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Another point you should consider, is the inconvenience caused to your family members because of your laziness, in not making a will for them.
See another Template from Department of Stamp and Registration, Karnataka here, thanks to Babu .
When you are dead, there is someone called an “Executor” who will be responsible for dividing your wealth amongst the beneficiaries and he will make sure the whole process is smooth (You must have seen this in Hindi movies).
Legal heirs to get possession of the property from the nominees have to go through a legal process called probate.
Further please note especially in case of land or house property, the society will not transfer the flat without a probate and tax paid certificate.
The attesting witness and his or her spouse should not be a beneficiary under the terms of your Will.
Write your will on good quality thick white paper so it doesn’t get spoiled over a period of time. Note that you should keep just one more copy of will and stored separately from the original will. In case of Hindus, it should be clearly stated if the property is inherited or not, because it makes a huge difference, as no ancestral property can be assigned to any person through a will. A will must always be dated and if more than one will is made, the one with the latest date will nullify all the previous ones. The value of assets often fluctuates, so it is better to mention how much each beneficiary will receive, in percentage terms rather than absolute numbers. Am serving in the Armed Forces, in my service document as per protocol,I have to name my wife as a nominee for my service benefits which I don’t want to do since I have a divorce case pending in the court. Sir, for that you need to check with the concerned authority , Mention to them that you are not married or divorced !
To whom to contact to make a WILL and how much cost it needs ( approx) to make a WILL and Registered it. I also want to address future constructions that might happen on one of the vacant house plot in the Will?
I want to know some details about one family case…My Father passed away before 20 years and after that My grandpa gave us a shelter and since then my mother had taken care of my grandpa and grandma.
1-MY FATHER(AGE 75 HINDU) GETS TWO MARRIGES FROM FIRST MARRIAGE SHE HAS ONE GIRL CHILD(MARRIED) AND FROM SECOND MARRIGE ONLY SINGLE SON. These "family portraits" were not posed for, everyone together in front of the painter, as one would take a family photograph today. If your family structure is diverse, and you want to leave your wealth to different members of family like you want to, you should prepare your WILL today, not tomorrow, not later. In case of a dispute, your family members have to produce the proof about their relationship with and also have to go helter-skelter to lawyers and spent money and energy. Though there is no legal or defined format, there is a template, which has been generally used for ages. It is not legally required to get the will executed in a court of law in presence of a judicial Magistrate in India. However, make sure that when you make a new will, you mention that this will is the latest and supersedes all earlier wills.
The executor (someone who is responsible to execute the will) has to file a probate petition in the court of law and if all goes well, the probate takes six months to a year. In Maharashtra this means, the will have to be submitted to Registrar and one will have to obtain a probate. Many times, a prospective buyer will not buy a flat or land, if the holding is not clear and if the property had not been cleanly transferred and if there are disputes between nominees and legal heirs. Is it legally allowed to address such futuristic acquisition or construction in a current will? There is a special case in which one of my friend’s grandmother had two properties on her name, one on freehold, and one of leasehold.
If you nominated some one in all the financial products you bought and thought that it will be passed to them legally without any issues, you are living in the world of fantasies (kind of :).
There is a misconception that if someone tells you to make a will, the person thinks that indirectly you are telling him that his end is near or that you are eying his property.

