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You might spend years dreaming about opening your own business and even making tentative plans for your company.
Using crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and indiegogo might help you make your dreams a reality. If you hate the idea of borrowing money from your family and friends to get your new company off the ground, consider working with angel investors.
In addition to crowdfunding and angel investors, you can also get help for your business through the Small Business Administration.
Next Post → 5 Signs That It’s Time to Move on to Another Business Idea← Previous Post What Can You Expect From High Risk Merchant Services? We know how much you all like getting a bit of money off, so this weekend we came up with a nice little offer. Known for his outspoken opinions on technology and the Internet, Michele Neylon is the award winning author of several blogs and co-host of the podcast. If you've played any "free-to-play" games, then you'll probably know that many of them definitely aren't free.

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Depending on the organization you work with or website you choose, you may need to meet with those investors in person, submit a business plan or even write a short essay. It promises the lender that if you default on your loan or your business goes under, the SBA will cover the amount you owe. Whether you decide to run an online business with little overhead costs, or you want to open a local business in your neighborhood, you will still need to know how to raise the capital that you need.

Most sites require that you set up a minimum amount of money and that you raise that amount before earning any cash, and most sites take a percentage of the amount you earn for using the site.
Some give you money in the form of a loan that you pay back later, but others take a percentage of your company in exchange for the money you receive. You can borrow thousands or more from the SBA when launching your new business or after opening your company.
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