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Grand Theft Auto V’s online multiplayer serving has generated a great deal of controversy throughout the gaming community.
A total of 16 players are given license to traverse a recreation of the single-player campaign’s environment, taking place two months prior to the adventures of Trevor, Franklin and Michael. Alas, when Grand Theft Auto Online made its much anticipated arrival, players were beset by technical difficulties; many complained they were unable to successfully connect to servers, and others suffered from persistent crashes, load screen freezing and cycling, character erasure and loss of progress. Rockstar, quite rightly, issued a public apology and promptly released a patch for the game.
Nonetheless, with some of these teething issues starting to subside, we thought we would take a look at some of the common tips and tricks for GTA V’s online multiplayer mode. A quick means of generating cash involves locating nice looking vehicles and then selling them at the closest mod shop. For each request submitted, the player needs to pay ten percent of the initial insurance premium. Enter the store, point your weapon at the clerk, and he will begin bagging up money from the cash register.
If you’re outfitted with a microphone, demanding the proprietor speeds up will actually make him package the cash much quicker.
In addition, James Heaney, a member of the GameFront crew, recommends using helicopters to make a quick getaway during a theft.
Once players gain enough cash to afford a house or an apartment, some of the money put towards the garage’s initial purchase can be recouped.
Ultimately, Rockstar claims there are measures in place to dissuade players from perpetually killing others, but it’s unlikely to be a bulletproof system. Helicopters can be found at the helipads near Vespucci Beach, Trevor’s airfield at Sandy Shores, and the roof of Central Los Santos Medical Center.
If you have bundles of cash at your disposal, you can annihilate your nemeses with air strikes (Rockstar’s generous half a million dollar apology should help). This Merryweather capability also permits you to call in ammunition airdrops, if you happen to be low on ammunition.
Passive mode is a blessing for those gamers who are new to GTA V’s online universe, and for those who wish to explore the world in relative peace. Naturally, the caveat to this mode is that anyone who has activated passive mode is unable to inflict any damage to other people. This is a fantastic tool to ensure that maligned players, who are perpetually trying to launch attacks against vulnerable players, are effectively neutered. A simple, but effective, means of fast travel involves starting a race event near the place where you need to travel. On the other hand, the following video, uploaded by Prodigy, shows the sweet spot that gamers should ideally target. To avoid paying for highly expensive weaponry from Ammu-nation stores, just find NPCs that have the weapons that you desire, kill them and steal their weapons. Assuming your microphone is switched on, and you possess your own apartment, try singing in the shower; the game should be able to decipher your enigmatic warbling and reward you with a boost to your RP.
In the ensuing footage, MrJughead97 does a touching rendition of A Whole New World from a Walt Disney classic, Aladdin. Rockstar Games has introduced a relatively novel bounty hunting system, in an attempt to deliberately pit players against one another and generate a bit of healthy rivalry. If you are unfortunate enough to have one of these bounties placed upon your own head, you can ally with another player or friend to capitalize on the situation.
There are a number of skills that can be honed throughout GTA V, each of which are critical to providing that competitive edge in GTA Online multiplayer. These different skills can be leveled up to 100%, much faster, by performing a series of quick and easy steps. Meanwhile, stamina can be improved by cycling, running and swimming long distances, strength can be mastered by bashing up cars, with an online buddy inside, and the flying skill can be boosted by flying at high altitudes and underneath Los Santos’ many bridges. UnitedGamerz produced a nice video explaining exactly how the player can rank up to 100%, for most of the afore-mentioned skills. A very basic tip is to simply expand the map to see where the cops are located, and which direction they are heading. Simply double tapping down on the D-pad provides this essential, and often neglected, feature.
This one is definitely not a solo effort, and typically requires at least three players to join forces. One individual sneaks into the military base, using a vehicle and awaits the subversive deeds of his companions.
Another two or three players then approach the entrance to the base and attract the attention of the army by shooting some of the military personnel, stirring the wrath of the army and causing the tank to roll down the hill in the direction of the anarchy, right towards the player that had previously infiltrated the base.
The awaiting player enters the tank, ready to be airlifted from the base by the player with the airbob. I just want to say, f=ck the mafia, uk, mobs, mp3, loco, and any other crew who thinks they run it.
Bonus-5% for whomever does the best job on the heist as in not killing your co-workers but helping them out and helping the heist run smoothly.-Leader cannot get the five percent bonus. All members of the inner circle which includes: Leader, Commissioners, Lieutenants, and Representatives, must invite five people to the mafia on a weekly basis based on their skill and co operation.
Dress Code for Heists: Dress Clothes with crew color for the inner circle, muscle wears any clothes just crew logo must be on the T-shirt. Send me your psn account name and add me as a friend on the social club so we can get started.
There are also glitches in the game that allows you to sell the same vehicle on two separate occasions, which can be found on YouTube.
