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The second thing I would look for in a game of this magnitude would be a completely immerse and detailed world. As you can probably tell by now, my dream world is a mixture of the Sims, Grand Theft Auto, and Day-Z, yet taken to the next level. Sure you can pick where you live and some apartments are more expensive that others, yet I was so devasted when I found out that you couldn’t customize the layout or furniture in your apartment!
Pattern by Mary Jane Hall This awesome, flowered cap is a super-cute match for the Peek-a-Boo Shrug in Get Hooked Again.
Navy blue is such a rich, beautiful color, and best of all, it matches with so many other colors. Floral queen sheet set – Find the largest selection of floral queen sheet set on sale. This pretty black and white Flower Embroidery Pattern features a bunch of gracefully curving flowers and leaves.
I’m searching for the game of all games, the game that excels in every way shape and form. I’m talking the ability to buy a dog and walk it down the street, the dog takes a shit on the side of the road and I have to clean it up before anyone notices. Nothing, because everyone knows that having children in The Sims is just about the worst thing you can possibly do.

I was never too big into fantasy stories about dragons and wizards and what not, yet if they had realistic means for how they got that way then I’d be willing to listen. The ability to drive my newly purchased truck into the front doors of a grocery store, whip out a loaded weapon, secure some hostages with handcuffs and negotiate orders with police. The ability to hang out with friends in my ultra realistic and personalized world is very important, yet so is the campaign. Fallout 4 needs to be completely re-vamped, and not use the same graphics and animations that Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas did. On a serious note, The Sims is one of the first games that I really got addicted to as a young gamer.
No one goes to NYC and just walks around for the entire day, they do things like buy a NYC hot-dog, watch a man get mugged by a criminal, go ice skating and sprain their ankles. I can’t go out and purchase a machine gun and mount it to the wall of my bedroom incase any intruders try to break in.
On top of all of this, having the game actually work without bugs or annoying online problems is a top priority.
I loved to spend hours upon hours building my own dream house, furnishing it with cheat money and watch my lovely Sims destroy the hell out of it. My pickiness will lead me to a gaming life of emptiness, yet as the gaming world progresses who knows.

Additionally realism that includes things like having to eat because you get hungry over time or having to go to the bathroom because you actually are a human being and have a bladder are very important to me.
So when games just throw you in a world without little things, it’s empty, and I hate emptiness (my soul is empty enough). The only part I hated was when my Sims set the house on fire, and clogged one of several plumbing mechanisms, and refused to clean it.
Build your house where you want, with fully customizable cars and what not, you get to pick exactly what your Sim does, and it has optional 3rd and 1st person. And I am completely aware that things like this will most likely not be available to gamers until maybe 50 years down the road. If I’m a hired assassin with an ex wife, kids in college, living in New York City, 5’10 with blonde hair and glasses let me at least choose what my apartment looks like!

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