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Whether you’re in the process of getting out of debt or your budget is feeling a little too restrictive, earning extra money on the side is a great way to get over the hump. Even if time and energy are in short supply, there are plenty of apps to help you sock away a couple extra dollars without leaving the comfort of your couch.
Your purchasing habits and opinions are valuable, and plenty of companies are willing to pay for them. If you don’t mind putting in a little extra leg work, complete one of Field Agents many tasks in your area and receive compensation in the form of cold, hard cash. Perhaps the easiest way to earn a buck, Slidejoy wants to pay you just for using your phone. If you want to stay on top of the latest apps hitting the market and earn rewards in the process, check out App Trailers.
Talk about earning money while sitting on the couch — Viggle simply wants to know your TV and music tastes. ReadyForZero is a company that helps people get out of debt on their own with a simple and free online tool that can automate and track your debt paydown.
The ReadyForZero Blog provides you with up-to-date expert information to help you pay off debt and take control of your finances.
Link all your debts or tell us what you owe, sit back while we create a personalized plan, then prepare to conquer your debt. Even the useful 77 cents-to-the-dollar statistic is partially misleading because it looks at the median earnings of all full-time employed women against the earnings of full-time employed white men, leaving race and ethnicity out of the equation. If you want more information, the article is [here] and they have an indigogo page [here] to help fund the stop of Amendment 67. What you don’t know is that those 15 strangers happen to be your best friends from the past.
You know the girl who’s always such a downer on things but never really means to be so… depressing?
Her friends-since her aunt would never provide her anything besides a one dollar bill (if lucky, two dollars)-would provide her with anything Ellie needed. Before the summer, she became a full on pessimist, she and Nicholas were just hanging out at his house.
But one day, as he took a seat with his friends, a few of them just got up and sat somewhere else.
Amelie Thompson was the typical daddy’s little girl, even thought her father was always travelling around the world with his private jet while her mother spend all her day in spas, high-class gyms and last but not least exclusive parties, were she normally found the replacement for her husband for a night. Her mother begged for her to keep this secret, his father would leave her and she would loose everything she had. Suddenly, a great idea popped in her mind, what if she became one of the popular girls just to call his father attention?
Her friends were always trying to convert her into the dark side, while she always tried to convert them into the good side. Her parents were rarely home, but they often video chatted, that was when Dominique had to pretend she was the innocent girl she was before she left her friends.
When he was 9 years old, one night her mother woke him up in the middle of the night, telling him that she was going to visit someone for a few days. His friends never found out about what happened to his mother, if they asked he just told them she found a job in another town. Finn loved spending time with his friend Aidan, he used to stay over his small house almost everyday since he hated his own house. Lexie Foley was always playing in the mud with her princess dress, next to all her 15 friends. The first and last time she heard her parents fight was when she had 12 years, she heard his father crying while her mother shouted violently. What Eli could never understand was, how his friendship seemed so great yesterday but ended up being hell the next.
Aidan was the one sharing smiles and laughing at everything, his friends knew that if they wanted a good laugh Aidan was their best choice. Aidan avoided his father and spent most of his time in his room, he didn’t went out with his friends as much as he did before because he was afraid to find his dad on his way out. When Aidan grew up he understood what was happening with her mother, she suffered from a major depressive disorder.
Aaron was the big brother of all of his friends, he always took good care of them, making sure that no one ever messed with any of them.
He was such a strong kid, but when he arrived back home all his courage left him instantly.
It was hard for him, having to live like he had no parents since he was a little kid, but he got used to it. And since that day he heard the same words over and over again, normally accompanied by punches or sometimes even burns.
