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In general for forming a Reit, companies have to follow some rule such as investing min 75% in real estate, derive at least 75% of earnings from income generating properties, pay at least 90% of income to shareholders through dividend, should be managed by board of directors or trustees, have min 100 shareholders and not more than 5 or fewer shareholders hold 50% of the portfolio. Diversification– Since Reits can invest in multiple properties it gives a diversification to investors not only in type of properties but also area of investment. Returns Through Dividends– Reits by compliance have to pay maximum earnings to the shareholders or investors. High Liquidity and Low Volatility– Since Reits are listed like stock they provide high liquidity to investors. Capital Appreciation– Globally Reits has given a good growth due to presence of commercial properties which gives a steady capital appreciation. BSE has already formed a 11 member advisory board and there are many real estate companies showing interest in India to form Reits.  The pass through status in the budget has given that flip which has held regulator in taking any further decisions.
Since then these instruments are accepted globally and are today present  in various countries. It is a trust where people who want to invest in real estate but don’t have individual capacity pool their money.

The biggest benefit it has brought to the real estate sector is the high level of transparency. A Fee Only Financial Planner at JS Financial Advisors, which he founded in 2011, he has spent more than 12 years in Financial Services. The trust then invests the money in various properties which are generally income producing such as apartments, offices, hotels, etc. The shareholder than earn share of the income that is produced by the real estate investment through Reits.
This brings most information about them and their functioning in the public domain.  As a result Reits take a cautious approach while investing in real estate and do this within their compliance. Buying and selling like a stock makes it an attractive avenue for investment even for retail investors. Soon Indian investors will have an additional investment vehicle to drive their dream goal  on their future roadmap. He specializes in writing detailed and holistic financial plans for his clients and also works with Special Needs Children Families .
The manager needs to have a five years’ experience in the advisory and a minimum net worth of Rs 5 crore.  The Reits can hold multiple properties and they will be compulsory listed.

It is perceived that giving this status to Reits will benefit not only the real estate industry but investors at large. Reits will raise capital through minimum public offer of Rs 250 cr and minimum public float has to be 25%.
Thus, an investor is able to benefit from the real estate investment without headache of owning or managing the properties.
The equity based Reits gets listed on the stock exchange.  Majority of Reits listed globally are equity based Reits.

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