To wit, if you die without preparing a WILL in India, your wealth will then be distributed as per ‘Hindu Succession Law’ (Government rules, on how wealth should be divided among family members). However, if you wish, the will can be executed in the presence of Magistrate or the public notary, nominated by the government authorities and sealed in their presence. If you don’t, it can complicate the situation, cause major confusion, make such matters go to the court of law and take several years before arriving at any final verdict. No right as executor or legatee can be established unless a court has granted the probate of the Will.
The Registrar may ask the claimants to put an advertisement in newspaper to ensure that they will not be contested. The lawyer, will vet the will and make sure you dont make stupid mistakes at the time of writing and signing it. Also, make sure the witnesses are younger than you and not very old as your will might be in effect for several years! So if you inherited a property from your Father, you cannot say in a will, that you want to assign it to person X only!
So where should I be registering my Will if I were address all these properties in a single Will?
Some of the foreign and private banks extend their customer services in a better standard than that of the traditional systems of some of the local banks. This report shows my practical learning in different departments of DHAKA BANK Ltd. It is advisable to write your will in your own hand writing, as the same can be verified later in case of any doubts raised by relatives. However, all apprehensions disappear when I tell them the consequences of not making a will” says Shankar Pai, who has done some commendable work in area of spreading awareness on making wills. A common misconception, is to believe that all the estate is automatically passed on to the spouse, because children and sometimes even relatives can stake a claim to the property. One important point while choosing witness, is that they should be your friends, neighbors, or your colleagues and not the direct beneficiaries in the Will.
They may even ask the witnesses who have signed the will to come to their office and sign documents. Grandmother has 4 kids and she left a will (registered) that both the properties should be given to only 1 person (A) out of 4.
You need to create a WILL to distribute your wealth in the manner you want to, and having nominated someone ain’t the answer!, Lets fine out in this article, how to make a will in India ? It might happen that according to your family structure and your preferences, you want to divide your wealth unequally or make a provision for a close friend or a faithful servant.
Laws of inheritance and succession, are complicated and diverse in nature, and are different in case of Hindus and Muslims.
Make sure, you take the details from the bank manager, about the procedure and rules of releasing your will from the safe deposit after your death.
They only certify, that you yourself have signed the will in their presence and are not a party in making the will in India. The cost of getting a probate includes legal fees as well as stamp duty on the value of the property being willed. After all this, and some court affidavits, the claimants have to pay the necessary tax to the state govt.
But Society will not transfer the flat to prospective buyer till the process of probate is settled first.
Obviously in the later paintings, many of the subjects were dead, so existing portraits were used as guides.
In this report I have best explained my real life experience gathered from different departments. The report is divided into 3 sections. The envelope has to be sealed after completing all the formalities and the seal must bear your signature and the date of sealing. A lot of us feel that talking about “Making a Will” is pretty morbid, and hence, we don’t look at it with right attitude. Is it ok if she writes a will on a plain paper and seeks the signature of 2 witnesses seal it and keep it in the locker informing the bank incharge.
This section is further subdivided into two parts; one is the structural detail of DHAKA BANK Ltd.

This section is also subdivided into three parts of General Banking, Foreign Exchange and Advance department. The chapters show the activities and the drawbacks the different departments are facing and also some suggestions regarding the drawbacks by eliminating which, DHAKA BANK Ltd. Credit facilities were extended to the private sector for trade, project financing as well as to meet the working capital requirements. During the year under review the Bank also extended credit facilities under lease financing as well as syndication arrangements with other Banks and financial institutions. Foreign money market dealing room with automated REUTER terminals will be started very soon.Import Business of DHAKA BANK Ltd.
17649.10 million as on December 31, 2001 as against 2603 letters of credit amounting of Tk.
The significant items of import were Industrial Raw Materials, Consumer Goods, Machinery, Fabrics and Accessories etc.Export Business of DHAKA BANK Ltd. Countries from which inward foreign remittances were received included USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, KSA etc. Profit and Operating Results of DHAKA BANK Ltd. 330.75 million r~cording an application increases which was due to prudent lending and optimum management offunds. In this regard Management Committee meetings and frequent meetings of the Executives and Officers were convened at Head Office and Branch level where Business and Management issues .are discussed in a cordial atmosphere. Basic Accounting Systems of the Bank Branches has been automated to optimize benefits ~d increase overall efficiency for superior customer services by way of increased speed, accuracy and ensured security. Bearing this in mind the well educated, promising and honest workers are being appointed and trained. Bank has given top priority for developing skilled manpower and introducing them to modern technologies with the purpose to develop quality customer services.
We have recruited experienced Bankers as well as fresh university graduates and postgraduates. Chartered Accountants were appointed as external auditors for conducting the audit of accounts as of 31st December, 2000. The Bank is optimistic that the volume of business will increase in the coming years through pragmatic and market friendly policies. To prepare a pay order,’ a customer is to fill up a pay order form and deposit the same amount of money in the Bank.
Everyday clearinghouse takes place in Bangladesh Bank, once in the morning called morning house, another in the evening called return house.
In the year 2001 the bank took another step to mobilize more deposit, so that the bank can overcome the obstacle against the shortage of deposit.
As an example, if deposit is withdrawn after completion of 1 year but before 2 years, deposit with interest will be paid for the prescribed rate for 1 year. Educational expenses are rapidly increasing and therefore, appropriate planning needs to be done by all parents. Some people are searching for more profitable investment opportunity for their future security. The institutions, trusts, foundations, schools, colleges, universities may invest their provident fund, security money, reserve fund etc. The non-resident Bangladeshis who are looking for a better investment opportunity can easily take this scheme. The Bank will provide the customer a deposit receipt at the time of making such      deposit.
If the deposit is withdrawn before a six year term, the saving interest rate will be      applicable and paid to the depositor. In case of death of the depositor, before the term, the deposited money (with interest at savings rate) will be given to the nominee. A small savings today will provide you comfort tomorrow.Savings period and monthly Installment rateThe savings period is for 5,8,10 or 12 years.

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