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Reality television has exploded in recent years with top stars bringing in large sums for their exploits. DISCLAIMER: Information contained in this website does not provide any form of personal financial advice (investment, tax, or legal), or make any recommendations regarding particular investments or financial products. Your purpose drive business will attract those you can help and those who can help to develop you.
A purpose driven business allows you the freedom to do what you love and were deposited to this earth to be a solution for.
A purpose driven business will help you break through limitations and circumstances so you can play your business game in a much bigger way. Do you really understand the MLM  business?Did you only sign up because of the issues in your life you need or want to fix?
When you are a desperate business owner no matter what the business you are most likely going to fail. One of the easiest ways to change how you act is to understand you are sharing information and looking for the people who say what you offer is helpful.
Whether you choose Real Estate, an MLM or any business model then you need to know what it will take to WIN.
This is a coaching program for those who really want to run a home based business like a true CEO.
Your success is on the other side of your opting into a program that my present past clients say has transformed them from the inside out. Like Wendy Lovejoy Business Bootcamp and browse through the Testimonials Album and subscribe to the Wendy Lovejoy  Youtube channel and see the video testimonials. There are 8 parts to your marketing success you want to balance and master to see consistent increase in your business and income. As a Business Transformation Coach I find that no matter what business you choose whether Real Estate Investing, MLM or a restaurant marketing is key.
Hi I am Wendy Lovejoy I am a business transformation coach I help people who are struggling in business put in place the right teams and systems to automate their marketing so they can duplicatable income. 2- Networking will you join GaREIA your Chamber of Commerce a BNI  chapter or any other organization has the audience you want to market to.
3- Speaking, can you share what you do at the local library, associations networking groups or can you set up your own seminars? 5- Build unpaid sales force  Who do you know that can refer you to others without receiving a salary.How many of these alliances can you develop.
8-Articles and Videos  You can do  an ezine, weekly or daily blogs then put them out  on a lot of article content sites. Some of these skills you can partner up with others and some you will have to hire someone. I encourage you to look deep within and see what you do naturally then ask everyone around you to help you with a Happy Mothers Day upgrade.
For Mothers Day take time to reflect on where you are with the goals you set for your life as a woman.
It is Mothers Day this Sunday May 11th and that means it is time to enjoy how others honor you.
We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future. When one says I am the boss it is not just about being responsible it is about being in charge. To get to this level you want to choose a business model that allows you to grow as a business owner.
To be the boss you also want to market and sell products and or services lots of others can use. If you would like to listen in on a information only call then connect with me and I will share the call details.
Money Mastery WebinarMoney Mastery Webinar  is a week away and I am excited about you joining us. A Marketing Budget is a priority to successful business owners.  In the beginning you will find a lot of ways to promote your business for free.
Success Scripts Scripts  are the best way to insure you stay on track in your business conversations including on Social Media.

