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Ruva is a fairly common type of unicorn that everyone seems to forget about These are some of the most classic unicorns--they come in mostly natural or pale, pastel-y colors, and live in meadows all across the world.
Feathered unicorns are one of the most rare species of unicorn--the last one was spotted over 19 years ago, and proof of their existence today is unsure still. These unicorns are very beautiful unicorns--in fact, they are so beautiful, we cannot even put a real picture of one on here, because you would be blinded by its beauty, so instead we will show you a picture of one of it's ancestors, the Semi-Beauty unicorn. Year 12 Observational Drawing Transformation to Futurist PaintingsUsing an observational drawing you've created. A rainbow unicorn has a rainbow mane and has magical powers that let it change the weather. Like their supposed ancestors, straighthorns are incredibly agile, and have adapted to living by the water. One day a small group of "old-fashioned" (as some call these plain white unicorns), were grazing in a meadow. They eat lava beetles which are gross little bugs that can only be seen by magical creatures. They have really strong powers and attack bright unicorns all the time just for its own evil reasons.. This species must be the most distant species from other interactions with any other unicorns or creatures alike, and live mostly on far away frosty islands.

They live on mountains so that they can magically hit the rock using their magical powers and find the treasure inside.
They have entirely good intentions, however, just one little glance at them could cause paralization, blindness, lifelong trauma, OR DEATH!!!!!!! These themes included ideas based in the increasing speed of technology, automobiles and airplanes of the industrial revolution as well as youth and violence.
They are the most similar unicorn to horses, by looks, and by having the faintest magical powers. This picture here is just a model example of what the feathers of these unicorns might look like. To learn more about them read the blog post tiled The dawn of Unicorns, on our blog page, where these unicorns are featured.
It was soft and feathery, and when they peeled off the feathers a sweet smelling thick, yellow liquid oozed out. Futurism focuses on the movement of the object within the piece, manipulating and overlaying an image several times to understand the motion and movement it creates. Cubist Perspective and TextureNatural Form>Natural Form Using Patterns and Texture Printmaking!
Colour, line and shape become very important in Futurist works, for the importance is on how the object moves throughout the canvas.

So if an animal of any kind is hurt or feels bad they will try to come by and help them to feel better. They do this because if for some reason they needed to make a huge wave of energy and magic to protect themselves, they could put there horns together and create the biggest pulse of power in the world! As you may have learned from reading the descriptions of feathered unicorns, this fruit can be incredibly dangerous to those other than feather unicorns.
Use the above artists as an influence to your work and re-create your observational drawings as futurist works of art.
No one is exactly sure of where to find them, but they always seem to come save lives just when you need them! But when the unicorns ate it, they did not die or become sick--they became invisible!  These unicorns live their live just as they did before eating the fruit, but now they are just invisible!! They do this because they think if anything sees there jewels they will want them and take them.

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