You won’t earn enough to buy your dream house, but even a little bit of extra breathing room can go a long way. Pact wants to up the ante and get you to stick to your eating and exercise goals by allowing you to earn cash rewards for following through. Nielsen Homescan simply requires you to scan the barcodes of items you purchase and answer questions about various products. People have saved thousands by consolidating higher-interest debts using a single, personal loan, this will not negatively impact your credit. Jobs include everything from checking prices at your local grocery store to auditing displays at a hair salon. Simply take a snap shot of your receipts and agree to take a few surveys and you can redeem your rewards for Amazon gift cards or cash via Paypal.
If you shop at one of their many affiliated retailers you can earn cash back and receive valuable coupon codes in the process.
Snap will send money your way for grocery purchases you’ve already made – no coupons required. Once you sign up, the app will display ads and news stories specific to you on your lock screen.
Simply watch 30 second videos plugging up-and-coming apps and earn rewards that can be redeemed for gift cards or cash deposited into your PayPal account.
Receive points per minute you watch your favorite shows or listen to music and earn additional points for taking polls and answering trivia questions.
Include credit card debt, student loan debt, mortgages, auto loans, medical debt, and any other type of debt you want to tackle. If you can be shot for wanting to get an education or stoned for saying that you were raped, yeah, I’d consider you to be oppressed. Amelie was practically raised by the maids her enormous house hold, that helped her to understand life from a different point of view. Amelie couldn’t hate anybody as much as she hated her own mother, she promised to keep this secret as long as she promised to give the little girl everything she wished for. She loved him with all of her heart, which basically explains why Erin’s just full of love. Sure, some of her friends were pretty innocent, but they weren’t all uptight as she was.
You’ll probably find Dominique trying to hit it off with a guy, or maybe doing drugs and partying. But I miss the old them, the little kids who always played with me when I felt sad or shared their food with me whenever my father didn’t had enough money to send me lunch.

Little Finn started crying, he didn’t wanted her mother to leave him even if it was going to be just for a few days. But after the horrible night they had when they were 14 he never went back to that house ever again.
She didn’t mind getting dirty at all as long as she was having a good laugh with his friends.
Her parents were always there for her and they barely fought… Or at least that was Lexie believed for a very long time. In the background she could hear a voice from a man she thought she’d never heard before with an impatient tone. Since that night she has never talked to her again and she wasn’t thinking of doing it soon. Michelle was leaving with no reason, Amelie was suddenly being a bitch, Aaron was being an ass, and the list goes on and on.
With only 10  years of age Aidan became the father of his parents, taking care of the house and selling everything he owned to pay the bills. As he didn’t wanted to have the same fate as his father he chose the second option and started stealing easy stuff like purses or watches. Sitting in the bathroom stalls during lunch, running home as fast as she can just to avoid her friends.
He was always the one who had a free shoulder for his friends to cry on, who would do anything just to hear them laugh.
His parents fought every single second of every single day, they sometimes even forgot they had a six year old son who they needed to take care of. She spent months lying in the couch; sometimes crying, sometimes just staring at the ground. But her mother finally started interacting with his son, just not in the way he was expecting it. Aaron was always to go back to his house everyday, so he spent most of his time with his friends. You decide your goal and what you’ll pay other members of the community if you don’t reach those weekly milestones. Simply take a photo of your receipt and you’ll receive rebates for items on that week’s deals list.
He continued to study Marxism and decided that colonialism and capitalism were mainly to blame for problems in the Third World and that global revolution was the answer. Where you thought you’d guys be together forever and have each other’s backs.Remember all the laughs and tears of joy you’ve shared, the sleepovers you had, and all the stupid things you ended up doing with them? You’re an entirely different person, who just wants to spend their summertime nicely.And you find a letter in your mailbox, telling you to go to an island in Hawaii, it’s a paid expense trip and all you have to do is pack your bags and go to the airport.
Okay, maybe I’m a bit negative all the time, and maybe, I tend to always look at the bad side of things. Always thinking that the school lunch was poisoned to thinking each compliment was just a person’s pity. Last time I saw them, they quickly looked away as if I had some sort of squid attached to my face.
