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Adobe just released the Adobe Photoshop CS6, and I must to say, it feels like I’m in web designer’s heaven. After so many years, I agree with Jesus Diaz when he says that “For the first time in many years, this one is a must-have update”, not only because of the cool features, but also because now it’s focused in the really important stuff, the things that helps you to get the job done, improved the tools that you use most and that’s pretty much what matters in the end. With the new graphics engine, Mercury, everything you do will be really, really, really faster. Filters, zooming, cropping, brushes, save for web… Everything is surprisingly faster, no “pixilation” or “rendering”, just hit and it’s there.
Long story short: You’ll save a lot of time and headache because you just don’t need to wait to see things working. When I was a Fireworks-guy, around 5-7 years ago I used to say that Photoshop wouldn’t be good for Web Design since it was too focused in photo editing. Now you can rotate stuff while cropping, and it has a lot of other guides to help you, like golden spiral (which I just loved). Now, with Photoshop CS6, if you like Tilt Shift, Bokeh and a few other effects you can use them with one click. It looks like those “title” attributes for HTML element, Photoshop CS6 made it really easy to understand what is going on. Another thing was pretty annoying to me was the lack of feedback when you changed the brush size via shortcuts. Now just while you’re changing the settings you’ll see the new diameter, hardness and opacity.
Also layer selection has been improved and it’s easier to do things like duplicate multiple layers or groups with CTRL + J (instead of right click > Duplicate layers), change multiple layers styles and so on.

Also, the front-end guy’s life will be way easier since he’ll just have to get all those styles and translate them to CSS (ok, it’s NOT just like that, but it’ll save a lot of time anyway). Now you can apply layer styles to the whole group and it’ll propagate to its children, pretty much as it works on CSS. Photoshop has now cool features for quick video editing, which makes it a perfect alternative to Windows Movie maker and similars. Actually it can import and edit pretty well videos, use video groups, add every element that you see in the usual panel, add transitions to elements… Well, it’s much powerful than ever!
If you are renaming layers and press tab you won’t see the whole window rearranging panels. If you import elements a lot you’ll see minor updates in the overall look of the imported element. Now shapes can be combined, substracted, united per intersection, substracted per intersection. About the other products update, I heard a little about Adobe Edge, but I haven’t tried yet.
We have the unsharp mask filter that works kind of good (ok, not THAT good :D), which was improved a little bit also on CS6 IMHO.
One of Arsenal's biggest shareholders has decided to sell her stake in the Premier League club raising the possibility of a takeover bid for the north London side. A person familiar with the situation told the Reuters news agency that US private equity firm Blackstone has been retained in the last few days by Nina Bracewell-Smith to find a buyer for her stake of almost 16 per cent in the club. Bracewell-Smith's decision to sell her holding could be of huge interest to the club's two big investors - Kroenke Sports Enterprises and Red and White Holdings - and possibly lead to a bid for control of the club. American sports and real estate entrepreneur Kroenke currently owns 29.98 per cent of the club, just short of the 30 per cent threshold that would require him to make a mandatory takeover offer.
In January, Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis said he did not expect any takeover bid despite Kroenke's growing interest in the club.
She used her personal savings."I was working from home in a room and bought a small shipment all packaged up and ready to sell. HJs’ elegant traditional designs and intricately patterned contemporary craftsmanship its products comply with BIS and ISO 9000 standards and are truly international in repute.
I don’t have a really powerful computer (Intel i3, win7), but it’s kind of frustrating when I have to wait a few seconds just to create a new file.
I just can’t describe how amazing it is to hit “liquify” and the whole document is just there, waiting for the craziest things you want to do in real time. Now it has so many cool features that you can use for websites and web design-related photos that it’s just impossible to say a word against it.

Ok, it all was there before, but the crazy thing is that now the “selector” stands centered while the whole to-be-cropped image moves in the background.
If you want to change the size of an element, you’ll see the new dimensions while you drag it. Where you add stuff to the container and all children can inherit properties like colors and shadows.
You can just remove stuff, move stuff, change the source (if the content aware didn’t work as you expected because the element next to what you wanted to remove isn’t a pattern).
You’ll be lead to the next one and you can rename it too until the end or if you press “Enter”. Before the best thing you could do was to convert them to bitmap and pray to God so the client won’t ask for changes. Uzbek-born metals oilgarch Alisher Usmanov holds a 26.29 per cent stake through his investment vehicle Red and White.
Here we’ll focus on the great stuff for web designers, ranking the top 7 improvements (including a lot of features) that will just make your life easier. And boy, Adobe has made things much easier for us this time, making Photoshop an even better tool to get things done faster and faster. So, the designer can set different styles, like h1, p, h2, and if by change the client asks to change the “Main title color” you just go in the paragraph styles box and edit it, it’ll automatically apply to every element with this style. You just have to select the shape and press “P” or select the path tool and you’ll easily change all of this stuff.
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I think it has been a very good investment.''That special package could result in Mr McLeod pocketing between $35 million and $40 million for his five years, depending on Coles' performance. Though there are a few beta problems (like things not loading), it’s way better than CS5 in here. Ok, you’ll get how much degrees you changed from the original point as you move your pointer.

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