Just like the LinGon Trainer, you can remove wanted levels, add money to your account (don’t we love GTA money cheats?), become invincible, and so on. Besides a boar, you can also play as a cow, a chimp, a deer, a hen, a coyote, and even as a fish. In order to get the Native Trainer running in Grand Theft Auto 5, you download Script Hook V first.
Written by: Gregory Duplat on May 2, 2013Lots of things have been speculated on in the past about GTA V, but today revealed to be VERY interesting and informative at the same time.

We sadly have no story to offer as Rockstar Games only invited selected members of the press, but we have lots of facts we gathered through international press, here it is.
First of all, players will be able to customize a lot, and I start with this on purpose because it is one of the most asked questions out there. You will be able to customize the characters by getting tattoos, different haircuts and clothing, lots of clothing. Each character will have a series of skills: Stamina, Shooting, Strength, Stealth, Flying, Driving, Mechanic, Lung Capacity. Skills can be improved by using them, just as in GTA: San Andreas, so the more you shoot the better you get, but only to a limit. Talking about money, you probably didn’t know you will be able to buy properties in GTA V, unlike what people have said in the past.
While shooting, you have a wider field of vision as the camera pulls back and you will be able to shoot and run with complete control, which was really missed in previous GTA games.
You can pick up hitchikers, do stunt jumps and flying challenges, take part in yoga, golf, tennis, bike races and triathlons.
Side missions will be making a return, a lot more like in Red Dead Redemption than GTA IV though. Citizens will react to what you do, and if they see you robbing someone they could alert the police, film you, or even try to take you down themselves. There are subtle differences in the way each character moves to reflect their personalities. From choosing your outfit, masks and getting a getaway vehicle to selecting other crew members like a wheelman or hacker who will want a more or less larger cut of the payout, depending on their experience.
Now though, we wanted to talk about another major aspect of the GTA Online Christmas update – the ability to buy mansions which is a massive addition to players. Some of the new apartments at Opulent Apartments look really nice, but it is the new GTA Online mansions at Vinewood Hills that most players will be interested in buying. Sadly the most important piece of information was left out of the trailer though – how much the GTA 5 Online houses from the Executives DLC update will cost. We have been taking on board feedback from the GTA community since that trailer was uploaded (now over 2 million views) and it looks like the general opinion is that the GTA V online mansion price won’t be over 15 million. Given that the yacht could cost over 10 million to own, do you realistically have enough cash to get the yacht and one of these new mansions or will it come down to choosing one or the other? The new cars that are coming seem to be taking a place on the sidelines at the moment, with everyone instead worrying about the yacht and mansion prices instead. With the update very close, let us know what you think the pricing structure will be like and how much you can currently afford.
Do you have enough to buy everything offered in the Executives and other Criminals GTA Online update or not? I expect the mansions to range in price from 2.5 to 5 million for the cheapest and from 6 to 10 million for the most expensive.
Rockstar has released details on this week’s Cunning Stunts update, which brings more high-octane racing to GTA Online. Supercar fans can check out the Chiliad and Vespucci races, which take players high above San Andreas and along the coast, respectively. Although both single-layer experience and multiplayer mode were both being developed simultaneously by Rockstar Games, the online multiplayer component was conceived as a separate experience, with its release delayed until two weeks after GTA V’s single player campaign. Around Los Santos, players join lobbies to complete a series of cooperative and competitive objectives on a story-driven basis.
With around 15 million gamers attempting to pile into GTA V’s online universe, it comes as little surprise that many encountered some of the previous ailments.
In an act of contrition, Rockstar rewarded their loyal fans with $500,000 of virtual, in-game money. In the event that the car is misplaced or pilfered, the insurance company can be contacted and a replacement can be requested. In addition, players need to ensure LS Customs fits these cars with trackers to enable an insurance claim to be enacted. Shooting anybody whilst performing the robbery is not recommended, as this increases the number of police units baying for your blood. This way, players can shake the cops relatively quickly and move from store to store, snaffling up large sums of money. Unfortunately, you’re always likely to encounter the odd delinquent gamer, hell-bent on causing untold trouble.
The best thing to do is be on the lookout for unusually placed vehicles, as trolls love to booby-trap them with explosives. Walking or driving around the villainous, crime-riddled streets of Los Santos can be an incredibly perilous activity, with a gun around every corner waiting to take you down. This option is available to players that have reached level 50, but does tend to eat away at the contents of your wallet, costing $12,500 a pop. Gormlessly running around with your pockets stuffed full of bundles of cash is a quick path to bankruptcy. In addition, if you are in an isolated region of the world, a spot of online banking can come in handy. This setting provides the user with invincibility, preventing fellow players from being able to kill you, whilst it is implemented. Be aware, however, passive mode players are not invincible from being run over with vehicles, or from being blown up or shot whilst driving.