They hated me for leaving them, so they started calling me silly names… Oh and because I bully them whenever I have the opportunity. She knew that money wasn’t important at all, her maids always told her that if you have love, then you had everything in your life. Time passed and she got surrounded by lots of material things her mother bought her to shut her mouth, she was slowly becoming the person who promised her maids she’d never be. The first thing she did was tell his best friend Alex, he was the only one she trusted in, but when she told him her plans he exploded. If he sees one of his friends all alone, he’ll quickly come towards them and start a conversation. Her parents were always traveling the world nowadays, so Dominique took that time to transform herself into someone who did whatever she wanted. Since then he was always found with a bottle of vodka in his hand and a joint in the other. Poor Aidan couldn’t resist anymore and in the middle of the night while Finn was sleeping he took the little gold necklace that was lying on the floor next to his jeans. The years kept coming and their friendship kept growing stronger and stronger, nobody understood this friendship just because boys were supposed to be grossed out by girls and vice versa, but none of them felt this way.
She spent her nights in her room, crawled in a ball crying until the daylight hit her face. She looked in the mirror trying to find at least a thing she liked about her body but everything was disgusting in her eyes. But he was so focussed on trying to fix what was happening, instead of knowing what was causing all this mishap in the first place. His parents were happily together and that helped Aidan to keep that huge grin on his face every single day. But when his room consisted of only a mattress and some blankets he knew that he had to gain money as quickly as possible. He already spent all the money he saved in her mother’s recovery and he still needed money to pay the bills of this month. They both loved the cooking channel, they both loved farm animals, and they both had a deep love for trashy fashion magazines.
He still goes on with life though, and his mom still loves him like it was her only way to live.
But one day, as he was walking on the street, he tripped and was face-down on the hard, concrete ground. His mother instantly brought him to the doctor, and his doctor had diagnosed him with a Bipolar Disorder. It isn’t my fault if some dickheads think they are better than me, they know I am not afraid of showing them who is the one who rules here. If someone messed with them little Aaron wouldn’t mind swinging a few punches at them even if they were older. They even forgot once to feed him for a whole week, poor Aaron had to walk around the streets until late at night begging people to spare him some money to buy himself some food.
Every time Aaron walked into his house her mother would look at the door with hopeful eyes, wishing that it could be his father coming back. He noticed that they were slowly drifting apart and that was the last thing he needed in his life at the moment, they were the only thing he had left.
He didn’t know what was happening to himself, but whatever it is it made his friends walk away. Lord knows I’m discriminated against, but I cannot legally be denied anything, and that more or less goes for other woc in the first world. When he tried to initiate revolution in Bolivia he was captured by Bolivian forces, who had CIA help, and was executed the next day. All you know is that you’re going to be spending your entire summer break in a house, filled with 15 other strangers. But sometimes, the insults were just brutal and harsh, and young little Ellie was actually counting out the days until she could leave her wretched aunt.
She grew disgusted of the world, knowing that it wasn’t a beautiful as everyone thought it was. He’s always found with his friends, doing random stuff and saying the most randomest of things.

It was a surprise most of her close friends were spontaneous and rebellious, something Dominique was not.
But sometimes they just wanted to hit her with a shovel and tell her to stop being so uptight.
But instead, she was oftenly ignored and had always listened to her friend’s latest scandal stories.
All the kids in the play ground try to be part of this elite group, but they wouldn’t let anybody in.
His friends were only 14 when all this happened and their innocent eyes couldn’t believe what Finn was doing, they tried to help him countless of times but he just brushed them off. Weeks passed and Finn couldn’t find the only thing his mother left her before she disappeared from his life, he asked all of his friends but nobody knew.
As soon as she walked inside the sound of a shotgun filled the room, her father was lying lifeless on the floor and the one holding the man was someone she actually knew. After every meal she quickly ran to her bathroom, throwing away everything as fast as she could and when she finally finished she just banged her head against the toilet, crying and wishing she could be with her father right now.