Top Producers in Real Estate, MLM or Home based Businesses use SCRIPTS and we encourage you to do the same. HAPPY NEW YEAR BELIEVE1- Happy New Year, BELIEVE this is the year you will succeed. Believe you can do it. Facebook MarketingFacebook marketing is a little more interactive than most of the other Social sites.
Nowadays, you can also use websites to set a great first impression before you’ve even met a potential employer. PUTNAM COUNTY — Putnam County is a good place to grow up if you want to earn more money if you grew up elsewhere. Putnam County ranked better than 96 percent of counties nationwide, ranking 2,384 out of 2,478. Putnam County Superintendent Jan Osborn feels this is the result of a combination of things. But when it comes to taxes for the self-employed, a DIY approach can have exponential benefits. In doing my own taxes, I’ve learned how to keep better records and how to maximize methods to reduce the amount of taxes I pay. Most people are realizing that the TOP INCOME EARNERS who last are the ones who are building a purpose driven business and not a money making centered business. This business model will attract everything you need while the old business model of focusing on how much money can you make repels your audience.
If you would like to connect with me on a FRIENDLY basis then LIKE Wendy Lovejoy Business Bootcamp on Facebook. MLM can do both but do you understand how to accomplish your financial goals through an MLM business? However, if you make some mindset changes and realize you need to change how you run your business if you want real success. If they do not then do not be so attached to getting them to buy into your offer than you stop sharing and looking for the right fit. The main thing in every successful business is the MARKETING SYSTEMS and TEAMS you put in place. Someone who is fed up of feeling like they are doing too much alone or the person who is tired of struggling and wants real results. They say they have gone from being a person with no path or direction to connecting to a community that encourages GROWTH and financial success.
If it resonates with you take one moment to connect and join a program that works for your current desired  changes. Then make a decision to build your business with confidence and start achieving the financial success you dream of.
To get your audio CD by mail and receive her weekly marketing tips , enter your email address below right away.
The best way to perfect all 8 parts is to work on one or two until you have a team and a system in place you have set and can now forget so you can move on to the next parts of this list. In whatever business you choose you will want to plan your marketing work then work the plan. This would mean they all help you by pulling their weight at home so you can have time to get the trainings you need. Consider watching some Youtube videos on my channel or by reading Money Answers All by Wendy Williams-Lovejoy. A platform that allows you to get the trainings you need starting with shifting your mindset.
Services and products that you do not have to force them to purchase but they select because they see value in your offer. But in a perfect world, you’d still rather be sat on a paradise island with a cocktail or 12.
Even if you have a degree in your specific field, employers want to see that your skills are current.
However, following the money can often allow an employee to earn substantial amounts of added income.
The things you do naturally but perfect as you develop them you will increase your income.

This way of building your business will make you much more money and faster because you are really helping others. If you approach customers or potential business partners with a attitude of desperation because you have a financial situation that needs changing then you will chase them away and not attract them.
Even the most accomplished actors cannot attract everyone to their movie opening.The TOP Producers do not close everyone. The person who says if you show me what to do I will do it for the next 6 months or more because I want changes that allow me to live a bigger better life. You see if you wait  you may let the let you want to change get in the way and give you the excuses to wait just a little longer. Most people see marketing as something they do  to others to get them to buy whatever they are selling.  This way of marketing is outdated. Create a strong footprint on Facebook Linkedin Twitter  Google+ Pinterest  Instagram  Youtube  Vimeo etc. If they will wash the dishes so you can take time to go to a networking event and connect with people who can change your income. Roosevelt Most Mom’s focus on preparing the children for the future but not themselves.
Even if you do find a career that you love, it’s imperative that you make the most of it by getting the salary you deserve. Therefore, taking on extra education in your spare time could be the key to maintaining your relevance in the field. If it’s going to boost your reputation and chances of success, then you’d be a fool not to capitalize. Taking the time to improve your CV and cover letter could make a world of difference to your future applications. If you’re one of them, it’s crucial that you go the extra mile to ensure you gain the remuneration that you deserve. Career Girl was started in 2008 to help ambitious young professional women figure out who they are, what they want and how to get it. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or just earned a little extra income on the side this year, follow these tips to master your own taxes. What they have mastered is letting go of the maybe and the no so they can keep searching for the YES.
Attraction Marketing is the answer.The first thing to do is figure out who you want to help,how you want to help them and why you want to help them?  Your answers should not be money motivated they should be based on the issues you want to be a solution to.
If you focus on marketing for at least 6 to 9 months you will see dramatic differences in your income and your circle of influence.. If you take time to tell others what would make your day I am sure they will give you the experience. This statement tells others that the lifestyle you live is because of the business ethics you have and your devotion to upgrading your skill sets. Finding out whether you’re in the most affluent location could make a world of difference to your earning power. If it is a seller you want to help how do you want to help them .Will you be the solution to their foreclosure issue?  Once you figure that out then you want to create a message  that clearly helps the seller choose you. She invested on Beauty School etc not for herself but to make life easier for her children. The question is will your children be able to take care of themselves and the children they have? This may help you with how to get started listen to what William Galloway says about Wendy Lovejoy Coaching. Another question is will you have the life you have created or will you be left with life you do not want?
I have a team of amazing people who want to see you succeed and will work with me to teach you the process in depth.

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