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Use one of each creatures’ four moves to knock down the health of the other creatures - then either capture them or “knock them out” for the XP. It wasn’t until I went to college at eighteen with my copies of Pokemon Silver and Gold that I met another Pokemon player. The Generations go up once every 3-4 years, depending on how many ancillary titles and remakes are produced. I didn’t get Diamond or Pearl on the brand new Nintendo DS, not even Platinum - missing out on an entire Generation. However, I almost missed out on this Generation too, waiting until their sequels Black 2 and White 2 were out before even picking them up. Despite picking up both games each time in the past, I simply don’t have the time or money to get through four DS games. I still keep abreast of the Pokemon anime - it’s the one aspect of the franchise where it pays to have kids.
Go across the country collecting creatures in balls - it seems simple in concept, and this was clearly a cash-grab version of the game due to the success of the anime.

There are 151 entries to fill, one per Pokemon and per evolution, and it was down to you - your character is ten years old - to fill it. She was still on the previous “generation”, so half of the 252 Pokemon in my newer Pokedex wouldn’t transfer “back in time”, unlike entries 1-151 would.
The Pokemon series gets more reboots than the Batman movie franchise… But back to the Gold and Silver Generation - these had a built-in clock memory, so if you wanted to catch certain Pokemon that were only available at night time, you had to play in the evening or at night.
And with it, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire - funnily enough the ones that have just been remade! Next were remakes HeartGold and SoulSilver, before Game Freak created the first editions to actually change it up.
Despite enjoying the Pokemon anime series which aired on Sky One, I hadn’t bothered with Red and Blue, though I had tried an emulated fan-translation of Pokemon Green. Allow them to evolve into new forms for stronger attacks, or force them to stay in their original forms to learn moves faster. The graphics were amazing (compared to the barely-colour Game Boy ones) and you could transfer Pokemon from any of the past games into it. Rather than being strictly top-down, Black and White had some 3D sections, as well as muchly improved graphics.

So it’s harder to be the very best, like no-one ever was - but perhaps it isn’t to catch Pokemon that is my real test; but the hours I need to play them.
But there was something about having a Pikachu follow your character’s sprite - something not done in many RPGs even on full consoles. Each game had a slightly different array of Pokemon on it, meaning if I wanted a Jynx in my Yellow cart, I had to find someone with one and trade via a cable. As I was now technically an adult, the amount of people I knew with a copy of the game had dramatically shrunk.
Being seventeen in a school of non-gamers, I knew nobody who actually had a version of Pokemon.

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