This affected Eli a lot, because his parents would never give out the most bestest advice in the world, and his siblings would never talk unless one of them was outside of the house. He was always there, and his friends would always refer to him as the glue to the friendship, and Eli didn’t mind. He became so obsessed with trying to mend everything, that he wasn’t even focusing what was happening with one of his best friends. He always called new people by his best friend’s names, and everyone kept telling him to let go and move on. He broke into the rich houses while they were on vacation and stole everything his eyes saw. He saw a gold necklace near his friend’s clothes and he took it immediately without thinking about it. Cara was known as the happy one of the group, but she knew she couldn’t be happy all the time.
He was always the guy up for an challenge and would always get someone to be goofy with him. When she noticed that it was only his son she would give him a deadly glare and tell him to fuck off. This only encouraged his anger to rise and from one day to another he became the school bully who treated everyone like dirt.
He had even told Ellie that he would pay for Ellie’s college, just so her dreams would come true. And, Jace realized that he only loved being with his friends because it actually got him some attention around the school. People sure were surprised, when they saw Dominique walking in with fishnet stockings and lots of black clothing. All her friends were suffocating her asking if she was all right, she just shook them off and walked away quickly from them.
I guess ever since my friends and I just split apart, I never really wanted to get new friends. Eli and Lyra had a discussion on how to save the friendship, but she ended up leaving because of something. He never got caught, of course everyone was looking for the one to blame but they would never blame the little kid who came from a good family. And that was something the group didn’t really understand much, except for one person, Michelle.
All they did was put food on a tray outside of her room when it was meal time, knowing Cara wouldn’t come down. But inside he still was the big brother who cared about his friends, even if they didn’t care about him.
But sometimes, Ellie can just be a pessimist, but her friends don’t really blame her. But deep in his heart, he really loved spending time with his friends, but his desire got the best of him. She honestly didn’t want to tell the group about Jace, but her mom had suggested her to do so. Seeing Terra in the halls was by far the worst, Lexie wanted so bad to hit her in the face and made her pay for what his father did to him even if it made no sense, nobody told Terra anything about what happened that night and they weren’t planing to either. Eli would ignore the teasing and taunting, but what really hurt him was that one of his friend’s actually still interacted with him, in the worst way possible. She apologized, not knowing what was wrong, but it seemed as if Michelle had walked out of her life.
His friends could never be mad at him, mainly because he’s always smiling, and jumpy, and always doing what people want him to do. Women simply have more options than men to be primary parents, and many of them exercise that option rather than work long, stressful hours. Ellie would never complain about the chores, in fear that her aunt would do much worse to her. People pretty much ignored Jace, and that pretty much made him one shy dude, but this school was an exception.
It practically took her a year, for her friends to convince her that not all parties had booze. The group started to ignore her once Dominique had started telling them what to do, every minute of the day, and that was when Dominique decided to leave the group. The friendship was crumbling, and Eli finally accepted the fact that he couldn’t do anything to save it. He can still rewind all the happy memories in his eyes, but it pains him that his good friendship ended like his siblings’ relationship.
After that he backed away from all his friends, he didn’t wanted to harm any of them in any way-he already harmed his best friend enough. The horrible look Amelie had shot him after he announced she had AIDS was burnt in his head forever.
But his hate towards his friends didn’t even equal to the huge amount of hate he has for Dominique. She left the group after that incident and promised herself she would be the meanest queen bee ever.
The reason he’s always making sure his friends are as happy as birds with ice cream, is because at home, his siblings never talked to one another. After the incident, he left the group, afraid his friends would sense his disorder and be disgusted. More insults were flared and as she walked out of the friendship for good, she never smiled since that day. Since then, she spends every day trying to bring Alex and all the losers down with her witty come backs and usual insults. Her smile got weaker each day, and her friends couldn’t do anything to get her frown upside down.

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