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What got us really excited was discovering the timeless book titled ‘How To Get Lots Of Money For Anything Fast’ . And that’s exactly what we thought too, back in June 2013, when we first heard about Stuart Lichtman and Joe Vitale’s book of the same title for the first time. So that got us intrigued – plus the fact that the book was recommended to us by Jay Kubassek, serial Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer – we trust his values and opinion.
Maybe you’ve done that before too – invested in some form of training, then let life get in the way of you benefiting from the training – so your bookshelf or your computer is smarter than you? We were flying back to London from Australia the next day, so we had 26 hours flying time to fill – what better time to work on our ourselves – so we loaded How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast on our ipad, reclined back in our seats and started reading as the Singapore Air Boeing 737 lifted off the runway in Brisbane!
In the Foreward of the book Stuart Lichtman explains his impressive credentials – which spurs on our reading. He then tells us we’re about to learn how a tried and tested three step process can transform our world and bring us all the riches we ever imagined. By the time we arrived in London we were beginning to understand the power of our minds and what we were learning.

And we worked on those goals consistently and patiently for the next 6 weeks or so (we didn’t say it was going to be easy). One of those goals was to earn a very specific amount of money (at least) each month from 01 September 2013. And another of the goals was to collect a top producer prize, on stage, at the Six Figure Mentors Momentum Day on the 21st September 2013 (very specific!). Plus an exclusive 5 day private mastermind in an exotic location with all the people pictured below – all of who have skills and knowledge to share with us so we can better ourselves.
But what blew us away the most was the power of Stuart Lichtman’s timeless little book ‘How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast’, as not only did we win two prizes, we popped up on the Total Sales Leaderboard on the Momentum Day itself, on the morning of 21st September 2013, as per our goal. We never recommend products we haven’t used ourselves – but this book (even with it’s brash but true title) is something we wholeheartedly endorse.
We recommend you USE Stuart Lichtman’s ridiculously titled book to accomplish your goals too. It’s no mystery that to be successful at anything you first have to be true to yourself.

To be successful in any business, particularly an online business, you need to adopt a success mindset.
This knowledge comes from years of experience with tens of thousands of people around the world.
You might recall we talk about the power of mastermind groups in Living A Laptop Lifestyle?
And every one of them had hidden skills and talents they weren’t using nearly as powerfully as they could.
What is more, once they knew about a secret (that I will tell you about today), their lives and their fortunes changed for the better – quickly and forever!

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