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Let’s face it—paying back federal student loans is hard to understand.  Just saying “student loan repayment plan” gives me a headache. We’ve created these fun memes to give you a better picture of what you (and me) are up against. Whether you’re graduating soon or finished school last spring, the time has come to think of student loans. Even if you have more loans than you can count by hand, you have a number of repayment options that can make them more manageable. Learn more about standard repayment (from our parent organization, American Student Assistance).
With graduated repayment, you pay less now, but much more later (as the repayment period is still 10 years under this option).
If you qualify for extended repayment, you can decrease the amount you pay each month by increasing your repayment period. Qualifying for income-based repayment comes with a big advantage: after 25 years and 300 eligible payments, any remaining amount you still owe will be forgiven.

A brand new repayment option, known as PAYE (Pay-As-You-Earn), was just approved on November 1—and it could cut payments even more for eligible borrowers.
If IBR’s 25 years and 300 payments until forgiveness seem too long to you, see if you qualify for PAYE.
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After your grace period, you typically have 10 years to pay back your federal student loans. With standard repayment, less interest accrues (meaning you pay less overall), but payments are higher (meaning you pay more right now).
In that case, you might be eligible for a repayment plan based on how much you earn: either income contingent repayment or income sensitive repayment (depending on what type of federal student loans you have).
This plan decreases the time frame to 20 years (10 if you work in public service) and 240 payments, which are capped at 10% of your discretionary income (with IBR, that amount is 15%). This option is right for some people (like if you can’t keep track of multiple monthly payments).

But it may not make sense for others—for instance, Perkins loan borrowers lose special repayment options for these loans if they consolidate them. Until August 31 the market is open for every one of my players that is not happy, but to be fair I think he is (happy)," Mourinho told the BBC."I think he is happy and I am not expecting him to ask to leave.
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