The footage also showcases a novel means of using a vehicle’s gas tank to the wreak havoc on your foes. When attempting to squirrel away money to invest in property and cars, the last thing a player wants to do is splash their cash on extra weapons. Rockstar has included a relatively straightforward means of gaining reputation points (RP), simply by singing in the shower. However, if you’re vocally challenged (or shy), talking normally will also do the trick.
Once a player hits the level 10 mark and meets Lester, the ability to place bounties on other players’ heads is unlocked. Assuming you are able to make a pact with a trustworthy friend, that individual can kill you, claim the prize money and then share some of the proceeds.

Shooting, for example, can be ranked up by playing survival, after the player reaches level 15, and eliminating waves of enemy units; if you have not ranked to this level yet, a friend can host the survival match on your behalf. Knowing exactly where each police unit is located, over a greater proximity, is essential to planning a viable route to ensure you quickly shake your wanted level. To get the tank you will need a cargobob, a vehicle and stacks of weapons, ammunition and body armor. However, I deliberately did not include those videos, because players run the risk of Rockstar Games banning their accounts. Michael will always be the best shooter, Trevor the best pilot and Franklin the best driver.
If you remember GTA IV, you might have been angry at the system, where cops would actually magically know where you are when you would be within their radius of action. You can change character on-the-fly by using the D-Pad Left, Up or Right when ever you feel like, the game will also make suggestions on when to switch. You will have the ability to sprint with guns out and do combat-rolls to move from cover to cover and evade enemy fire.
In addition to the camera there is internet, contacts, social media, a calendar, and a replay mission app.
While we know the game will focus on big heists, there will also be smaller one and the best thing about it, is that YOU get to plan it all.
You will be allowed to chose the same crew members on several heists and their skill will improve with every job.
Players can tear through five new tracks, get a special new outfit, and cash in on some great in-game deals.
Firstly, there is an upper limit set on the price that a vehicle can go for; plush cars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris are not sellable.
Robbing a particular convenience store with a mask allows you to return unrecognized later on, and permits players to repeatedly fleece the same stores. Garages allow the player to stowaway their favorite vehicles, as well as a place to cower from other online players. To avoid being endlessly killed by these gaming trolls, some players may find it less frustrating to simply join your regular group of friends and begin instanced sessions immediately. If you spot a white dot (representing a fellow gamer) hurtling towards you at speed, be aware that they may be trying to mow you down in a frenzied fit of rage.
Airborne helicopters represent a more challenging target to take down, and provides players with height advantage. To ensure you are not repeatedly, and mercilessly, stripped of all your money, players should ensure they invest their money at one of the banks. Nonetheless, assuming you have sufficient ammunition for the weapon that you have just picked up, you will be revived with that gun still in your inventory.
Viewers may also be interested in some of the other articles produced by the Las Vegas Guardian Express team, including pieces on easter eggs, cheats codes and multiplayer fixes (see the related articles section, below). I lay people down, add me if you would like to apply to the crew, add me if you want to know when im online and want beef. There is room for two commissioners three lieutenants and four representatives then as much muscle as possible right now we have two commissioners and three lieutenants we need four representatives and as much muscle as possible. If you leave the store (walking backwards) still pointing the gun at them they NEVER shoot you.. If you’ve always wanted to roam the streets of Los Santos as a boar, then today is your lucky day! We read before every character will have a special skill and it should have been obvious this would be like it is. Some properties might be specific to a protagonist, for example Franklin could buy a Strip-Club while Michael could buy a mansion, something like that, nothing specific yet though. Moving out of cover will be somewhat smoother and when you target an enemy, in free aim, soft lock or hard lock, the reticule changes from white to red.
Not the friendly type of sharks but the sharks which will circle around you and try to eat you if you are too close. Jobs can be planned differently as you can chose to do the job using stealth or brute force. Finally, all resprays and neon kits are 20-percent off this week, and the Buckingham Nimbus Jet and Volatus helicopter are 30-percent off. Even though the other positions are filled they are not permanent until we find who is really dedicated to the mafia though the two commissioner spots along with the leader spot are non replaceable. As if it wasn’t enough already, you get to upgrade weapons with silencers, scopes, laser sights, bigger magazine and what not. While the others are usual skills you have in games, Mechanic is pretty much uncommon and Stealth will be important for missions and to hide from the cops. Really useful in an intense combat situation, especially when there are several characters like in this game. The yacht in the trailer would cost anywhere from 150 million to 240 million in real life, so I expect it to cost between 15 and 24 million in the game. Helicopters will be able to spot you from above and cops will use typical hand-signals to communicate, so you might not hear them coming for you.
If you die, the game will load the last checkpoint even if the other two characters are alive, so no switching to evade death.
And when you finally kill the enemy, a cross or X will flash over the reticule to hint you at the kill. When the job is done, there will be a report with the total cash amount you managed to gather and the split for all surviving members.
As for what I can afford, I just bought a Megalladon Shark Card right after seeing the trailer because I simply must have that yacht. As far as we could understand, there will be a noise meter, so you might want to invest some money in your equipment.

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