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Since the update added Town Hall 11, new troops, a third hero, bigger maps and more, users have been complaining at the official Supercell forum. Last week a Supercell staff member and forum moderator finally broke the silence and confirmed some major changes are coming to ease the situation. The problem with the big update from December is that while it had good intentions to prevent cheaters, fix easy shields making the game unfair and more, it changed too much. Before th11 update game was almost perfectly balanced, suppose it takes you year+ till you balance it back with many many new changes inluding many bugs and horrible decrease of game siplicity. So I thought what would be the most extreme way to farm - so here you are, only goblins, no attacking troops whatsoever. The clan dives into the world of underground competitive gaming when they visit Gamers Gulch.
Nh?ng di?u co b?n va hu?ng d?n cach danh Balloon, Lava Hound, Minion va cach s? d?ng Spell.

It added a lot of major changes for the better, but has also caused issues for a wide array of players.
There are countless problems plaguing Clashers, money is hard to find or save, and upgrades have slowed to a halt.
It has over 100 million downloads on both Android and iOS, and is still one of the most popular and top-grossing games on both platforms.
The slideshow below is what we know will be coming, but a release date has yet to be announced. We've been asking for daily achievements for a while, and this is one form of that.Once the next update arrives users will get a daily resource bonus of gold, elixir and dark (amounts unknown) in the form of a "Star Bonus" if they achieve 5 stars during multiplayer attacks each day. Players who spend must be very unhappy how did you change the things they buy (it’s like I buy an egg but after update I have eggshell). This completely eliminated inactive farming from the gsme, and was one of the reasons why there was a loot shortage in the first place.

There are much more battles now, as the game should be about battling, attacking and destroying to level up.
Today, we’ll go over four new details about the incoming update that players need to know about. Unfortunately suppose that SuperCell management didn’t fire itself due this update mess which is pity. Plus, it allowed high-trophy people to keep their trophies without having to attack to keep up the status quo.

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