPs (e-mail service providers), you can easily set up and manage a list of investor leads. What can you do to impress investors and give back to other founders in your same position? The best way to start is to approach existing investors (if applicable) and to have them follow and share your profile on AngelList. Using a service like this allows you to see which investors open your e-mails and when to set up autoresponders to automate some of your communications.
Next, you want to encourage them and any investors you speak with to click the “’I’m Interested” option located under the follow buttons.
Of course, this also gives investors an easy way to unsubscribe if they no longer want to hear from you. This is the strongest signal you can send to AngelList and the best way to influence its trending algorithms.

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