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Our review of the Sims 3 for the iPhone and iPod Touch is one of our most popular articles at Appmodo and because of this, we’ve kept it updated with various tips and hints to help you guys out with the game. 1) Open up the game, load your profile all the way and then pause the game by pressing the pause button located in the lower left corner.
You have to shack your device side to side for it to work and you can’t have headphones or a charger plugged in. Competition Center – Build this new venue and let your Sims prove their merit in karate, ballet, or ghost hunting.

Sim-Eating Plants – Plant one of our new experimental seeds to yield extremely valuable crops (or birth something evil!). Exclusive Cameos – Don’t miss “Anchovy” the cat from Bejeweled Blitz and the “Conehead Zombie” outfit from Plants Vs. Make sure to “LIKE” us on Facebook for the latest news on updates, promotions, and special offers. 12 to unlock the LIMITED EDITION Haunted House (only available through the Ghost Hunting Challenge).

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